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权能以上凡 - Total Control


Chapter 5

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FenderBender, Agent Slash, LoveHopeDream123

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December 19, 2011

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This is chapter 5 of 权能以上凡 - Total Control by Avatarloki.


Fire Lord Zuko






Chapter 5

"Daddy!" Feng screamed down the hall.

A servant held the five-year-old princess' wrist, attempting to keep her out of the throne room. The Fire Lord had an important meeting with the Fire Nation nobles, and he could not be disturbed by his daughter. But the child would not stop screaming.

Fire Lady Jin had gone back to the Earth Kingdom to visit her pregnant sister. Normally, Feng would go to her mother when the Fire Lord was busy. But now a servant had to take her.

"Let me go!" The princess screamed. She punched the servant in the back of the leg. He collapsed, all the feeling in his leg completely gone. He still held Feng's wrist. She hit him in the arm this time, his grip loosening just enough for her to slip out. She ran back to the throne room doors and started banging on them. They were locked. So she just banged until Zuko came out. He scooped up his daughter and carried her back in.

Feng stared at the Fire Nation nobles, most of them wide eyed. She scrambled out of his arms and onto his back. The Fire Lord didn't even need to hold her. She didn't fall, just clung to his shoulders like a monkey. As he sat down in the throne, she climbed back into his lap. All the nobles stared at the child, but Fire Lord Zuko didn't seem to notice.

"General Zenru, please continue with your plans on building a new city of trade," Zuko urged one of the men.

"Erm, alright." General Zenru clearned his throat, took one last look at Feng, and began speaking. "Building a port city in the Bay of Keniu would bring the Fire Nation profits along with providing the Earth Kingdom with..." Feng had curled up on her father's lap. She wasn't listening to what the men were saying, she just wanted her father.

"Oof!" Toph let out a grunt when Feng jumped out of a tree on top of her.

"Ha! I got you!" Feng got up, laughing a cute maniacal laugh. She scrambled over to the tree and climbed back up. Toph moved far away from the tree.

"So she isn't a bender?" Katara asked Zuko.

"No. She cannot bend earth or fire. She can fight though."

"Yes," Jin added. "Her tiny little fists can do great damage."

"It isn't so great when she jumps on you either," Toph added.

Feng's laugh came from the tree. Toph stomped her foot, rattling the tree. The laughter continued. "Grrrrr!" Toph let out.

"Maybe she could learn something from the Kyoshi Warriors?" Aang suggested.

"We have academies here she could go to, I just don't want her to become like..." Zuko trailed off.

"Not all Fire Nation princesses are bad, Zuko," Jin comforted.

Feng dropped down out of the tree and ran to her mother. "I want to go to Kyoshi! I want to see Gumalee!"

"Gumalee?" Katara questioned.

"Ty Lee," Zuko answered.

"I see."

"So please Mother? Please can we go see Gumalee?" Feng begged.

"We will see, sweetie."

"Feng, look at me." Zuko tilted his daughter's chin up.

"Yes, Father?"

"This is your first official council meeting. Please behave."

"Why wouldn't I?" Feng grinned.

The Fire Lord had the look in his face that Feng knew she needed to behave. "Fine." The Fire Lord and his daughter entered the war room. The nobles rose as they walked in, giving slight bows. Feng looked over them, her face like stone. They started murmuring when she walked in. Zuko tossed them a look that made them be quiet. Father and daughter walked to the thrones and sat. The nobles sat after they did.

One of the men at the head of the table stood up, and the Fire Lord nodded to him, signaling he could speak.

"Fire Lord Zuko, do you consider it wise to bring your daughter into a council meeting at age thirteen, considering what happened to you?" The older man said.

The fire wall in front of the Fire Lord blazed. The other nobles scooted back. "I would NEVER do that to my child."

"But your father had to, it was the--"

Zuko shot a line of fire out, missing the man, but still scaring him. "I am not my father," Zuko said, spitting out every word. Feng looked at her father, wondering what he meant. What wouldn't he do?

"Your father was a strong leader. And yes, ending the war might have been a good move, but you need to lead strongly, Zuko." The man walked over in front of Feng and motioned to her. "The princess needs to grow up disciplined and proper! She shouldn't even be heir! She isn't even a bender."

"That was my decision to make, and I stick by it," the Fire Lord said. Feng sat, trying to obey her father and behave, but this man was making her angry.

"Your decision because of your selfish ambitions? Girls are not meant to lead this country! They are here to make heirs and more good noblemen, not to sit on the throne."

Zuko stood up, seething with anger, but Feng was faster. She leaped over the wall of fire, which was quite high now. She delivered a punch to the man, right below his heart. His legs went limp, and he collapsed. He caught himself with his arms, but Feng quickly rendered them useless also. She stood over him, releasing her breath.

All the nobles stared at her. The one she had taken down muttered, "Fire Lord, you know what must be done."

Zuko walked over to his daughter. "As I said before, I will never do that to my daughter. And she isn't a bender. It would not be right."

"Actually, father..." Feng looked into her father's eyes. The Fire Lord looked down, trying to figure out what his daughter was telling him. Her eyes darted to the man on the ground, his body crippled. That looked familiar. Zuko's furrowed brow gave way into a grin.

"And, I definitely wouldn't be foolish enough to Agni Kai with an Energybender."

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