"Under the Moonlight" an Avatar Fan comic drawn by Wouter Jaegers


Under the Moonlight page 1

Under the moonlight page 1

  • Avatar Aang
  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Toph
  • Princess Yue
  • Azula
  • Ty Lee
  • Mai
  • Zuko
  • Suki
  • Chit-sang
  • Hakoda


Under the Moonlight page 2

Avatar Kyoshi sure wasn't a "Twinkle toes"

"Under the moonlight" takes place during the Journey to Ba Sing Se. Team Avatar have stopped at a coastal area to spend the night. Sokka has wandered off to the cliffs to see the moon shine above the ocean and while there he thinks about the battle for the North Pole and him meeting, falling in love with and losing Princess Yue. It's not that his feelings for Suki have changed but what he had with Yue was so different, so innocent. With Suki he had to prove himself to her, he won her over by being stubborn and not afraid to swallow his pride in order to learn from her. But with Yue, he was the one that showed her freedom. It is then that Katara joins him saying that the gang wondered where he went to. Correctly guessing Sokka's reason for coming to the cliffs she pleads to him to let it go, Yue will never return and that he has Suki. Sokka then admits that it's wrong to dwell on the past and that he also knows that Yue will never return but he can't help but to imagine what could have happened if Yue had survived the whole ordeal. Sokka then remarks that he isn't the only one who enjoys showing freedom to a caged bird, a certain younger sibling of his seemed to have bloomed up and become a far more cheerful persona ever since a boy locked in an iceberg was set free by that particular younger sibling of his. Katara blushes and admits that Sokka has a point, it did feel much the same like it must have felt for Sokka and Yue. But Aang also set her free, Aang gave her a reason to start to travel the world, to really live a life.

Under the Moonlight page 3

Big fish comes to visit

Katara then makes her way back to the campsite where Aang and Toph are sitting around the campfire and Aang tells Toph that her nickname "Twinkle toes" wouldn't have fit when Aang was Avatar Kyoshi seeing how massive Avatar Kyoshi was in her lifetime. As Katara joins them she thinks back to what Sokka had said and sighs, her brother is not as obvious as he might portray himself to be. As Sokka continues to stare at the moon, his attention is taken by a sudden movement in the water. A huge all white elephant koi suddenly shows up and swims towards him. "Why good evening Mr. or Ms. enormous fish, I can't tell your gender, thank you for joining me on this lovely night." Sokka laughs at the sight of the elephant koi before remarking that the fish should be thankful that Aang isn't here because he would be trying to ride the koi using its dorsal fin as a sail. But it is then that Sokka notices that the elephant koi has blue eyes, eyes that he knows VERY well. The elephant koi then begins to glow and suddenly it speaks "Thank you Sokka, I will remember that advice if I ever encounter the Avatar in this form."

Under the Moonlight page 4

There's something going on here...

At that very moment at the campsite Aang goes into the Avatar State, leaving Katara and Toph wondering what's going on, is there a Fire Nation attack coming? Aang says that it's not because of an attack, somebody has used him to open a portal to the Spirit World and has taken Sokka. Toph stands up and demands that the gang should retrieve Sokka's body since he's likely be in a trance state when in the Spirit World and thus open for harm being inflicted on him. As Toph begins to run off Aang tries to warn her that the spirit has taken care of that by erecting a very powerful barrier but his warning comes too late as Toph slams face first in the invisible wall. As Katara helps her up Toph remarks that she couldn't see the wall at all, her earth bending tells her that nothing is there. Aang then says that the spirit who put it up is a really powerful spirit even more powerful than he himself is. It is then that a very loud thunder is heard and lightning is flashing across the sky. Katara is surprised, there's no cloud in the sky, where did that thunderstorm come from. Toph then shrugs and tells her that it's no thunderstorm but "actually a rather juvenile act of frustration from a spoiled member of the royal family of the Fire Nation" when Aang and Katara express their concerns about Azula being nearby Toph ensures them that "Her majesty" is not a threat since she and her two minions are also being held back by the barrier.

Under the Moonlight page 5

A man of principle

Inside the barrier Sokka stands face to face with Yue, who remarks that she always was looking at him and everything he has done ever since her death and thus has learned about Suki and give Sokka her blessing to be with her but for tonight, Yue wants to have Sokka for herself. Yue reaches out and kisses Sokka who suddenly begins to resist saying that he can't do it, he wants to remain true to
Suki, this "Spirit World bootycall" goes against all that he stands for and that he wouldn't be any better than Hahn if he went along with it. Yue smiles, knowing that Sokka is serious remarking that "The Kyoshi Warrior indeed has chosen wisely with such a noble man for whom honor is more important than life itself" Yue then changes into Suki saying that she's not aversive to meeting Sokka's demands if he rather wants to be with his true love. Sokka then explains to Yue that it's still not right, her depiction of Suki is incredible, the looks are spot on, her voice is an exact match but she still isn't Suki and she never will be either, Sokka then softens his tone and tells Yue that she won, they will spend the night together but on the condition that it will only be that night and as Sokka and Yue, not as Sokka and a fake Suki. Yue then takes her original form again and smiles.

Under the Moonlight page 6

Just a normal night

At the campsite Toph notices that the Ocean is behaving differently, the way the water is hitting the shore is somehow different, Katara confirms this, the Ocean is swaying in a way similar to two lovers showing passion for each other. Toph still wonders what all of that has to do with Sokka despite Aang assuring her that Sokka is in no harm. As Sokka and Yue continue their only night together Yue remarks how fantastic it is to be with Sokka again but quickly sees that Sokka is feeling more and more uneasy by the situation she pushed upon him. Even muttering "Suki I'm sorry" to himself. Yue then stops the whole thing and with tears rolling down her cheeks acknowledges Sokka's point, it is wrong: Sokka is feeling really unhappy with the thing, his heart belongs to Suki and not her. Yue has had a fantastic night but it doesn't mean anything if Sokka is unhappy about it. Yue returns Sokka's spirit to his body and then erases his memory, he will only see it as a dream, nothing happened, nothing to feel guilty about. As she departs, Yue also puts the rest of Team Avatar and Azula and her minions in a deep sleep and erasing their memories as well, no barrier, no Spirit World bootycall, nothing has happened.

Under the Moonlight page 7

Suki enjoying the view

A few months later, Suki is staring at the moon from the bridge of Azula's stolen airship. Sokka places his hand on her shoulder and remarks that the escape from Boiling Rock prison has gone off without a hitch. Chit-sang agrees and tells Hakoda that his son is a genius and that the Fire Lord has every reason to fear his position with such a brilliant strategist opposing him, to which Hakoda smiles and jokes about being pleased that somebody liked the upbringing he has given Sokka. Suki then remarks that there must have been more going on then any of the gang knows about, the seas around Boiling Rock are normally very rough with constant storms and yet, tonight they are smooth and the sky is clear, this can't be a coincidence. In the reflection of the moonlight, Yue's face then appears and winks at her.

Suki marvels at the idea about a higher spirit arranging a break for everybody, and that she wonders who the next person in line will be who will get a favor done for them and that she wonders what the facial expression of that person would be like when the spirit would appear in front of them.

Under the Moonlight page 8

Toph not being able to enjoy the view

The scene then shifts to Toph's blind eyes, and shows that she's standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The story ends with Toph asking herself why she's at that cliff in the first place seeing that there's nothing out there but the moon which she can't see anyway.

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