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The elephant koi is an enormous, brightly colored aquatic animal. It is fished for its meat, blubber, and oil and is Kyoshi Island's main export.[1]


Aang traveled to Kyoshi Island, accompanied by Katara and Sokka, with the intent of riding on an elephant koi for recreation. After spotting a group of elephant koi jump out of the water in the nearby bay, he ran out into the water and latched himself onto the dorsal fin of one of the fish as it swam across the surface of the water. After a while, the koi fish disappeared, as their natural predator, the unagi, approached, leaving Aang stranded in the bay.[2]

Following the end of the Hundred Year War, Aang returned to Kyoshi Island with his son, Tenzin, to ride the elephant koi once more.[3]


Elephant koi

Aang rode an elephant koi during his first trip to Kyoshi Island.

The elephant koi are enormous fish. Although mainly colored a light shade of yellow, broken orange patterns are prominent down their backs, on the tops of their heads between the eyes, on the tips of their fins and in small circles around the bases of their tails. Variations of this color pattern can be seen on most elephant koi. While elephant koi are forty to fifty feet in length, they are still prey to the much larger unagi.[1]


The elephant koi is generally a docile creature, but when disturbed, it becomes frantic and separates from its school. These fish can leap at least twenty feet into the air.


Koi are a domesticated, colorful variety of the common carp and are closely related to the goldfish. In the early nineteenth century, the Japanese noticed the beautiful color patterns on some of the carp and bred them for these markings. The elephant koi share no real similarities to elephants aside from their massive size.


  • Elephant koi can be used in creating gourmet dishes. Suyin Beifong's chef served a seared wild elephant koi with a ginger-infused pea tendril and hibiscus root salad to the matriarch and her dinner party as the meal's main dish.[4]


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