Cave of Two Lovers
The Flowers
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May 8, 2014

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(A:TR) Ep.13: Fiery Spirit

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(A:TR) Ep.15: Omashu

It took a while of flying to do so, but Appa had stopped to rest eventually. They stopped over nearby a natural pool so Appa could not only get a drink, but also a good bath. Aang too decided to practice more on his waterbending, which he didn't get to for a while now since he left Mt. Makapu and he needed some practice-.

"Hey, Katara, I think I got the waterbending basics down," Aang said as Katara was standing alongside. Aang began to lift the water out and move it, this time without any blasts to be had.

"Good job, Aang." Aang gave a smile...but accidentally let the water fall on his head, soaking him. Katara and Ty Lee had a good laugh with it as Sokka was looking over the maps, like usual. Ty Lee grew interested in the maps and looked over Sokka's shoulder.

"What'chu doin?" Ty Lee asked in her usual innocent tone.

"Just looking over the the looks of it, we're near a city known as Omashu. Looks like we can just fly over and get some supplies there for a bit."

"Omashu? Sounds great!" Ty Lee agreed. But then they all heard something...some sort of music was being played, like a pipa or something.

"Is" Katara asked.

"OOOooo! Music players! How wonderful!" Ty Lee beamed. A little bit after that was said, they found out where the music was coming from. Not too far away, they saw a group of nomads come their way, one of them playing a pipa as assumed. He also had a little big eared lemur on his shoulders. A woman and a man were following their assumed leading nomad. Ty Lee got up and stood in front of them.


"Why hello there, little lady," the nomad said, very easy-going in his tone of voice.

"That was some nice music you were playing. I'm Ty Lee," Ty Lee commented as they walked to Team Avatar.

"Thank you, sweetheart. I'm Chong. This is my wife Lily, my close friend Moku, and this little lemur friend is Momo."

"Glad to meet you. These are my friends. Aang, Katara, and Sokka," Ty Lee introduced. Chong smiled their way as Katara and Aang warmed up to him. Sokka though was a bit too busy figuring out how to get to Omashu to notice them. The trio sat down by them as they continued talking.

"So where are you guys going?" Aang asked.

"We're wanderers. Nomads. We go where the winds take us," Lily said, while doing Katara's hair. As they were talking, Chong then noticed Sokka looking over the map, trying to figure things out, so Chong decided to check it out for himself. Sokka though was already done and got up before Chong could see.

"Okay. Looks a bit straight forward, let's go," Sokka announced.

"Go where?" Ty Lee asked.

"We just need to get over the mountains. The city Omashu sounds like a good place to rest and get supplies," Sokka explained.

"Come on, Sokka! They just said we can go see a group of badgermoles!" Aang said excitedly.

"And on the way, a waterfall with a never-ending rainbow," Ty Lee added, equally as excited. Sokka, however, wasn't as amused as they were about this.

"As much fun as it is, I'm sure it's best if we go to the city so we can rest for a bit. Besides, what's so fascinating about waterfalls and rainbows?"

"Oh Sokka. What's the harm in going on a side trip?" Katara asked.

"Sounds like you're heading to Omashu," Chong said after a bit. Sokka slapped his forehead in frustration.

"YES. I just said that."

"Oh. There's a shortcut if you're interested."

"A shortcut?" Aang asked.

"Yes. There's a song for it too." Chong held his pipa and started playing it. He began to sing as follows:

Two lovers, forbidden from one another
A war divided their people, and a mountain divides them apart
Built a path to be together

The song stopped when Chong tried to think, but just said, "I forgot the next couple of lines but then it goes (continues the song)":

Secret tunnel!
Secret Tunnel!
through the mountains!
Secret, Secret, Secret, Secret tunnel! yeah!

The song ended there. Aang and Katara liked the song and the info they'd gotten, Ty Lee was applauding them, but Sokka wasn't too amused.

"So is this 'tunnel' real or just a legend?" Sokka asked, not very impressed.

"Oh, it's a real legend," Chong said. Sokka sighed annoyed.

"I mean is it really around? You know where?"

"Totally. Right this way, fellow travelers."


After that was decided, the group followed the nomads until they found the cave entrance. It was fairly big, big enough for Appa to fit inside at least.

"So this is that cave you were talking about?"

"The Cave of Two Lovers. Let's head off in then," Ty Lee said with glee. The group was beginning to enter the cave, much motivation by Ty Lee and Chong's group...but no sooner after they all entered the cave, their trouble began in the form of the cave entrance. No sooner after Appa's tail was a foot away from the cave mouth, the mouth closed! An earthbending trick suddenly sealed them off from outside! It immediately got pitch black.

"Oh great. JUST great! Anyone got a torch or something?" Sokka asked. Something fell on his head after Momo looked a bit. Sokka got the torch to work again and he saw the entrance was sealed shut.

"How did that happen?!" Sokka gasped.

"Oh right. I remember. This must be due to that curse." Sokka froze up, slowly turning around.


"Yeah. The curse is that whoever enters the cave will get lost forever."

"And die," added Moku.

"Oh yeah, and die."


"Sokka, calm down! It's just a tunnel, we'll just follow through and we'll be fine," Ty Lee assured. Sokka smacked his forehead again, ticked off that they were stuck.

"Okay, fine. Each torch can last for an hour and there's 5 more in Appa's saddle, so we just need to travel through, stay together, and we'll be fine...I hope."

"Don't feel down, Sokka. As long as you believe in love, it'll show you the way." Chong advised. Sokka wasn't too convinced on that either, but there was no other route, so he was forced to go off to lead through the cave. The cave was, more or less, a twist of trails, and it seemed to get them nowhere. They continued onward through the cave and eventually Sokka stopped at a dead end.

"Darn it."

"Don't worry. We'll just turn around and try another path," Katara said. Sokka agreed and after lighting another torch, they started off again. Again with the usual twists and turns...but they ended up in the same place!

"Okay. This isn't right."

"It's just another dead end," Ty Lee said.

"No wait...something's not right here. Chong, didn't you say this was a tunnel?"

"Well. What's the name for those tunnels that are like a maze or something?"

"It's called a labyrinth, now anyway-...wait. Don't say it." Sokka could tell on the others' faces that that was right...they were trapped in a labyrinth.

"Let's try one more time," Katara said. Sokka really was mad. They spent over an hour just wandering around. Now they needed to find out where to go. So again, Sokka went off back and tried once more...then they ended up at a close off much sooner than before. Sokka was very angry now and very scared.

"Aang? Hold this." Aang got hold of the torch as Sokka got back onto Appa's saddle. He grabbed a bone club and quickly charged at the wall, trying to dig through it frantically.

"Sokka stop! It's not helping!"

"I'm not getting trapped in this death hole!" Sokka yelled, digging more. His frantic digging lasted for a whole minute before Ty Lee slapped some sense into him across his face. Sokka dropped the club after being slapped.


"Look. We're all a bit worried, I know, but we can't panic," Katara advised...those words seemed to cause a chain reaction here.

The cave suddenly started to feel a tremor go through it, shaking the whole tunnel. Sokka tried to balance, but the wall behind him seemingly gave way, revealing more of the cave...but the ceiling suddenly began to fall down. Appa, seeing most of the group in the crossfire, charged forward and rammed them out of the way...almost all. In the panic, Katara and Aang and little Momo were stuck on one side, everyone else was on the other...Aang was lucky to find just one torch left, not used.

" can we panic?" Aang asked. Sokka was completely panicked at this point, unknown of what to do.

"Katara! Aang! You okay?!" Sokka called.

"We're fine Sokka! Are the rest of you okay?!" Katara asked from the other side of the wall.

"We're all fine! Stay put, we'll get you out!" Sokka said. Sokka and Appa were trying to dig through to get to their friends, but no luck. They were split up. No way to reach them. Katara then got an idea.

"Sokka! Ask Chong if this labyrinth exits the same way!"

"Right. (Turns to Chong) Does this cave exit out the same way?"

"Yeah man. This whole web goes out the same silk."

"...okay. (yells to Katara) He said yes!"

"Okay, listen. These caves can't go on forever! We'll try to find the way out from our end while your group does the same! Understand?" Sokka immediately wanted to say no, but given the situation, things couldn't get any worse.

"All right, fine! Good luck!" Sokka called over.

The time passed by slowly afterwards as Aang and Katara both wandered the tunnel. Aang was worried that they wouldn't be able to get out at all. After all, this cave was cursed. There wasn't any talking for the 40 minutes they were going around, mostly simply walking through the cave. Little Momo didn't bother to get off Aang's head, too worried himself in the cave.

"Katara?... do you think we really are gonna get out?"

"I'm pretty sure. Chong said we can get out if we believe in love...right?"

"I think that's what he said." Aang did believe in love, but he still was very sad for being trapped in this cave. He didn't know what to think, he didn't want to blame anyone of course. Katara was worried too, being separated from her friends and in a cursed cave...then an idea came into her mind but she wasn't sure if Aang would agree. She stopped moving and Aang stopped a few feet away.

"Something wrong, Katara?"

"Well...I've been thinking. The curse was for those to believe in love...and...well..."

"Well what? What is it?"

Katara blushes

What would happen if...we kissed?

"Well...what would happen if...we kissed?" Aang stopped cold. Did he hear that right? Katara blushed upon asking this, but knew that a kiss was a strong symbol of love, and if love showed the way then...


"It sounds silly I know but...I guess we can at least try." Aang looked down at the torch, it was close to going out. He didn't really notice through the walk but now...if it goes out it'll be done...he might as well try.

"...okay..." Katara and Aang stared each other straight in the face. The light was beginning to dim more and more and just as the last light dimmed...they kissed...

At first, it was completely black...then a light showed from the ceiling. Then another. And another! Soon, the ceiling was lit with glowing stones, all leading to the right path. It worked. Katara and Aang hugged, happy to find a way through, and wasted no time in following.


After running through, it didn't take much time before the duo found the exit. It was happy to see them out. The day hadn't left them, as the sun was still high in the sky.

"We did it! We're out!" Aang beamed. They both were happy to go out, but after a few minutes, they remembered the split up. The others were still in there!

"Sokka. Oh no." Katara was going to go in when...


Katara and Aang looked back in the exit of the cave and saw their friends rush out. Ty Lee immediately tackled Aang with a powerful hug as the others walked out.

"Sokka! Ty Lee! How did you get out?" Aang asked.

"We saw these BEAUTIFUL crystals light up. They were lovely! And we followed those to here!" Ty Lee said, very happy.

"How did you guys get out?" Sokka asked. Katara and Aang looked to each other and smiled.

"We let love show the way." Aang simply said.

"Aww! How romantic." Ty Lee sighed happily. As this was going on, Chong saw Momo still by Appa, Momo's ears pulled back. Chong could see what the lemur wanted and gave it a wink, making Momo in a better mood.

"Well. Time to go along with the wind. (turns to Sokka) And Sokka. Don't let the destination and plans get in the way of the journey." Sokka just sighed.

"Just sing the song."

"Hey, good plan!" Chong said. As his nomad group was walking off, Chong began playing his pipa and singing a good tune.

Even if you're lost you can't
lose your love because it's in your heart

The rest was just "la"s, going with the tune. The gang too felt good now that they'd all made it through okay. Now onto the next stop: Omashu.

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