A Lesson Learned
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Path of Ichigo



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May 13, 2012

Episode 1 Edit

Ichigo slowly awoke from her slumber, she looked out her window; it was dark with a hint of lightness. Ichigo raised up from her sleeping bag, she looked to the far right corner of her room; her sister Yuki with her flowing grey hair laid in her sleeping bag her back facing Ichigo.

Ichigo huffled.

"This nightmares are getting worse." Ichigo said

Ichigo tried to focus on what she was dreaming about, but nothing came to mind. She walked to her pile of clothes and picked out her outfit.

1 hour later....

The table was quiet as everyone ate breakfast.

Ichigo is a sixteen year old water bender and a member of the Northern Water Tribe.

Magma huffed. Everyone else at the table caught his attention.

"What's wrong Father" Yuki said

Ichigo made a disgusted face, she hated how her sister acted as the innocent one.

"Yuki you have a meeting with the Council, and Ichigo I want you to guard Yuki" Magma said

"Why me, why can't one of your warriors watch her" Ichigo said with disgust

Magma had his eyes close meaning he was deep in thought. Ichigo finished off her seaweed noodles and got up from the table. And turned away from her Family

"And where are you going" Magma said

"To practice" Ichigo said

Ichigo walked out of her house and looked around and began walking....

"Where are you going" A voice behind Ichigo said

Ichigo turned around Hisano was leaning on a walk.

Hisano lifted his hand and created a ball of fire, he threw it at Ichigo.

Ichigo created a shield of water.

Hisano then jumped up kicking and punching more flames at Ichigo, the only thing Ichigo could do was create shields of water.

Ichigo created a water whip and threw it at Hisano.


Hisano took a direct hit to the stomach and hit the snow. Hisano went into a handstand and spun his body around creating waves of fire they rolled directly at Ichigo.

Ichigo was hit by the waves.


Ichigo fell to the ground. The commotion created a crowd of spectators.



Hisano charged at Ichigo. Ichigo jumped up back up to her feet and waited for Hisano to strike.

Hisano kicked up his leg and so did Ichigo.

Ichigo and Hisano kicked each other's leg and jumped back. They both slided back.

Hisano smiled at Ichigo and Ichigo smiled back. They both brushed the snow off of them, they looked at each other and laughed.

"They were just play fighting"

"That sucks"

Many of the spectator's dispersed expect for Makota who was standing with his hands folded; he was smiling.

"You know that your in big trouble"

Makota walked over to Ichigo and Hisano.

"Hisano you had me on the ropes, nice handstand kick"

Hisano and Makota facial expression changed from smiling to frightened.

"What's wrong guys"

Hisano gestured his finger, pointing it at Ichigo. Ichigo looked back, soon her facial expression changed. Her Father towered over her.

"Hey......Daddy" Ichigo said with a wide grin

"You two know better" Magma said with a serious face

"But sir...." Hisano said

"No but's you colud of put innocent lives at stake" Magma said

"Dad we were play fighting, that's all" Ichigo said

"Ichigo I know about to well, but Hisano I expected more from you" Magma said

Magma walked away with one of his warriors following suit.

Hisano took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Ichigo, I got you in trouble"

"Who cares!!! It's not like he stopped us or anything, if we threatened anybody's life than he would have been stopped us" Ichigo said

Makota's Mother soon walked over.

"You shouldn't speak lightly of your Father" Makota's Mother said

"Makota, I need your help so let's get home"

Makota followed his Mother. Makota looked back to wave at Ichigo and Hisano, Ichigo and Hisano waved back. Ichigo's face was red. Hisano looked in disgust.

"Oh crap, Hisano were going to have to hang out later I have to guard my Sister"

Ichigo hugged Hisano and walked away.

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