"So Soon!"
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Lovely Yue Dies

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"So Soon!" is the tenth chapter of Long Feng.


Haru visited Katara to ask her about Yue. She showed him the diary she kept. It was in shorthand, which she had learned to help Aang in his work. "Oh, Madam Katara, tell me all that you remember," asked Haru.

Katara also gave him a copy of Aang's diary. She did not understand its stories of ghosts, wolves, and magic. But Haru told her that Aang wasn't mad, all he had written was true!

The visit ended, and Aang took Haru to the docks. He bought newspapers for the journey.

The headlines were shocking: children on Ember Island had been found half-dead, with bites on their necks. "So soon! So soon!" exclaimed Haru in horror.

Haru visited Jet. Haru said that Yue had been killed by a blood-sucking creature. Now another such monster was on the prowl.......and he thought it was Yue! Jet could not believe this, but Haru said he would prove it.

Together they visited the hospital. The children had bite wounds on their necks, like Yue's.

That night, they went to the Ember Island churchyard where Yue was buried.

They found her tomb, but it was empty! This did not surprise Haru, but Jet was horrified. "What are you going to do?" asked Jet.

They went outside, and saw a small child in the churchyard. A ghostly figure was bending over it!

Luckily, the child was unharmed. "We were just in time," said Haru.

The next day, they went back to Yue's tomb in daylight. She was back! But her lips were redder than before, and her teeth were like fangs. And, a week after her death, her body was not decaying. "See, they are even sharper!" stated Haru. "You believe now?"

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