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Elua was a servant and confidant to both Ursa and Prince Ozai in the Fire Nation.


Elua had an especially close relationship with Princess Ursa, who considered Elua to be like family. Because of their bond, she served as Ursa's secret courier to deliver messages to Hira'a. Unbeknownst to Ursa, Elua was also acting under the orders of Ozai. The prince had ordered her to file the secret letters away, instead of sending them to Ursa's hometown. However, after reading one of the princess's letters, she discovered a secret that she decided was enough reason to personally deliver the letter to Ozai.[1]


Elua had a conflicting personality. While appearing to be highly loyal to Ursa, she betrayed the princess's trust by following Ozai's orders to intercept the secret letters. She was, however, completely terrified of Ozai while delivering Ursa's last known letter to him.[1]


Graphic novel trilogies


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