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All actions are performed by holding the left mouse click and moving the mouse in a way that corresponds to the move the player wishes to perform.


Clash of the Benders game

A game in progress.

While holding the left mouse click, the following moves can be performed by guiding the mouse in the appropriate manners:

  • Quick attack – Straight line toward opponent
  • Strong attack – Crooked line toward opponent
  • Fierce attack – Random scribbles over opponent
  • Healing – Wavy line over one's own character
  • Defense – Straight line linking two special nodes in front of one's character for a defensive stance (not available after using an attack move)

Characters and stats

There are four playable characters in Clash of the Benders, all of whom have distinct strengths and weaknesses depending on their unique attack, defense, evasive, and spiritual stats. These factors are in an out-of-ten ratio (e.g. Four [out of ten] attack points).

A character's health and chi gauge also plays an important role in his or her possible value to a player. The health gauge determines how much stamina a character has left to fight. When this gauge is depleted for one character, the battle is won by the opposite character. The chi gauge is a monitor that tells how many moves the character is still able to perform. With the depletion of chi, bending becomes unusable.

Such information is documented below:

Clash of the Benders Aang

Aang's stats and in-game description.

  • Aang
    • Forty health points (HP)
    • Fifty chi points (CP)
    • Three attack points
    • Two defense points
    • Five evasiveness points
    • Three spiritual points
Clash of the Benders Katara

Katara's stats and in-game description.

  • Katara
    • Forty health points (HP)
    • Forty-five chi points (CP)
    • Three attack points
    • Three defense points
    • Two evasiveness points
    • Five spiritual points
Clash of the Benders Toph

Toph's stats and in-game description.

  • Toph
    • Forty-five health points (HP)
    • Forty chi points (CP)
    • Four attack points
    • Five defense points
    • Two evasiveness points
    • Three spiritual points
Clash of the Benders Zuko

Zuko's stats and in-game description. This is his locked version image.

  • Zuko
    • Forty-five health points (HP)
    • Forty chi points (CP)
    • Five attack points
    • Two defense points
    • Four evasiveness points
    • Two spiritual points
Zuko can only be played when "unlocked".

Character upgrade

Character upgrade

Katara's character upgrade screen before any mastery points have been spent.

The player is given the chance to improve his or her chosen character after each battle by increasing the statistical points of that character. This is called a character upgrade. Immediately upon the successful completion of a battle, the character upgrade screen appears. Points of a different category from the attack, health, etc. points, called "mastery points", will have been awarded to the player depending on the actions he or she employed in the previous battle(s). These points can be spent on raising the character's stats.

Increase in any stat gradually costs more points depending on how many advances the player attempts to make. For example, for a character who begins with forty health points, each succeeding increase of five health points costs four mastery points. Once the gauge has been increased to sixty-five, however, health point increases of five health points sell for six mastery points instead of four. Reaching ninety-five health points requires the player to pay eight mastery points, so on and so forth. Similar conditions apply to the increase of chi, attack, defense, evasive, and spiritual point totals.


Avatar Clash of the Benders goof

Jet also appears as a villain when the player loses.

  • When a player chooses to play as Katara, she fights against Jet, despite the fact he is not an enemy in Book Two.
  • Jet's most powerful move is to throw an arrow at his opponent; however, he was not an archer in the series. The only Freedom Fighter who was an archer was Longshot.[1]
  • Jet, who is a nonbender, is included in the game, despite it being called Clash of the Benders.
  • To protect themselves, the characters just put their hands up.
  • When a player chooses to play as Aang, the arrows on his hands are missing.
  • When a player fights against Katara, her right leg is light blue instead of dark blue like the left leg.
  • When a player fights against Toph, the symbol under her is that of the Air Nomads.



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