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The term "Earth soccer" has not been confirmed by official sources.

Earth soccer

Earth soccer is a common pastime for children in Ba Sing Se.

Earth soccer is a game played by earthbenders who use their bending to guide a leather ball across a field and into a goal. As the game relies heavily on earthbending and its root-like stances, there is not much running or physical contact with the ball involved in this game.

Earth soccer is similar to the Air Nomads' game of airball, as it also incorporates bending to control a ball's movements. However, no record has shown earth soccer to be viewed as an official sport as opposed to airball.


While walking around the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se disguised as an Earth Kingdom refugee, Iroh watched a group of boys playing in a remote alleyway behind some houses. The boys accidentally broke the window of a nearby building, angering a huge man and prompting everyone, including Iroh, to flee the site.[1]

A modified version of this game was played after the events of Sozin's Comet, wherein the children used Fire Nation tanks that had been stacked vertically as the goal. This version meant that the ball had to be kicked over the tanks, instead of the regular goalposts.[2]


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