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The elbow leech is a large, parasitic worm that lives in the murky water of the Foggy Swamp. It is named for its tendency to attach to people's elbows using its small mouth and subsequently feed on the host's blood.[1][2]


After Team Avatar crash-landed in the Foggy Swamp in 100 AG, Sokka emerged from the water and was alerted by Katara that an elbow leech had attached itself to his elbow, a remark to which Sokka frantically reacted by asking her where it was. He pulled it off with great effort and tossed it away.[2]

In 174 AG, Toph pulled an elbow leech off Korra. It became attached to her as she was lying in a shallow pool of swamp water, though she had failed to notice it.[3]


The elbow leech is a large, segmented, worm-like creature with a small mouth on one end that it uses to attach itself to people's elbows. It has a line of white dots that travel down its side, and two suckers on either end of its body, with the one at the rear being slightly larger than the one at the front.


The elbow leech is a much bigger version of the real-world leech. Leeches possess both front and rear suckers, though the front sucker is often very small.


  • When Sokka and Katara were separated from the rest of the group in "Divided We Fall", one of four juvenile delinquents that surrounded them where they landed began touching Sokka's broken arm. For this, Katara disparagingly called him an "oversized elbow leech".


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