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Southern Awakening
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Far south, in the Southern ice caps, a young tiger seal begins its day with a good hunting trip. Swimming through the water at high speed, it quickly finds a small pod of Arctic fish. The animal bolts off to them, caught up in a quick chase of fast turns. The pod was close to the animals jaws when...they went up? The seal stopped and poked its head out of the water to see a young waterbender, using the water to suck up the catch. The waterbender looked to the seal as it called for some food, disappointed she took its catch.

"Here you go." She just smiled and gave it one of the fish, putting the rest in a net in the boat. The tiger seal swam away, satisfied, as she continued her fishing trip. This is her lone fishing trip for once in the polar north, but it hasn't been going well for her, not being able to find much fish.

"Oh man. If this keeps up, I'll hardly have anything," she thought to herself. She kept going along her way, uneventful for the most part. But as she rounded a glacier, something caught her eye in the ice which made her stop completely. It didn't seem weird at first, but upon closer exception, she discovered that there's something inside it, or someone! a large blurry figure hovered over a young child, as if shielding him from some sort of harm. The boy was in a meditation stance. The girl got off her boat and rushed over to it.

Katara frees Aang

Aang is now free.

"Oh my. Don't worry, I'll get you out!" She called to him, unsure if he was still alive or not. she got to her boat and grabbed a club, which she was instructed to bring, and brought it over to the ice wall. All it took was one strong whack for the club to get stuck in the ice, inches from hitting the person in first nothing happened, but that one hit began to crack open the glacier around the boy and animal inside! The cracks spread all over the ice until it all suddenly collapsed, releasing whoever it was inside it. The girl stood clear as the boy and bison fell out (mostly the bison).

"A sky bison?...but I thought they were extinct," she thought aloud, seeing the sky bison laying there...then her attention turned to the boy who was still laying on the ice. She knelt down to him, both in wonder and worry, as the boy began to stir...he was Aang. And he's still alive!

"Hey...can you hear me? You okay?" she asked. Aang felt groggy being stuck in the iceberg, as he started to groan and open his eyes slowly. The first vision he had since the attack and it happened to be her. Only her.

"...Mom?..." Aang asked, still unsure of who he is seeing exactly. It took a bit to realize she isn't Miku, which bummed him out. He sat up and placed his hand on his forehead, trying to figure out where he is at.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in the South Pole now," she said. Aang got surprised. He didn't expect to end up in a place like this. He got to his feet and looked around at the water and ice all around him. He really is in the South Pole. Then his thoughts turned back to the Southern girl with him.

"And who are you?"

"I'm Katara. Member of the Southern Water Tribe. Who are you?"

"I'm Aang." Before this can continue, Appa began to come to as well. He too survived the icy trip and has come to his feet. Aang gladly hugged him, happy that he's okay as Appa licked him.

"Is that yours?" Katara asked.

"Sure. Katara, this is Appa, my sky bison," Aang introduced. Katara was trying to think over what she had found.

"Oh. Well nice to meet both of long were you two in the iceberg?"

"Hm...I don't know. Felt like a few hours at least," Aang admitted. Indeed, it felt a few hours from the beginning to now. But right now though, he needed some help before he freezes again. So he asked, "Do you mind telling me where your tribe is?"

"My tribe. Well I don't know. The chief isn't too fond of outsiders. Especially someone like you," Katara said, namely pointing out his appearance.

"Come on, please can you-...ahh...AH...ACHOO!" Aang suddenly sneezed during that, but this is an airbending sneeze, launching him 15 feet up to the top of the glacier! he landed sloppily but still was at the top, amazing Katara completely.

"You're an airbender!" Katara realized. She knew darn well that no one can launch themselves that high just by sneezing unless they're airbenders. Aang looked down to her.

"Of course I am. It's not that surprising really." Aang called back from his place.

He got up, hard to from the icy surface. The Air Nomad suddenly slipped down, sliding right into Katara! In that, Katara ended up falling onto him, them facing each other, and somehow...kissing! Katara jumped off as Aang leaped to his feet, immediately saying "Oh my, I'm so sorry!"

"You're fine, just don't tell anyone that happened okay?" Katara said, whipping her lips.

"Don't worry, I won't," Aang said, blushing up. Appa gave a call of slight laughter, but Aang ignored it (though was a bit annoyed). Aang then noticed the fishing boat, with the small amount of fish inside.

"You fishing Katara?"

"That's right. First one alone," Katara said. Then she got an idea in mind. She got to the boat and grabbed a clean, large net.

"You mind doing me a favor?"

"Uh...sure? what is it?"

"Just hold this. When I say 'go', throw the net as high as you can over there. Okay?" Katara handed him the net, which Aang took as Katara went off to a neighbouring glacier. Aang didn't know what Katara was doing, by all means, but when she took off her winter coat, Aang got an indication already.

"No way. Is she really?..." His thoughts were confirmed as she took a few steps back...and leaped off the glacier! Aang wanted to run for her but she told him to stay put before the jump so he did. Katara got into a position for a cannonball as she struck the water. The hit though, instead of a simple splash, turned into a giant explosion! water blasted up like a geyser, as fish were rocketed in the air.

"Whoa!" Aang did not expect this at all. As soon as Katara yelled "GO!" Aang quickly threw the net up high, adding an airbending boost for extra height. The falling fish filled up the net fast, as it landed back on the ice. Now the once empty net was filled to the brim with fish. Aang picked it up as Katara got out of the water.

"Thank you, Aang, you're a great help," Katara said as she put the net in her boat. After she got her coat back on, and using her waterbending to dry herself, Aang almost immediately asked, "what the heck was that?"

"You mean the explosion? That's my own design, called the water bomb. Cool huh?" Katara said, proud of her unique technique.

"That is pretty neat. (gets up onto Appa) I'm glad I can help, but I have to go. I need to figure out what to do now. Nice meeting you," Aang said.

"Nice meeting you too. I hope we meet again."

"Me too. Appa, Yip Yip!" With that, Appa took flight, leaving Katara with her fishing trip back home.


Aang and Appa resting on ice

Chilling out.

It took a while, but Aang and Appa both found a good spot to rest up farther into the poles. There was a neat ice formation with two large holes in it. Aang and Appa used it like a bunk bed, Aang on top, Appa on bottom, as they needed to think on what to do.

"Well this is nice. At least we're not stuck back in the battlefield, right Appa?" Aang asked. Appa agreed with a good-filled sigh.

"Yeah. Now we just need to know where to go...wait. That Water Tribe girl. If she lives here, maybe her village isn't too far!" Aang realized. Appa was still chuckling over the mistake kiss though when the name came up.

"Oh ha ha! That was an accident...Now if only we can find that village..." Aang was thinking on the subject for a little bit, but it didn't take very long until he found something out...he can see a line of smoke, far off in the distance...

"There it is! Who knew we were this close!" Come on Appa, let's go!" Appa agreed with a happy roar, and soon they were both off to their new destination.

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