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Storms of Betrayal
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Avatar: The Revision





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April 21, 2014

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Later on that night, Aang was given an area to sleep for the night. Aang was glad but was a little troubled on what to do, unable to sleep in his fur bed. Sokka was sleeping, facing the wall, as Aang was simply stuck starring up at the ceiling.

"Okay Aang, let's've traveled 100 years in the future. You're stuck in a war between the Fire Nation and, well, the whole world. I, the Avatar, am supposed to resolve this conflict and bring peace to the world...what have I gotten myself into?" Aang thought. He didn't know what to do in the slightest. He sat up, looking at the map on the wall, and then to Sokka. What is he going to do now?...before he can decide what, he suddenly heard footsteps. He turned to the entrance and just saw someone exit their hut. At this hour?

Aang checked at Sokka again, making sure Sokka is still sleeping. After figuring that out, he got up ever so quietly and tip toed out, making sure not to make any noise what so ever. Lucky for him, there was no noise. Aang accidentally stepped on a stick from the firewood but Aang thought it didn't wake him...he only thought that though...

When Aang got outside, he can see everyone was asleep and still in their tents...all but one figure whom just past the entrance. Curious, Aang decided to fallow this odd person. He can't imagine anyone up at this hour, mainly in the South Pole. Aang tried to catch up but it seems every time he ended up close, whoever it was seemed too far ahead.

"Hey! Wait!" Aang called. The figure was startled when it heard Aang and tried to run. However, Aang's air bending made him run much faster. Aang quickly fallowed the person through the tundra, which is starting to snow a bit. Aang took a break to catch his breath when he saw the figure run into what seemed like a cave. A bit sketchy sure, but Aang wanted to know who was out here. With a few jumps through the snow, he got to the entrance of the cave, looking into the darkness.

"Hello? Anyone in here?!" Aang called, walking into the cave. The cave wasn't very big at all so it didn't take too long to find out who was in it. The figure had its back to him at first, but turned around realizing she had been caught.

"Okay. You found me," she said, turning around. Aang recognized the voice right away.

"Katara?! Why are you here?" Aang asked. Katara sighed as she walked over to him, holding a candle as it turns out.

"I guess I should come clean now. I've been coming here for a while now." Katara sat down by a comfortable area in the den and Aang sat down next to her.

"How come? I don't remember any cave people in the South Pole."

"I know that. I've been coming here since I was very little. I usually come here when I need to clear my mind...I guess it's not as secret as it used to be now..." Katara said, easily referring to Aang being here.

"I guess it's a good thing I found this place. I need to think for a while..." Aang admitted, trying to clear his own cloudy mind on what to do.

"What's on your mind Aang?" Katara asked, trying to comfort him. Although she only knew Aang for a short while, she felt she can trust Aang. Aang rubbed the back of his head as he got up.

"Well...promise me you won't freak out first of all."

"Okay, sure..." Katara didn't know what to expect from this. She got up and looked Aang right in the face, their light shining for them both. Dim but still enough so they can see each other.

Katara and Aang about to kiss

Katara...I'm the Avatar...

"Katara...I am the Avatar..." Aang waited for a reply but at first it was simply silence, Katara trying to make sense of it. First she was just dumbfounded...then a slight smile...then overjoyed! She hugged Aang and spun around in joy.

"It's a miracle! The avatar returned! This is excellent news, why didn't you say it before?!"

"Okay calm down...and let me breathe," Aang said, choking on the last part. Katara let him go after a bit.

"I'm sorry. It's just this is excellent news, now the Avatar can end this war for us."

"WHOA hold on! I'm hardly an Avatar right now, all I know is airbending. Don't I need to learn the rest first?" Aang asked. Katara knew he was right, she just got too excited.

"You don't know the other elements?"

"No I don't. I can't charge at firebenders with just some air tricks, I'll get killed immediately!"

"Okay, okay, I see your point. So you need to learn Water, then Earth, then Fire right?" Katara asked.

Sokka braves the storm

Aang's in deep trouble...

As this conversation was still going on. They weren't the only ones out. Not too far from the cave, a particular Water Tribe chief had discovered the two's hiding place. Sokka indeed woke up soon after Aang ran after Katara and had been waiting for them to go in.

"What are you up to Air Nomad?" Sokka thought, going as close as he could to listen in.

"Well yes but I don't know, which should I do first?" Aang asked.

"As patterns go, I'm guessing it'll start with water."

"Waterbending? Okay then. Know any bending masters here Katara?"

"Not fact. I'm the only waterbender here. But if it's for the Avatar, what you need is the master at waterbending."

"A master? You know anyone Katara?" Katara had to think for a bit on this one. Was there anyone like that she knew of...then it hit her.

"I know! What about Master Arnook?"

"Who's Master Arnook?"

"Master Arnook is the head chief of the Northern Water Tribe. My father had worked closely with him and from what I know, he's am amazing waterbender."

"NORTHERN Water Tribe? That's on the other side of the earth! How am I gonna get there?!"

"Don't worry Aang. You have Appa right? With him, it'll probably take a few weeks worth."

"How do you know? There's preparation, plus Appa's a living animal."

"Oh. Well it's the fastest way there. I don't know any ship to get you there, and I doubt any of out fishing yachts can make it past one day without trouble."

"You're right. I guess it's my only option." As this was Going, Sokka was literally right at the mouth of the cave. Just out of sight but in perfect ear shot. At this point, Aang got an idea.

"Hey Katara? You know the safest way to the North Pole?"

"Yeah. Sokka talks about it all the time. Why?"

"Well...I know this is sudden. But think you can help me?" Katara froze. She didn't expect this.

"What? want me to come?"

"I need to know where to go, and you seem like the girl to help me."

" is rather dull Arnook can help me improve my bending...okay Aang I'm in!" Sokka, whom was hearing all this, couldn't believe it. Aang convinced Katara to leave with him?! This kid is losing Sokka's trust fast with this.

"Wait. But what about the Fire Nation? It's dangerous to-"

"Don't worry. They won't worry over us." That line made Sokka lose all trust. Why wouldn't the Fire Nation worry over Aang?!

"You think you can take my sister away like that?...well think again. Traitor." Sokka thought.


It took a while, but eventually Katara and Aang returned later that night. Everyone wasn't up, not even the guards were up at this point. The two had to be quiet so they won't wake anyone.

"Okay Aang. Try being quiet so we don't wake Sokka," Katara advised, quietly. However, it didn't take very long before Sokka (who got back before the others did) walked out to confront them.

"To not wake who?"

"AH!...hi Sokka, why are you up?"

"I was gonna ask you the same question Katara. Any answers?" Sokka asked, angry.

" the bathroom?" There was a pause, but Sokka had that look that he knew what was REALLY going on here. He glared to Aang.

"Uh...can I help you chief?"

"Don't play dumb! Don't act like I don't know what you're planning. You two plan on bailing this tribe! Well guess what, it ain't going down like that!" Sokka then aimed a bone club at Aang, who had no clue what he is talking about...sort of.

"Sokka, put that down! He's not bad, don't do it!" Katara yelled, not caring if anyone wakes up anymore. Sokka no longer trusted Aang at this point, especially after the talk he heard. But regardless, he put that club away.

"You're right. It's too early. (held Aang by his collar) Listen here. I don't care who you are, I challenge you to a duel. Tomorrow. Right here. If you don't come, you're dead. Got that?" Sokka growled. After that, he let Aang drop and he stormed back in the hut. Katara, completely shocked by this sudden duel, helped Aang to his feet.

"You okay, Aang?"

"Yeah but what was that about? What did I do?!"

"I don't know, but I guess you're stuck here."

"What do you mean? Can't I just leave and go?" Katara simply sighed.

"It's not that easy. It's customary in Water Tribes to never run away from a duel. Sorry Aang, but you can't go until you've dealt with this."

"Come on! Can't you talk to him?"

"I'll see what I can do Aang. You go to sleep." Katara walked back in. Now Aang is in more trouble than ever...

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