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权能以上凡 - Total Control


Chapter 4

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FenderBender, Agent Slash, LoveHopeDream123

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December 2, 2011

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This is chapter 4 of 权能以上凡 - Total Control by Avatarloki.












Chapter 4

Jin sat in her room in the Fire Nation palace. She sighed. She didn't want to have to go through with
her plan.

She had been in the Fire Nation for seven months already. Originally, she just wanted to be friends
with Zuko. But time away from the Earth Kingdom had helped her heal. And now, realizing that Zuko
was going to have to start a relationship with some Fire Nation girl, that just broke her heart all over

Without noticing, a tear fell from her cheek and onto her lap. She looked down, noticing that she was
wearing her Fire Nation silks. Jin frowned, knowing that they weren't really hers. She went behind the
changing screen and put on her Earth Kingdom dress. Smoothing it down, she looked in the mirror. An
Earth Kingdom peasant girl was in no way worthy of the Fire Lord.

Zuko had invited her to dinner that night. Jin had decided to tell him about her plans then. She looked
out the screen window, and decided it was time to get going. She quickly, but neatly, braided her hair
over her shoulder. Taking one last look in the mirror, she went out.

The Fire Lord was already waiting for her. They were eating in the garden, just the two of them.
When she walked out, Zuko stood up, waiting for her to sit down. She did, and looked over the food.

"Don't worry, I didn't make it," Zuko said as he served her.

Jin laughed. "I am sure it would be fine."

"If you have the same tastes as my uncle, you wouldn't think so."

Jin let out a sad laugh, and sighed. Zuko looked at her, trying to figure what was wrong. She wasn't
being her usual bubbly self. As he served her the spicy shrimp and rice balls, she didn't even look at him.

When Zuko sat down, he looked at Jin. "What's wrong?"

Jin perked her head up. "Wrong? Nothing!" She gave a half-hearted smile.

Zuko took her hands and made her look into his eyes. "Jin, please tell me."

Jin tried to hold back her tears. "Zuko... I think it is time for me to go back to the Earth Kingdom."

Zuko stared at her. Could she really have just said that? They were getting along so well.

Jin continued, "I know you have to get married and have an heir to the throne. I don't know if I can
watch that."

"Then don't."

"That is what I am saying, Zuko! I should go." She started to get up, but Zuko still had her hand. He
tugged her back down, leaning in to look at her.

"Jin, I know it is still very quick, but I don't want to lose what we have."

Jin looked at Zuko, realizing what he was saying. "You mean..." Zuko nodded, his hair moving with the
movement of his head. She smiled. And with a mutual agreement, they leaned in, meeting each other
for a kiss.

"I can teach you some traditional Fire Nation dances!" Aang exclaimed.

Sokka groaned. "Do we really have to?"

"I would LOVE to see some!" Toph laughed. Sokka just glared at her.

"That would be wonderful, Aang. If I am going to be the new Fire Lady, I think that would be
appropriate," Jin said.

Zuko nodded in agreement. He motioned to the band to play a dance song. Aang led Katara out onto
the dance floor, and Zuko followed with Jin.

Other couples joined in, Suki and Sokka, even Kanna and Pakku. Zuko was slightly embarrassed, but
seeing Jin have such fun made him forget about it. Soon most of the people joined in, except for some of
the older Fire Nation nobles. To them, dancing was still unacceptable.

But the ones who thought that dancing was fine spent the night twirling, and some times, like
in Aang's, Katara's, and Suki's cases, leaping and flipping also. They continued late into the night,
celebrating Zuko and Jin's wedding.

Zuko and Jin lay on the couch together, getting a rest fom Fire Lord and Fire Lady duties. Zuko was
telling Jin the story about his childhood. Jin smiled, thinking about how she hoped their children could
get along better.

"Hopefully our daughter or son will not be as spoiled as you were," she giggled.

"Or as bratty as Azula was," Zuko commented.

"But Azula wasn't the oldest child. Our daughter or son will be the eldest."

Zuko looked at Jin, trying to figure out what she meant. He had an idea, but he wasn't sure. But when
she gave him the expectant smile. He knew what was coming.

"KATARAAAAA!!" Jin screamed out, squeezing Zuko's hand. He had felt pain before, but this felt like
his hand was being crushed.

"Katara! Can't you do anything to take some of her pain away?" Zuko begged.

"I am trying all that I can, Zuko!" Katara snapped, evidently not amused about being asked stupid
questions while she was helping deliver a baby.

"Grrrrr," Zuko groaned. Jin wanted to slap him, he had no right groaning about pain. Her thoughts
were interrupted as another contraction came through, making her let out another yell of pain.

"Breathe, Jin. Breathe. Breathe. Zuko! Repeat it to her!" Katara continued working.

"Come on, Jin. Breathe. In, and out. Breathe." Zuko stroked her hair back.

Jin just wanted this to be over. But thinking about it, she knew she would want to do it again. Katara
put a cool damp cloth on Jin's forehead. "Come on! Come on. Almost there. Only a little while longer,"
Katara encouraged.

Jin continued on, breathing, screaming, squeezing, pushing. But finally it was over. Katara cut the cord, and cleaned the baby off with bending. Jin took long, deep breaths. Zuko was glad she finally released his hand. But he forgot everything when Katara held up the baby. Jin burst into tears.

"Here is your baby daughter," Katara grinned from ear to ear. She handed the baby to Zuko, who held
her for a few moments before handing her to Jin. She looked at the baby, cuddling her close. She had
green eyes and soft black hair.

"Feng. That's what we should name her," Jin stated.

"Feng. Phoenix. Why do you think that?" Zuko asked.

"Well, your father tried to rule the world as the Phoenix King. He tried to unite it all. And here, this
little baby, a daughter of an Earth Kingdom peasant and the Fire Lord, has accomplished unity, but in

Zuko stroked his daughter's cheek. "Feng. Hello my little princess."

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