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权能以上凡 - Total Control


Chapter 7

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January 21, 2012

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This is chapter 7 of 权能以上凡 - Total Control by Avatarloki.






Chapter 7

"The princess?" A raspy voice whispered.

"Yes, master. The princess of the Fire Nation is a Chibender, as she calls it," a small voice answered.

"Take her."

"Yes, master." A small black figure exited the dark room. Every thing was shrouded in shadows. The figure's face could not be seen, and the one he had addressed as master was no where in sight.

The cloaked figure scuffled down the hallway, the black fabric dragging on the ground. "The princess must be captured. The princess must be captured." The raspy voice was obviously male.

He exited through a bamboo screen door, heading toward an ostrich horse tethered to a fence. He grabbed the reins, pulling them free. The ostrich horse squawked as its head was pulled to the side. The figure leaped up onto it and flicked the reins. The creature started to walk forward. The man flicked the reins again, harder this time. The ostrich horse started running.

"The princess must be captured. The princess must be captured."

"Come on, Feng! They are going to see us!" Feng jumped down from the wall, landing lightly on her feet.

"This is a stupid idea." "No! We'll have a ton of fun! Come on!" Feng's friends chided.

Feng scoffed. "If any one recognizes me, one of you will die." The girls looked around at each other. "And you all know I mean it."

"You are eighteen, Feng," Lee Lee comforted.

"Doesn't matter." Feng took the lead. She wore a long cloak, so brown it was almost black. Her loose pants were black, and she wore a green tunic. Her curly hair was pulled back, but still fell in waves down her back. The other girls followed the princess.

It wasn't hard to see their destination. Lights and fireworks made the festival a beacon. The group of girls fluttered toward it, their confident leader in the front. Another group saw the girls, and came towards them.

"Good evening, your highness," Gao greeted Feng. She didn't even look at him. "Your mask?" He handed Feng a feathered mask.

"Thank you." Feng put it over her head and pulled her hair out. She refused his arm, and walked into the festival alone.

"Come on! This act is supposed to be amazing," someone in the group suggested, and they headed over to a stage. Feng meandered behind them, and ended up getting a seat on the side of the stage.

She casually watched as two people came out. They were dressed in elaborate costumes, both identical, except that one was a female, and the other was male. "We are Hui and Lang!" They cried out in unison. "We have traveled the world, entertaining the finest audiences," Hui shouted to the crowd. He was met with a cheer.

"Tonight, expect to see things unlike you have ever seen before!" Lang shot a stream of fire into the air. The crowd ooed and awed. Feng just rolled her eyes. She knew the Avatar. This was nothing.

The twins started their show. Feng let out several fake yawns; she was not enjoying this at all. Her mask hid her expressions, though. She was so disinterested, she didn't even see the cloaked figure come up behind her.

He grabbed the princess around the waist, pinning her hands. He held up a knife to her throat and whispered, "The princess must be captured." Feng kept calm, but she had never been in a real fight before. She brought her training to mind, and tried to channel the man's chi. He sensed what she was doing and pricked her chin, letting a drop of blood run down the knife. The princess inhaled sharply, planning her course of action.

"The princess must be captured."

Feng kept her eyes on the show, hoping someone would see her. Her chibending was rendered useless by the whispering man. He was far too strong, and he held her hands against her sides.

"Hui is an expert marksman! Here he has a golden arrow. This golden arrow will be shot into the air. My brother knows where exactly in the crowd it will land, and he will go to retrieve it. BUT! If one of you finds it first, you are welcome to keep it." The crowd let out a loud cheer. Feng breathed in.

Hui aimed at the sky and released his arrow. The crowd gasped, watching it fly. It disappeared for a moment, but was soon heard hissing down. Most of the crowd started out in search for it, but Hui stood on the stage, glancing at the side.

The arrow landed. It wasn't lodged in the ground, or in a tree. It has went straight through the cloaked figure's head. He dropped to the ground, lifeless, his last words still on his lips. Feng ripped her mask off and leaped up in the stage. Lang grabbed her arm, dragging the princess through the crowd. Many more cloaked men burst forth, trying to get to the princess. Hui shot many arrows, Lang threw fireballs. Feng grabbed dual swords from a merchant, throwing a bag of gold at him.

The three stumbled through the innocent people as the cloaked men chased them, throwing various items at the trio. Feng led, Hui and Lang defending her from behind.

"This way!" She hissed to the twins. They ducked into a tent, the twins grabbing cloaks to cover up their elaborate costumes. "Now, back to the palace." "No!" Hui told the princess.

"Why not?" She moved her hand to his arm, ready to cripple it.

"There are warriors surrounding the palace. They want you though, they won't hurt your family," Lang answered.

Feng stood, looking warily at the two. "How do you know?"

"My sister and I are spies, we knew that they would try to make their move on you tonight, here at this festival, and we--"

"Why did you not warn me before?" Feng shouted. But their conversation was interrupted by a cloaked figure that appeared in the entrance. Feng drew her swords, but the man pulled off his hood. "Gao? What are you doing with them?" Feng spat at his feet.

Gao looked into her eyes. "Come with me. A boat is ready."

"Please, princess," Lang looked pleadingly at Feng.

"We need to hurry," Hui asserted.

Feng took another look at Gao. "You are a spy too, aren't you?" She asked, her lips in a grim line.

"It's what my name means, princess."

Feng didn't give him another look before marching out to the docks, swords in hand.

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