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权能以上凡 - Total Control



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April 21, 2012

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This is chapter 8 of 权能以上凡 - Total Control by Avatarloki.






Chapter 8

"Princess," Gao came up to Feng, handing her a hot cup of tea. "You should really come below deck. This storm is outrageous.

"Go away."

Gao leaned next to her. Feng refused to look at him. His deep black hair was let down from its typical pony tail, and it swirled around his face. "I said, go away."

"Feng..." Gao reached to brush her hair out of her face. Feng tapped his wrist, making his hand go limp. Feng grabbed his chin, pulling him down to her level, something she didn't have to do often.

"Go get your own hair out of your face." Feng pushed him away, letting him fall to the deck. Then she turned back to staring out over the sea. Gao calmly stood up and bowed to Feng.

Feng sighed. She didn't want to be here. Or have Gao here. Both circumstances ticked her off. She sighed. To get her irritation out, she started doing firebending moves. She threw her legs out at an invisible opponent. Had she really been firebending, they would have stood no chance.

"Auuughh!" She screamed at the air. Channeling her chi to calm herself down, Feng stepped back calmly. She sat down and quickly cleared her chakras. It wasn't hard, especially for her.

Slowly, the rain disappeared. Feng's body temperature regulated, and her heart beat normally. One of the greatest things about being a Chibender was that while most people spent life times learning how to control every drop of chi in their body, Feng had done it in a few short years. "Ha," she scoffed. "No one has power as great as mine."

Except the Avatar, her thoughts whispered.

Except the Avatar. But he isn't here. For all intents, Feng, Princess of the Fire Nation was the most powerful being.

And that is why they wanted her. Gao, Hui and Lang hadn't told Feng much about what was happening, but apparently there were evil people out to get her. And Gao thought she needed to be taken care of as to not be damaged.

"I'll show him," Feng growled under her breath before getting up and going below deck.

"Where are we going?" Feng spat at Hui.

"The Southern Water Tribe, princess," he answered.

"No. We should go to the Southern Air Temple." Gao looked at the girl he had grown up knowing. "No, Feng. We need--" But a single finger held up by Feng silenced him.

Feng stepped over to Gao, forcing him to look into her eyes. "The Southern Air Temple." After pausing for a moment, she shouted, "Am I clear?!"

"Princess, what is there?" Lang questioned.

Feng spun to look at her. "Air. And a temple I am assuming." Gao put his head in his hands. "I am the princess and I expect all of you to know this."

Hui and Lang looked at each other. "Feng--" Gao started.

"PRINCESS!" Feng yelled at him, bringing a knuckle fish inches from his face.

Gao gave her a small bow. "Yes, Princess."

Feng sat down in her chair. "Now," she lazily pointed at Hui. "Go tell the captain where to go."

"Right away, Princess," he mumbled.

Lang muttered something under her breath and followed her brother up the stairs. Gao sat down across from Feng and looked at her. She refused to even look back. "Get out."

"We aren't in the Fire Nation any more."

Feng still refused to acknowledge. "Out."

Gao slid closer, but not in her arm reach. "Princess..."

Feng pounced at him. "I thought you said we weren't in the Fire Nation any more." But she stayed where she was.

Gao snapped his fingers. "We aren't."

"Which means..." And Feng attacked. Gao blocked her jab and threw a fire ball at her. Feng flipped back, grabbing onto a pipe on the ceiling. Gao reached out and tried to grab her legs, but she kicked him in the chest. He fell to the floor, scooting back from Feng. She stepped over and put her foot across his neck. "Which means...I can kill you now." She put a little more pressure on his throat.

Gao tried to push himself up, but he was unable to move. "Feng..."

"Yes, Gao?"

"Let me--Auggg!" Feng pushed down dangerously on his throat.

"Let you up? Let me think about it." She took her foot off his throat and leaned down over him. Resting her hand on his face, she said, "No," and his face twisted up. "Hahaha!" Feng laughed. "That is more like it, idiot."

As she walked away, Feng kicked Gao in the side, allowing his face to relax, and allowing him to move again. Then she sat down again. "Leave. Now."

Gao didn't say another word. He just stood to his feet and walked out. "Goodbye, Gao. Never come back until you are ready to die."

Feng smiled. Idiot people who tried to mess with her. Like Gao. And Hui and Lang. And about every single other person in the world.

That was probably the main reason she wanted to go to the Southern Air Temple. There, no blundering morons to bother her. She could sit in peace and never have to deal with any one again.

Of course, getting rid of the idiots who would follow her would be an interesting task. Even as moronic as they were, killing them would probably have consequences.

Maybe should could set up a new nation. The Chi Nation. After all, she had been in training to be a queen her entire life.

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