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The council page was a servant of Tarrlok, former chairman of the United Republic Council.


170 AG

After Korra declined Tarrlok's request to join his task force, the councilman tasked the council page with delivering various goods and gifts to the Avatar, hoping that they might change her mind. The next morning, the page gave Korra a large gift basket and informed her that Tarrlok sent his compliments and strongly recommended she reconsider his offer, but she remained unfazed. He continued delivering extravagant gifts, including a Satomobile.

Later, the council page arrived once again on Air Temple Island, announcing that he had something to give Korra. Assuming it was another gift, she attempted to turn him away, but the page explained that he was there to deliver an invitation to a gala thrown by Tarrlok in the Avatar's honor at City Hall.[1]

He was later at Tarrlok's side as the councilman was busy with late night paperwork. After Korra broke into Tarrlok's office, he asked the council page if all of the other council members had left for the night. The page informed him that they had, and Tarrlok advised him to do the same, which he did, though somewhat hesitantly.[4]

Council page revealing Tarrlok's bloodbending

The council page was the first to reveal Tarrlok's outlawed bloodbending ability.

While Tenzin and Lin Beifong, alongside Team Avatar, were questioning Tarrlok about Korra's disappearance, the page came forward and revealed to them that Tarrlok was a bloodbender and that the councilman had kidnapped Korra and framed Amon; he knew this because he witnessed Tarrlok doing it himself.[5]

Later, after Tenzin evaded a kidnapping attempt by Equalists, the council page notified him that the other council members had been captured and declared that Tenzin was now the leader of Republic City. When they witnessed Equalist airships bombing the city, the page cried out that it was "a tragic day indeed".[3]

174 AG

Following the defeat of Kuvira after her attack on Republic City, the council page entertained the guests of Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding during the dinner party by playing the tuba in a band.[6]

Following the wedding, the council page went to work as a secretary for President Raiko at his reelection campaign headquarters.[7]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)

Graphic novel trilogies


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