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权能以上凡 - Total Control


Chapter 6

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FenderBender, Agent Slash, LoveHopeDream123

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January 21, 2012

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This is chapter 6 of 权能以上凡 - Total Control by Avatarloki.


Fire Lord Zuko

Fire Lady Jin



Chapter 6

Feng had finished telling her mom about her ability to Energybend.

"This is definitely a rare gift. Energybending has not been seen since a lost time," her father commented.

Feng looked at him. "Why isn't it called Chibending? I like that better."

The Fire Lord looked at his wife, contemplating an answer. "Well, sweetie, you would have to ask the Avatar."

"I don't want to. I am going to call it Chibending."

Jin smiled at her daughter. "Come along, Sweetie." Feng sighed, throwing her arms to her sides. She followed her mother out of the garden.

"Mom, why am I a Chibender instead of a Firebender like dad? THAT would make sense," Feng demanded.

"Well, Feng, I am not sure. I don't know that much about bending. Perhaps--"

"It doesn't matter. Chibending is superior to Firebending."

Jin wearily smiled as Feng stalked off. She thought about what her husband had said about their daughter. Though she had never known Princess Azula, Zuko definitely had. And from his descriptions, Feng sounded very much like Azula. Now, with her bending abilities, they had no idea what she would do.

"Muuuu-ommmmm!" Jin heard a yell from down the hallway. She turned around to see Feng fuming. "Mom! I don't like him!" She dragged a boy about the same age as her by the ear. "He annoys the crap out of me."

"Feng, that is not an appropriate way for a Princess to speak," her mother chided.

Feng smiled curtly. "It's fine for a Chibender!" With that, Feng pushed her thumb into the boy's neck, sending him to the floor.

"Owwww!" The boy cried out.

"Feng!" Jin snapped.

"What mom?"

"Feng! You do not treat our guests like that!" Jin pulled her daughter away from the boy.

"He is creepy."

"So are you!" The boy let out.

Feng spun to face him and crouched down. "I, was not the one trying to sneak into the princess' bedroom." Jin placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder, holding her back. "Gao, why were you sneaking into Feng's room?"

The young noble looked down bashfully. "I was trying to give her a surprise."

"No you weren't!" Feng interjected, but her mother silenced her with a look.

"Gao, what were you trying to give her?"

Gao looked down shamefully, trying to come up with an excuse. "See, mom!! He doesn't have anything!" Feng shouted. "No wonder his names means 'spy on'," she muttered under her breath. Gao shot her a glare. She stuck her tongue out at him.

Jin sighed. "Gao, I am going to have to tell your father about this."

A look of complete terror crossed the boy's face. He stood up. "No, no, no. Please, your Majesty. Please don't tell my dad! He will punish me! I don't want him to know, please please, please!"

Feng let out a shrill laugh. "Well, Gao," her mother started, but Feng interrupted.

"I challenge you to an Agni Kai! An unofficial one, of course, Mom. I know you wouldn't let me kill him," Feng said. Gao calmed down and looked at the Fire Lady, pleading with his eyes to let this happen.

"Feng! That would not be appropriate," was Jin's answer.

"Why? I could win."

"Feng!" Her mother snapped.

Feng rolled her eyes and looked at Gao. "Guess we gotta tell your dad!" She teased.

Gao looked back at Jin with pleading eyes, trying to get out of his coming punishment. "Come along, Gao." The Fire Lady led the young nobleman out of the hall. As he was leaving, he turned back to look at Feng. She stuck her tongue out before turning on her heel to go to her room.

"Teachers are stupid. I seriously hate school." Feng stood in the courtyard of her school. Her father had sent her to school so she could make friends and not go crazy. Or, that is what Feng had thought he had said. She still rather be training.

A group of girls stood around the princess. She stood out from them, besides having a more regal look, she was six inches taller than the tallest one. Her eyes were shining green, and her black hair wasn't perfectly straight like the other Fire Nation girls. They all giggled around her, pointing at a group of boys across the court yard.

Feng looked over to the group of boys. She could easily see them over everyone else. Most of the girls around her had a crush on at least one of them. It made her feel sick.

"Feng!" One of the girls nudged her in the ribs. Feng held up her hand, making all the girls back off.

"What?" The princess demanded.

The girl peeked over at the group of boys. "You know, that one?" She pointed at the tallest boy in the group. Feng looked and groaned. "What? He is cute, tall, and is seventeen. Only a year older than you!" All the girls smiled and laughed.

The princess rolled her eyes. "He is a creep."

"Gao? Is not! He is so cute!" All the girls chided.

Feng threw up her hands, letting them settle onto two of the girls shoulders. Feng looked each one of them into the eyes.

"Trust me. He is a creep."

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