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Long Feng and Dai Li agents
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Zaheer escaping with Korra
"Enter the Void"

The Legend of Korra





Original air date
  • August 22, 2014 (online)
  • October 2, 2014 (television)[1]
Written by

Michael Dante DiMartino

Directed by

Ian Graham


Studio Mir

Production number


Episode guide

"The Ultimatum"


"Venom of the Red Lotus"

"Enter the Void" is the twelfth episode of Book Three: Change of The Legend of Korra and the 38th of the overall series. It was released on for online viewing along with "Venom of the Red Lotus" as the first of a two-part season finale on August 22, 2014, and will air on Nicktoons alongside its counterpart on October 2, 2014.[1]


Korra turned herself over to Zaheer to save the airbenders who are held captive by the Red Lotus. But she and her friends got double-crossed by Zaheer's group. As Ghazan tried to bring down Korra's friends, Bolin saved the day by his new-found lavabending skills. However, he's not the only one who acquired new skills. Zaheer unlocked the ancient ability of flight and successfully captured the Avatar.


Team Avatar tactics discussion

Lin, Suyin, and Tonraq are discussing plans to assault the Northern Air Temple.

Aboard a Zaofu airship, Suyin Beifong proposes an attack strategy based on an ambush from the west, which Lin Beifong dismisses in favor of a plan involving a more covert approach from the mountainside. The group continues to disagree on which strategy to use, prompting Korra to remark that all plans are futile, as Zaheer would wipe out the airbenders at the first sign of trouble. Suyin reassures Korra that she is aware of what is at stake, given the fact that Opal is one of the prisoners. Korra acknowledges the matriarch and proposes a plan of her own, which involved voluntarily surrendering to Zaheer. Despite reservations from the others, Korra reassures her group and insists that keeping the Air Nation alive is crucial in maintaining balance.

In the Northern Air Temple radio room, Zaheer receives a message from Korra, who agrees to give herself up in exchange for the release of the airbenders. Back on the airship, Bolin voices his concern over Opal's well-being, visibly tense as Pabu is not present to comfort him. Back in Zaofu, Pabu and Naga tug on Yin's scarf, prompting the grandmother to scold the two for their behavior. After contacting Korra, she gives her final regards to everyone before taking off on her glider, with Tonraq, Lin, Su, and other Metal Clan soldiers following.

Tenzin in chains

Tenzin being held captive in front of a trap set by the Red Lotus.

Mako, Bolin, and Asami meet Ghazan at the Northern Air Temple, where he leads them to a badly beaten Tenzin and what appears to be the airbenders being held hostage. Mako radios Korra, who gives herself to Zaheer and P'Li, only for Mako to realize that the airbenders were really Ming-Hua using water as puppets. Zaheer's trickery causes Korra to fight back despite being restrained, with Tonraq and the Metal Clan joining in. After a brief battle, Ghazan and Ming-Hua escape, sealing off the exit by a lake of lava, leaving the former hostages alone. They manage to escape through a trapdoor in Tenzin's office, though are relentlessly pursued by the lava.

Back at the Zaheer's airship, Tonraq is thrown off the cliff by the airbender. P'Li corners Lin and Suyin behind a rock, to which Lin decides to attempt to distract the combustionbender, thereby giving Suyin a chance to take her out. P'Li aims her attacks at Lin, leaving herself open to Suyin. The metalbender rushes out as Lin goes down, bending her armor around P'Li's head just as the bender begins her attack. She is killed instantly by the explosion.

Zaheer watches as his girlfriend is destroyed, though he quickly refocuses on Korra. Carrying her, he repeats Guru Laghima's quote, letting his earthly tether go as he falls backward off the cliff. Su and Lin rush forward, and Lin ask, deadpan, if he is flying. The two sisters confront him on the corner of the peak and attempt to grab him using the metal cables, but are unable to match Zaheer's evasion tactics. He continues flying past an airship piloted by Ghazan and Ming-Hua, instead bringing Korra directly to cave few miles from the Northern Air Temple. Tonraq managed to avoid death due to being rescued by Kuvira.

Bolin lavabends

Bolin saving his friends and himself by discovering he can lavabend.

Meanwhile at the temple, Bolin realizes that they cannot outrun the lava, so he decides to create another path. This leads the group to a dead end over a hill. The lava continues to follow them, and so, out of options, Bolin attempts to lavabend. He, along with his friends, are shocked to discover that it actually works. Shortly afterward, much to Tenzin's surprise, Kai and his bison, Lefty, fly toward them and the team boards the bison as they fly to safety.

They land near the peak as Tonraq and the others greet them, explaining that Korra had been taken by Zaheer. Tenzin noticed that Zaheer had manifested the ancient ability to fly, and they began to discuss Korra and the airbenders' whereabouts. Kai tries to tell the group some valuable information before Lin and Tenzin cut his speech, until he shouts that he knows where the airbenders are. He explains that after P'Li blasted him, he woke up in a tree where Lefty found him. He attempted to return to the temple only to spot the hostages being moved to a cave near the Air Temple, and were handed off to four more Red Lotus members. Riding on Lefty and Oogi, the team go to the cave, with the Zaofu police staying at the base to recover.

Ghazan and Ming-Hua approach Zaheer, who is meditating, asking about his new ability. As he explains that there is nothing tying him to the earth any more, Ming-Hua questions where P'Li has gone. The airbender tells her that the combustionbender sacrificed herself for their cause, and that he hopes her death will not be in vain. Deep inside the cave, Korra is locked up with platinum chains, preventing her from metalbending her way out. When Korra sees Zaheer, she accuses him of murdering her father, before breathing fire at him. Zaheer tells Korra that he also lost a loved one today, so he understood the Avatar's pain, though he then told her that her pain would soon be over. He then called for two members of the Red Lotus to bring over a bowl of poison, much to Korra's horror.


Written by:

Directed by:


Also starring:

Production notes


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Series continuity

Character revelations

  • When she was young, P'Li was being trained by a warlord for killing purposes but was freed from the situation by Zaheer.
  • Bolin is able to lavabend.
  • Zaheer unlocked flight.


  • When Korra falls off the cliff, her head is down, but after she is saved by Tonraq, her position has twisted.
  • While fighting P'Li, Lin sustains several scratches in her face and on her armor, though when she confronts Zaheer, they are already gone.
  • When everyone is mounting Lefty, part of the lava flow directly on the right of the opening goes nowhere and just ends halfway down the screen.
  • In the first shot of Kuvira bandaging Tonraq's arm, the gauze is applied directly to the bicep. In subsequent shots the gauze is coiled over a skintight sleeve that was not a part of Tonraq's shirt during the initial wrapping.
  • When Oogi first comes into view, he does not have the saddle on him, but as soon as he lands, he does.


  • This is the first episode to show the Red Lotus' official insignia.
  • The episode's name references the inscription on the back of a locket bearing Guru Laghima's image, which read, "Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty and become wind."[2] Zaheer repeats this saying to himself just before he attains the ability to fly.
  • When Zaheer says "I found true freedom. I'm no longer bound to this earth by worldly desires. I have entered the void", he is making a reference to the seventh chakra, the thought chakra that Aang could not unlock due to his love for Katara.[3] After P'Li's death, Zaheer lost his only earthly attachment and unblocked the chakra.


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