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The next morning was a calming, yet a bit of an awkward one, being that Aurora was still there that morning. Since there wasn't much on the schedule and travel time this time, the group decided to handle some of their own things. That morning, Aang and Katara went on over to see Master Pakku along with Aurora.

"So this must be where Master Pakku is. Sure must be pretty good if he surpassed the chief," Katara said.

"Yeah I know. Come on, let's go on in," Aang said. Before they did though, they seemed to lose Aurora, who was looking at one of the statues represented in front of Pakku's training hut.

"Something wrong, Aurora?" Aang asked.

"They need to do a little research before making these statues," Aurora sighed, looking the statue over a bit.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Well, to start, I don't look like a deer," Aurora groaned, pointing out the deer features represented. These statues were to represent Aurora, it being a water spirit itself, but they didn't get the look right.

"Well, as you're busy, I'll go see if Master Pakku has an opening. Coming Katara?" Aang asked. Katara followed Aang inside as Aurora stayed and continued checking the statue out. As soon as they headed on in, they found Master Pakku in the middle of his own training.

"Master Pakku?" Aang's question caused Pakku to lose concentration. He sighed, annoyed.

"Oh sure. It's fine to interrupt me in the middle of my practice," Pakku groaned.

"Sorry, Pakku. I'm Aang and I was wondering if I can get some waterbending training from the master," Aang said, trying to make up for his interruption earlier.

"I'm far too busy right now, so go away."

"You don't look busy."

"Well I am and I don't have time to train a little monk arrowhead," Pakku groaned. Even if Aang was the Avatar, it was obvious he wasn't up for it in the slightest.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not in the mood for adding students. We're in the middle of a war right now and I don't have time to take on new students." Now Aang was starting to get mad, but then remembered Katara. She wanted to get a bit of training.

"Well, if you're not gonna train Aang, then what about me? I already know a bit of waterbending and it won't be too hard for you," Katara said, walking over. Pakku gave an annoyed sigh.

"Absolutely not. It is forbidden for women to learn how to fight. Go in the healing hut or something, I hear they'll take anybody." Now it was Katara's turn to get mad.

"What?! I didn't travel half way around the world so you can tell me no!"


"Wha- Now look here Pakku, I didn't -"

"That's MASTER Pakku."

"Whatever. I travelled all the way from the South Pole, fought Fire Nation soldiers, and nearly got myself killed dozens of times to get here! And now you're saying you don't even care to train any of us?!" Katara snapped, nearly getting in his face. Pakku just turned and walked back a bit towards a door in the back, saying, "It takes a while for you to catch on, doesn't it?" right before leaving them. Katara felt like she was going to lose it but they both stormed out in a huff. Aurora saw them angry.

"So how'd it go?" Aurora asked.

"Master Pakku in there wouldn't train us."

"What? Why?" Aurora asked, urgent and angered slightly.

"He wouldn't train Aang because of the war and he wouldn't train me because I'm a girl!" Katara groaned in anger. Aurora sighed and looked inside.

"Well, let's get home. Maybe he'll be in a better mood later. I doubt he really didn't care about the Avatar, he's probably stressed." Aang, although still mad, could see where Aurora was coming from. Pakku was a waterbending master after all.

"Maybe you're right. Come on, Katara, let's go." Aang and Aurora started to go back, but Katara looked back to Pakku's hut. She was still mad, it wasn't fair at all...


Meanwhile, Sokka had his own plans. He felt his own feelings about the princess and he managed to schedule a little hang together with her today. Sokka found her on a bridge and met up with her.

"Okay, I'm here," Sokka said. She smiled when she saw him.

"There you are. Good to see you again," she said. Sokka stood next to her.

"Yeah, good to be here, Princess."

She blushed. "Please. You can call me Yue."

"Yue? Nice name. My name's Sokka." Sokka felt rather honoured this way, but he was already travelling with the Avatar, so it was slightly expected as such. Sokka and Yue went on for a walk, talking for a bit, until Sokka noticed aurora's statue again. Yue noticed his stare on the statue.

"Beautiful isn't it? These statues are for Aurora," Yue explained. Sokka was a bit surprised.

"Aurora? It looks like you guys really appreciate him."

"Yes. He helped our tribe when we needed it...He actually saved me once before." Sokka just stared at her in astonishment, Yue seeing this as a point to continue. She looked to the statue again.

"You see, Sokka, it was long ago. I was stillborn and my parents were losing hope for me. All the healers tried their best, but it was no good. My parents were losing all hope for me....then Aurora appeared. He gave me life...and he rescued me." Sokka looked back to the statue, imagining what powers Aurora held in such a way to save a stillborn child. Should he tell her that he actually met Aurora?...Maybe later. Sokka and Yue continued their walk, Sokka now having more respect for their dog spirit guide.


Later on that day, Katara ended up back at the trainer's hut alone. No one else was outside, so no one was talking to her. Despite her friends telling her not to, she wanted to talk some sense into this guy. Aang and Aurora ended up back with her, but were too late, as she ended up inside already.

"Uh oh. Come on, Aang, maybe we can talk some sense into her," Aurora suggested. Aang and Aurora rushed up to the door, but heard the conversation inside. At first it was a simple argument from both sides, a bit rough to follow, but then began Katara's anger filled yells, which was starting to worry the two just outside. This argument lasted for a good minute before the door swung open, Aurora and Aang bolting aside as she stormed out, fuming as Aurora and Aang caught up with her.

"Katara, what's going on?" Aang asked as she kept walking, throwing her coat to him.

"I've had it with him. Someone needs to knock some sense into that jerk!" Katara snapped.

"Katara, you're not thinking of going against him, are you?"

"It's the only way to prove I'm worthy."

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

"You bet I am, I'm not standing by and have this excuse tell me no! I've gone too far to just give up." Aurora did want to talk, but he backed off out of sight as Master Pakku appeared. Aang watched as he walked down the steps to the main area Katara considered the battlefield.

"Well look who decided to join us...(sees Pakku walk past her) Aren't you gonna fight me?!" Katara yelled, steaming.

"Go back to the healing huts where you belong," Pakku said. This finally broke her. Katara got out a water whip and quickly gave him a powerful whack to the back of his head!...Pakku turned around, angry.

"Fine! You want to learn so bad?! Study closely!" Thus the battle began.

Aang quickly got out of the way as Katara and Pakku took aim at each other. Pakku and Katara were now in full force on each other, both blocking, dodging, and attacking one another. This battle was so intense, it caught the attention of Yue and Sokka, who were a good mile away! It didn't take much time before a good audience was gathered to watch, which also included Arnook himself, who was surprised with such event even going on at all. The crazy battle lasted for a while, it even resulted in a few cuts due to water whips and ice bending being used. It was here when Sokka and Yue came in, rushing right to Aang.

"Aang, what's going on?!"

"Katara lost it! Pakku refused to teach her or me and she's going psycho on Pakku!"

"What?! Katara!" Katara was too focused on the fight to even noticed. Master Pakku was starting to take an advantage and started going too quick for Katara to keep up. Eventually, Pakku was starting to win this duel as he began to brutally throw her around. His final move was when he used his ice bending to knocked her hard in the chest, finally stopping her (or knocking her out at least).

"Still weak..." Pakku turned away as Sokka, Aang, and Yue rushed to Katara.

"Katara! Katara!" Sokka yelled, but Katara didn't react. She laid there battered and bloody. Sokka gave Pakku a death glance, but Pakku shrugged it off.

"She should have known better than take on a master," Pakku sighed rudely, Aurora was seeing all this and had the urge to go...but this finally broke it. Despite being supposed to be hidden, Aurora charged out of hiding and rammed Pakku off his feet, enraged beyond belief at him. Everyone there was completely shocked and, in Pakku's case, scared.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" Aurora growled. Pakku didn't answer, still shocked from seeing a legend in front of him. Aurora's anger from seeing his friend pretty much knocked out made him yell, "ANSWER ME!!!"

"You''re real..."

"Darn right I'm real. And I'm really mad! Why couldn't you teach them and avoid this fight?!" Aurora yelled. Pakku got to his feet, trying to calm down. "Answer me, will you?! They travelled halfway around the world and here you are denying them because the same problem everyone is facing!"

"But...but Aurora-"

"But nothing! You had the chance to help save the world from the Fire Nation and instead you shun it out?! What kind of master are you?! And what was the point in fighting Katara for? There was no cause for that!" Aang never saw Aurora this mad before, even if he had only seen it a few times. But before anyone could do anything, Katara was starting to get up again. Everyone around was absolutely silent as Katara got to her feet, her face bleeding from the cuts on her face and anger filled her eyes in a way Master Pakku never saw before. Katara was very weak, but her determination kept her up as she returned to a battle stance, eyes fixated on Pakku and no one else.

"Katara, you okay?!" Aang asked, but Katara didn't answer him, ready to fight again. Aurora forgot Pakku for a second and rushed over to her.

"Katara! Katara, you okay?!...Katara?..." Again no reply past her lips. Pakku was starting to see something else deep in Katara, something he had seen very little of as of late. He started walking over to her, no battle stance.

"Such bravery you have...I've lived a long time and you've shown a fighting spirit I myself have hardly ever seen..." Katara was slightly starting to calm down, but was still mad. Aurora stood at her side in case she fell over.

"...So does this mean that much to you?" Pakku asked. Katara didn't say anything other than a slow nod. Master Pakku sighed, but this time with remorse instead of rudeness. Aurora could see in his face he was making a rough, yet wise decision.

"...Even though it is forbidden...I will train you...This goes for you too, Avatar." Almost immediately, Katara's anger shifted off and ended in surprise as Pakku turned away.

"...Thank you..." Katara just managed to breathe this out before her pain caught up with her, as she leaned off on Aurora. Pakku turned back to her.

"Mind if I suggest though you get healed. After that we can begin. Deal?" Katara felt a cut on her forehead and saw the red blood on her hand as Aurora helped her back on her feet.

"Deal..." After all that was said and done, Aurora, Sokka, Aang, and Katara all went to the healing tents. Finally, training could truly begin.

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