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Beginnings of Legacy
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Avatar: The Revision





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April 16, 2014

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(A:TR) Ep.2: Southern Awakening

The weather of the summer was sweet in the Southern Air Temple. The skies of the mountains were bright blue, and the local sky bison were frolicking in the breeze. It was here that two Air Nomads are taking up the daily meditation. These two monks of the Air Nomads made up of an elder monk, named Gyatso. The other young lad, only a kid, was named Aang. They kept up their meditation for a while until Aang started feeling a bit bored. Even if meditating was fun, he'd been doing it for at least an hour now and even a monk can get a bit antsy. Aang peeked over to Gyatso, seeing he was in deep meditation. The Air Nomad smiled and, ever so quietly, got up. He waited a second to see of Gyatso reacted...nothing. Aang began to tip toe, ever so silently, over to the door. He was almost away when he was suddenly pulled back by an oddly strong air current, enough to knock him back to where he started. Aang looked to Gyatso, who smiled at him.

"Got you again," he said in a calming tone. Aang just chuckled nervously, although he knew Gyatso wouldn't be mad at him.

"Sorry Gyatso."

"It's okay, Aang. If you wanted to end our meditation early, all you have to do is ask. Besides, didn't you say you wanted to try your new crane fly kite?"

"Oh yeah!...uh may I?"

"Sure. You can go and play," Gyatso said. Aang really was excited, and thanked Gyatso right before running off to join the other nomad children. Gyatso was glad to see his little friend happy.


In the courtyard, Aang had met up with his other friends for a day of play. They were all airbenders, around his age, and were all waiting for him to come around again. Aang landed in front of them with an airbend jump.

"There you are Aang. Clear it with Gyatso?" One of the boys asked.

"Yep. He let me go."

"Ready to play Airball now?" He asked, more enthusiastic this time.

"Oh yeah! Let's go!" The group was about to go, but before Aang can go though, suddenly he heard someone call his name.

"Honey? Can you come here for a second?" Aang turned quickly and noticed his mother, Miku, calling him. Miku and Aang are very close, and given the fact Aang never knew his father, Miku is all he has. Aang, despite his friends, raced over to her.

"Yes Mom?"

"It's Appa, sweetie. Did you feed him yet? If not, you'd better get to it." Appa is Aang's sky bison pet. He got the creature as a present for his birthday, and since then he had to take care of him.

"I've already fed him, Mom, just before I left with Gyatso. I swear."

"You sure, sweetie?"

"Yes, mother. I wouldn't leave without feeding him. He's my pet after all," Aang swore. Miku just smile at her baby boy. She can see the other boys getting impatient, waiting for him to come along.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. You go off and play."

"Thanks mom. Love you," Aang said, just before going off to the other guys to play. Miku smiled as she saw Aang go off. She knew he was growing up, and like every parent, finds it rough for when their child is ready to go...


"Serve up Aang!"

Back at the playing field, Airball was well underway. Since there were 6 people, it's an easy 3 per team. Aang was leading one team as the game was going strong, each side going off at each other with powerful blasts of air. At this point it was a tie between both teams. All it took was a "Serve up Aang!" for Aang to get himself ready and served, good and strong. The final ring began very quickly but the match was already becoming a bit hard when Aang somehow got himself right in front of the goal. The opposing team saw their chance and shot the ball right for him. Aang caught it, but was close to falling! In a quick motion, he shot the ball like a bullet right to the goal, him falling off in the process.

"Aang, you okay?" One of his teammates asked, getting Aang up to his feet.

"Yeah I'm fine. Did we win?"

"Oh big time! Just got it." Aang jumped up in excitement. This turned out very well for him. After that was over though, Aang realized it was almost dinner time (the game lasted a long time).

"Sorry guys, I gotta go home. See you later," Aang said. A bit bummed out, his friends told him goodbye and Aang went off back home.


Later on that night, Aang was up in his room, just finished cleaning it. He did feel good about his victory in Airball today, but he was also tired still from it. After he was done, he laid down on his bed, looking out to the window at the night sky when his mother came in.

"Hi honey. Did your game go well?"

Yeah, our team just won! It's good to rest after though," Aang admitted, stretching out on his bed. Miku smiled and kissed her child on the forehead.

"That sounds great Aang. Sweet dreams sweetheart." After that, Miku walked on out, getting his candle lit beforehand. Aang felt good with himself as he settled down to rest. He couldn't sleep though, too good of a mood over today's game. He listened to the sounds of nighttime. The quiet nightly breeze mixed with the occasional cricket chirp. Aang liked these sort of nights the most of all...but tonight isn't a normal night.

Aang got up from his bed and looked out his window, looking out on the lovely landscape...but then something odd caught his eye as he looked out. Usually he had a good view of the fellow mountains but he oddly saw a light off in the ominous glow that just didn't seem friendly at all. Aang stared at the glow as it was coming towards the temple, slowly yet firmly. He began to hear the noise of an armies footsteps coming over to them. He looked closely and it turns out they were of the Fire Nation. Firebenders here? He wasn't sure what to do about this, as the soldiers stopped nearby. he can barely hear them, but he was sure someone gave some sort of order to one of the leading soldiers...then it began. The Fire Nation soldier shot out a large fire ball...right at his window! Aang had seconds to jump back before he found himself looking at a scorched room. Of course, he quickly bolted out as fast as he could and got outside. There was a horn over by the top of their temple that he has to get to. Using his airbending, it only took minutes to get to it...and he didn't waste anytime to blow.

As if on cue, more fireballs were shot in his direction, him missing by inches. The sound of the horn made was loud and low, and clear enough to wake everyone in the village. It didn't take very long before Aang notice the Fire Nation entering the temple, almost immediately attacking the monks! Maybe it wasn't a good idea to get them out now their in plain fire range. Panic spread as fast as the fire was as monks ran for their lives, Aang included. Aang was being pressured by one of the soldiers, probably the general. Aang kept dodging each fire ball as he tried to loose him but it wasn't working. only one question was in his mind in this mayhem...Why?...just why?...

Aang suddenly cut a corner and finally managed to loose his attacker, if only temporarily. The boy was simply terrified beyond rational thought, but after regaining himself, he began to realize someone else was with him...Miku.


"Ssshhh. It's okay. Everything will be okay," Miku said, trying her best to comfort Aang, although she knew that it won't end well.

"Mom. I'm scared. What's gonna happen?" Aang managed to say over his trembling.

"I don't know...Aang. Listen to me. You have to go."

"What?! But I can't leave you!"

"Honey! Aang. My sweet boy. If anything were to happen to you, I would never forgive myself. Please. You have to go for the both of us, can you do that?" Miku asked, more urgency in her voice than ever before. Aang may be young, but he knew what she meant as tears start to form in his eyes...he knew what his mother was about to do. He gave his mother a deep, love filled hug.

"I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie." They hugged for a few more seconds before Miku got up. She knew what they wanted, and she's going to get them. Aang can only watch as she walked out of her hiding place, in dead sight of the Fire Nation soldiers. Five surrounded her as tears formed on her face...and all firebenders fired at her. Aang was stunned and heartbroken, but had to go. After the shot has been fired, the smoke made by the flames gave Aang the cover to run, straight to the only place he can go. Straight to Appa's pen.

Air Nomad Genocide

Aang's destroyed home...

Appa, Aang's sky bison, was in a panic as his pen was already in flames. Aang rushed in, despite the risk, and got onto Appa. Appa knew what to do to get Appa going and with a quick "Yip Yip!" Appa bee-lined out, just avoiding the flames as his pen collapsed on itself. Appa high-tailed it right out of the temple. Aang looked back at his once peaceful home, now completely in ruins as the flames covered the once beautiful star sky with ash, smoke, and the dying screams of his people. Aang had no other choice but to go...ever if it was painful.

The boy and bison continued on flying until they got to the sea, which was just in a rage as it was back at the temple. Aang was trying to handle his bison and keep him under control but the storm around him was becoming unbearable to both of them. The thunder, lightning, strong winds and rain were making it impossible to fly straight.

"Steady Appa!" Aang yelled, but Appa can't stay steady in such an unstable area. It was hard to comprehend, but suddenly they both found themselves close to the seawater...all became blurry as Appa crashed into a giant wave. Aang slammed in the water, becoming barely conscious as the waves tossed him and Appa around like crazy. They were lucky to go up for air in just a few seconds before being sucked into the surf. Aang didn't know what to do...but he suddenly felt a new sensation flow in his body. He was not in control as he suddenly shined in his arrows. Aang found himself bending not air, but he created an orb around himself and Appa. after that, he froze it...trapping him and Appa inside...


It still felt rather blurry, but Aang found himself awake in an entirely different place. Instead of a stormy sea and deadly waves, it was all calm. And the water was now just inches deep, him being able to stand. It felt so...calming, yet questionable. Where is he?

"Hello? Anyone there?" reply...not at first anyway. It didn't take very long before he heard an all too familiar "Hello." coming from behind him. Aang spun around and to his was his mother! Miku...but Miku didn't look normal. she looked the same sure but there was something that made her seem different.

"Mother? that you?"

"Yes Aang. I'm so sorry this happened."

"Don't be. It's not your fault."

"Aang...there's something I need to tell you." Aang was indeed confused. After all, with all that has happened, something needed an explanation for all this.

" you remember the Avatar?"

"Sure I do. It's a bender that's supposed to learn all the elements, blessed by the spirit of Raava...why?"

"Aang...the next you." Aang froze. He is the next Avatar? Him, of all people.


"I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I was afraid of losing you, and I didn't want you to leave..." Aang can see Miku beginning to cry as he walked over to her. Aang wanted to hug her, but he quickly found out he just went right through her!...he had forgotten about earlier, but he remembered now...he was just talking to a ghost. he started to tear too but he wanted one question answered.

"Mom? long did you know about this?..." Miku didn't reply at first but eventually it no longer mattered so she went on with it.

"I've knew for the longest time. When you were just 3 years old, the elders told me about you being the next avatar...I didn't want to tell you until it was time but...fate had different plans it seemed...I'm so sorry Aang." Aang was still stunned he was the Avatar at all, and now Miku knew he was the Avatar since he was 3!...but it didn't matter anymore. She was just trying to keep him safe, and she did...even if it meant her own life.

"...I forgive you Mother. You've done so much for me. You even sacrificed yourself to save me. The only regret that I can't repay you."

Avatar Yangchen and Aang

Mother's blessings.

"Aang. My boy. Go fulfill your destiny as the Avatar. And bring peace to the world...that's your repayment to the world...and to me." Miku smiled and placed a hand on his forehead, causing Aang's arrow to shine bright. After that was over, she stepped back away.

"I believe in you. Good luck," Miku said, in a calm voice...and with that, she disappeared. Leaving Aang alone. Aang was still feeling sad that his mother is gone. But now he can continue onward...he sat down, and began to meditate...and all he could do now is wait...wait for something to happen to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar.

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