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Clement George Freiherr von und zu Franckenstein is the son of Georg Freiherr von und zu Franckenstein, later Sir George Franckenstein, the former Austrian Ambassador to the Court of St. James. The British-born actor is credited with voicing the Great Sage in one episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Von Franckenstein's father, Georg Freiherr von und zu Franckenstein, was the Austrian Ambassador to the Court of St. James. When the Nazis took over Austria in 1938 and recalled him, he stayed in London, where he became naturalized a British subject and was subsequently knighted on July 26, 1938. There he met and married Editha King, and together they had Clement George. His parents were killed in the same plane crash in 1953, and, from age nine, von Franckenstein was raised by British friends. He was educated at Eton College and served as a lieutenant in the Royal Scots Greys in the Middle East and Germany. He studied opera for about three years but was not good enough to be a professional, so he decided to become an actor. Until the time he came to US, he sang in nightclubs and had a lot of performing experience before getting into acting at the age of twenty-seven. Von Franckenstein holds both British and Austrian citizenship.