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Not much can even dare to be grasp of what happened back at the North Pole, Katara especially. She'd passed out back at the North Pole after she and La had summoned that beast and she was just starting to wake up. Funny, first thing she knew, she was at the Northern Water Tribe when it was being attacked by Zuko and his soldiers...but she woke up to a much warmer forest, laid on the ground in one of her sleeping bags she'd brought when the adventure began. She felt rather weak, but managed to sit up, realizing she was laying on Appa. Momo saw her get up and flew down to her.

"Hi, Momo...have you seen the others?" Katara asked. Momo looked at her for a few more seconds before flying off, probably to get her friends. Katara laid back down, trying to think about what had happened. All she could remember was the main highlights of the events: Sokka being killed, Raiu attacking them, and the moon turning to red and then to black. That alone wasn't much to go on...but Sokka...her brother...Sadly, the vision of her brother being electrified and laying on the ground was trapped in her subconscious, unable to be removed. Katara felt a tear go down her face at the thought and, since she was alone, all she could do was lay down and wait until someone would come back...Eventually someone did. She saw Momo fly on back with Aang not too far behind.

"Katara, you feeling better?" Aang asked, walking over to her and sitting by her side.

"I guess so...where are we? What happened?" Katara asked. She simply needed to know this stuff, given the fact she was knocked out for who knew how long. Aang took some time to think as Momo landed with them.

"Actually, Katara, not too much happened. But first, somebody wants to see you. Someone who is very close," Aang said, winking. Katara was confused, she didn't know anyone else closer aside from Sokka and as far as she knew, he was dead. Who else would it be?...whelp, she was about to find out, as the person in question just showed himself. The very sight made Katara jump, questioning if she was dreaming or not.

"...Sokka? that you?!"

"No one else but," Sokka said. This was a shock, how could Sokka be there? Unless they were all dead, but Katara felt pretty alive right now.

"But how?...Didn't you...didn't you..."

"Get attacked? Yeah, I did." Katara didn't know any more, last time she saw Sokka, he was at her feet. And there was that same Sokka fine and well. Sokka could figure out from his sister's eyes that she needed some sort of explanation, so he sat down and helped Katara catch up.

As it turned out, sometime after Katara passed out, she and Sokka were both taken to the healer's hut. Sokka was healed and had survived his encounter with Raiu, who was killed during the raid. As Aang and Sokka were healed, they didn't see any injuries regarding Katara, aside from serious fatigue. So after that, Aang and Sokka had helped her up on Appa and they'd travelled back to the Earth Kingdom, where they had found the spot they were in before Katara woke up. Katara had a hard time believing all of this, but tears of joy were down her face, happy that her brother was alive. She did have trouble remembering herself as a gigantic water spirit, which was how she had gotten rid of the Fire Nation in the first place, but she didn't question it.

"All of that happened huh?...oh boy. I've missed so much," Katara sighed.

"Don't worry about that, it's good now," Aang said.

" what are we doing now?"

"Remember back when Ty Lee agreed to look around the Earth Kingdom for us?" Sokka asked. Katara, admittedly, forgot about that detail for a while, probably because of all her training with Master Pakku.

"Yeah I remember, why?"

"Well, now we're trying to find her. It'll be good to see her progress and catch up with her too. Should we start going?" Sokka asked, getting onto Appa. Appa appeared fully rested, so with Aang's help, went on Appa's saddle. Aang jumped up himself, ready to go, and with a quick "Yip! Yip!" Appa began to fly onward.

Ty Lee's evasiveness

Ty Lee on her search.

Not too far away, still travelling through the Earth Kingdom, the very girl in question was still on her little quest to find Aang an earthbending teacher. She was quickly rushing through the trees at high speed, still uneventful of her search. Eventually, she jumped down from the trees to her travelling buddy, Haru.


"Nope, just a bunch of trees," Ty Lee sighed. Her cheery mood came back fast though, with her signature smile on her face.

"Don't worry, Ty Lee, I'm sure we're gonna find someone to help Aang master earthbending," Haru assured.

"You sure you can't teach Aang earthbending, Haru? You're a awesome bender!" Ty Lee praised, making Haru blush a little bit.

"Thanks, Ty Lee, but I already explained, Aang needs a master. He is the Avatar you know and honestly, I'm not exactly a master. Besides, I could use some practice myself in earthbending, need to be at my best, you know? So if we find Aang a teacher, perhaps I can learn a trick or two," Haru explained. Ty Lee knew he was right, but didn't get sad over it and the duo began walking again. After some walking, Ty Lee began thinking of her friends and how they were doing back at the North Pole. Haru could see her in thought.

"Thinking about the others again?"

"Yeah. It's fun to help out back here in the Earth Kingdom, but I can't help but wonder how they're holding up," Ty Lee said. She didn't sound worried, more curious actually.

"I'm sure they're doing just fine, maybe they're done with their waterbending training, who knows?"

"Good point," Ty Lee agreed. As they were going through the forest, suddenly Haru and Ty Lee stopped in a clearing, noticing a lot of fur on the ground.

"Look at all this! It's all in...what's the word? Bunches? Bundles?" Ty Lee wondered aloud.

"Clumps?" Asked Haru. Ty Lee suddenly sported a cheery smile again.

"Yes! Clumps! They're clumps!" Ty Lee beamed, hugging Haru. Haru didn't mind her happy-go-lucky attitude, but sometimes, her logic was kinda sketchy. Haru kneeled down and looked over the fur carefully; he was sure he'd seen this before somewhere. But no sooner after he picked up a clump of fur, Ty Lee was in glee and said, "That's Appa's fur! Team Avatar is nearby!"

"You think so?"

"Of course! Come on, let's find them before they go outta sight," Ty Lee beamed. It didn't take too long before they saw a trail of fur and they used that to follow.


That night, Team Avatar found another spot for them to rest. They had gone pretty far and Appa felt like going farther, but it was probably best if they'd stop for the night. With some management, Sokka got a fire going for the night, probably needed for the night was a bit cold still. Katara still had a few questions she would like to know. Of course, one would be on what happened to Aurora? She had not seen him again since the battle back at the North Pole.

"So ,guys, what happened to Aurora? Did he stay at the North Pole?" Katara asked as Momo cozied up to her.

"Well, it was more required for him actually. He got severely wounded during the whole fight thanks to Raiu and he had to stay to recover," Aang explained.

"Oh dear...poor Aurora..."

"Don't worry Katara. Knowing him, he's probably on his way right now, staying outta sight until some random crazy moment. He's done that plenty of times."

"Not really. I only remembered him doing that three times. In the South Pole, Omashu, and the North Pole. But maybe you're right," Katara said, looking to the fire.

The group didn't have much to do and since it was so late, suddenly their night turned to story time, as they began telling some spooky stories. Sokka was the first, going through some story of his own right off his head.

"It was at that moment...they knew...THAT THE HOUSE WAS HAUNTED!!" Sokka shouted, trying to act scary with his blade...but the reactions from Katara and Aang were mainly bland, obviously unimpressed.

"Pretty predictable there, Sokka," sighed Katara.

"And what's scary about a knife for a hand?" added Aang.

"It's supposed to be floating. I can't lift things with my mind, okay?"

"Okay, okay. Now it's my turn, and I got a good story that'll scary you witness. Ready?" Aang asked.

"Isn't that what Sokka said when he started his?" Katara smirked, Sokka just sighing annoyingly.

"Believe me, this is gonna be scary," Aang assured. Katara and Sokka both looked at each other; they weren't sure what kind of scary story a peace-loving nomad could conjure up. Turned out though, Aang did an awesome job. Aang's story went on for a good while, him adding good details and scary bits about the "midnight stalker", the monster in Aang's story.

""No! Stay Back!!" But the stalker kept walking towards the frightened little boy, with its long, bony fingers reaching for her next victim..." Aang tried acting the part with two branches he got from the trees, acting as if they were the stalker's bony fingers. To add some extra fear to it, Aang went on saying, in a high-pitched, creepy voice, "You're staying with me, my little pretty," along with insane laughter. This made Momo bolt over by Appa's head as Sokka fell back, Aang's story was really scaring him, more than he would like.

"Wow...that's some story Aang," Katara said blankly.

"Thank you, Katara. Sokka, was that scary for ya?" Aang laughed, seeing Sokka worried. Sokka regained himself fast, trying not to act as scared as he was.

"Yeah yeah, it's okay. Just a story right? Well g'night," Sokka said, laying down. Momo was gonna go to sleep himself, but suddenly his large ears picked up something rustling in the bushes. Just told of the "midnight stalker" story, Momo had gotten rather jumpy and jumped at Sokka, worried.

"HEY! Momo, off!" Sokka yelled, trying to get Momo off his head. They didn't know what was going on, but suddenly they heard the rustling much louder and closer.

"What's that?" Katara asked.

"Is it the midnight stalker?" Sokka added, worried. Aang wanted to remind him on how he wasn't scared, but that wasn't the time as a figure showed itself, tackling Aang a heart-warming hug!

"AANG! I've missed you SOOOO much, so great to see you!" Almost immediately they recognized her: Ty Lee. Ty Lee had finally found them after a long day of tracking Appa's shedding. However, she was hugging Aang so tight, Aang had trouble breathing. Ty Lee noticed though and stopped before Aang suffocated.

"Ty Lee! We were looking for you," Katara said.

"Aww, how sweet. I missed you guys," Ty Lee said, hugging Katara and Sokka.

"Missed you too, Ty Lee. It's been a while hasn't it?" Katara said. Before Ty Lee could reply, another figure said, "Yes, it has," Showing them that Haru was with her.

"Haru? You're with her too?"

"I've been with her, trying to help her out after all," Haru said as he sat down by the fire with Ty Lee next to him.

"That reminds me, how did the mission go? Did you find any earthbending teachers?" Aang asked.

"Well, not really. Sorry, Aang," Ty Lee said.

"It's okay. It's still good to see you again, you too Haru," Aang said.

"Yeah, it is nice to see you again. How was you're trip to the North Pole? You didn't have too much trouble, did you?" Haru asked.

"Well...aside from a tiny problem with Fire Nation soldiers, I'd say it went pretty well. I've mastered waterbending while there and Katara learned some tricks too," Aang said, not really adding in the whole monster fish thing that also happened.

"That's good to hear, Aang, can you show us a few tricks?"

"Maybe tomorrow. Right now it's pretty late, sorry, Ty Lee," Aang yawned, tired.

"Okay sure...Oh! One little request?"

"Uh...sure? what?" Aang asked, confused. Ty Lee directed his attention to Haru, who was equally confused, but not as much. Aang got the idea though and turned to Haru.

"Is it okay to you, Haru?" Aang asked. Haru didn't understand, but the look on Ty Lee's face made him realize what she wanted: she wanted him to join Team Avatar.

"That's fine, I guess I'm practically a part of your team anyway," Haru shrugged with a smile. Aang turned to Sokka and Katara, who this time would be happy to take him in. He's an earthbender and can be a good kickstart for Aang. After that was decided, the team went off to sleep.


Miles away, in the Fire Nation itself, there was a cause of commotion. The news about Zuko's failed attempt back at the North Pole spread rapidly through the Fire Nation, eventually reaching the Fire Nation capitol, where the Fire Lord resided. The news of Zuko's defeat was starting to bother him. Once more, Raiu's death made it worse for him. He'd call upon a very close subject to the throne room because of this and eventually, a teenage girl had entered the throne room.

" summoned me?" She asked, bowing in his presence. The Fire Lord looked down to her.

"I have a assignment for you. Word has gotten out that Zuko has, once again, failed to capture the Avatar. Once more, our spiritual aid, Raiu, has been killed. I need you to find the Avatar and destroy him." The girl looked at the Fire Lord with an evil and sly grin.

"I won't let you down."

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