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Circus master
Circus master
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Fire Nation


Fire Nation

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Ty Lee, circus trainer



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Circus master


Fire Nation circus

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"Return to Omashu"

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Robin Atkin Downes

The circus master was the ringleader and manager of a Fire Nation circus.


The circus master once hosted a private performance during the Hundred Year War for Princess Azula, starring Ty Lee's acrobatic abilities. Eager to please the royal, he agreed to placed his star performer in more and more dangerous situations, one of which included setting the safety net ablaze and releasing his most dangerous animals.[2] After Ty Lee left to join Azula on her mission, he continued to run his circus and eventually hired Ty Lee's six identical sisters to perform an acrobatic show as the "Flying Ty Sisters".[3]

At one point in 100 AG, the circus master obtained the kidnapped Appa from the beetle-headed merchants and planned on featuring the flying bison on his show. He was so eager to show off this rare beast that he ordered the circus trainer to put Appa on stage before he was fully tamed, resulting in the animal's escape during the middle of the performance.[1]

Two years later, the circus master was approached by two men hoping to do business with him, but dismissed them as extortionists and demanded they leave. He was subsequently approached by Ty Lee, who wondered if he remembered her. Mistaking her for one of her sisters, he pushed her into a nearby tent, ordering her to change as "her" show commenced five minutes later.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)

Avatar comics

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  • Ty Lee calls the circus master "Shuzumu", while her sister, Ty Woo, calls him "Shumuzu".[3]


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