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"[The spirits] don't get involved with human wars."
— The dragon eel spirit refusing to help Avatar Korra in her fight against Kuvira.[1]

The dragon eel spirit[2] is a chimerical spirit who, by 174 AG, came to inhabit the Spirit Wilds of Republic City.[1]


Defending Republic City

When Kuvira's power began to threaten the spiritual life in Republic City, the dragon eel spirit left its home in the Spirit Wilds and retreated to the Tree of Time in the Spirit World. When Avatar Korra arrived at the base of the tree and asked for the spirits' help to defend Republic City, the new home to many of them, the dragon eel told the Avatar that spirits did not get involved with human wars. As Korra reasoned that they had sided with Unalaq, the spirit corrected her by pointing out that the former Chief of the Water Tribe had misused Vaatu's power during Harmonic Convergence to force spirits to fight her. Although Korra argued that she did not wish to force the spirits to do anything they did not want to do and merely hoped they would come to her aid to defend the new world they shared, the dragon eel spirit concluded that she wanted the same as Kuvira, namely to use spirits as a weapon in a human war. Reiterating that spirits would not get involved, he vanished, the other spirits following his example.[1]

After Kuvira's defeat and the creation of the new spirit portal in the heart of Republic City, the dragon eel spirit returned to his home in the metropolis and circled the portal when Korra and Asami approached it to start their vacation.[3]

Defending the spirits

The dragon eel spirit threatening Wonyong

Angry about Wonyong Keum's plans for an amusement park, the dragon eel spirit confronted the businessman.

When Korra and Asami returned from their vacation to Republic City, the dragon eel spirit interrupted a heated argument between them and Wonyong Keum, saying that the latter was just another human that didn't respect the sacred and taunted the businessman for believing that a mere piece of paper gave him the right to ravage and plunder the Spirit World. He asked Korra to close the portal, stating that it was never meant to be and that humans would only exploit it. Countering, Korra asked the spirit why it was suddenly interested in human conflicts, to which it replied that since there now was a portal in the middle of a metropolis he had to protect his kind. When the Avatar stated that the new spiritual energy would have a harmonious effect on the citizens of Republic City, he relented, but announced that he would hold Korra responsible for keeping the portal safe before leaving.

Tokuga getting disfigured

Enraged, the dragon eel spirit flies through Tokuga, consequently disfiguring him.

He later returned during the Triple Threat Triad's attack on the spirit portal and ordered the spirits to protect it, upon which the spirits fought against the humans. Worried, Korra asked the dragon eel spirit to call the spirits off while trying to fend them off. Refusing to do so, he told her that she had failed in keeping the area safe. Korra tried to reason with him, saying that this would only worsen the conflict between spirits and humans, but the spirit, turning into a dark spirit, didn't agree with her, stating that the humans started the fight and that one of them had to pay. He flew away, with Korra chasing after him, asking him to stop. She got distracted, however, when she saw Asami getting injured by triad members and left the spirit's side. Flying into his direction, Tokuga attacked the spirit but his weapons proved to be useless. Angered, the dragon eel spirit complained that he wouldn't leave the portal alone, telling him that he would now live with the consequences, subsequently flying through Tokuga and disfiguring him. Having sought revenge, the dragon eel spirit ordered the spirits to return to the Spirit World and left the area.[4]


The Legend of Korra

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Graphic novel trilogies


  • The design of the dragon eel spirit, which was done by Angela Song Mueller, is one of Bryan Konietzko's favorites.[2]


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