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The dragonfly is a flying, insect-like creature.


During his stay in Ba Sing Se, Aang visited the zoo whilst searching for Appa. Among the many animals there, he noticed a small cage full of dragonflies. After making the decision to help Kenji, the zookeeper, by building another larger zoo in the expansive Agrarian Zone, he released them without thinking. The now free creatures began harassing civilians, although some were content to perch on rooftops and other buildings. Aang struggled to keep them away from the people, resorting to airbending the flying insects away, before using his bison whistle to lead them to the newly created zoo.[1]


Bearing some resemblance to Chinese dragons, the dragonflies have elongated, lizard-like bodies. They can fly or hover vertically via the two pairs of wings attached to their shoulders that can grow up to one meter in length and are similar in appearance to those of their real counterparts.[2]

Their upper body is a dusky green, and their nape areas are decorated with three spines with dark green tips. Their faces are dark green, with a lighter green band extending from over each eye, meeting and flaring over the nostrils. Their eyes are yellow and they have no external ears. The scutes on their underparts are a creamy mint green.


Dragonflies eat bugs and fish, and although they can be a nuisance, they pose no threat to humans.[2]


The dragonfly is a combination of the real life dragonfly and a generic lizard.


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