Shouldn't Tarrlok be on the main character's page? He's listed before Pabu and Naga, and that's not alphabetical at all. (unsigned comment ^)

Ox: Oddly, can't edit the main characters page, but that's okay. I think a lot of people would agree -- the current listing of main characters for Korra is wrong. Look at the list in Avatar TLA: We have Aang, Appa, Azula, Iroh, Katara, Momo, Ozai, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko (count: 10). All of these characters fit the criteria of appearing in the majority of episodes or being a main antagonist.

The current list for Korra is: Amon, Asami, Bolin, Bumi, Varrick, Jinora, Korra, Kuvira, Kya, Lin, Mako, Naga, Pabu, Suyin, Tarrlock, Tenzin, Tonraq, Unalaq, Zaheer (count: 19). Many of these are major characters, not main, appearing in over a couple episodes, but not a majority. The main villain for each season should stay.

Please consider moving these characters down to major: Kya, Suyin, Tarrlock, Tonraq, Bumi, Jinora, and Varrick

This would leave us with Team Avatar (Asami, Bolin, Korra, Mako, Naga, Pabu), all major villains (Amon, Unalaq, Zaheer, Kuvira), and the special bonus of Tenzin and Lin, both of whom contribute a great deal to the progression of Korra's story and have their own, deep character arcs.

There are some arguments to be made with all I've said. Are Naga and Pabu really central to the story like Appa and Momo were? Is Amon even a major villain? Bumi, Jinora, and Varrick are all *definitely* major characters, but are they really main characters? This is up for discussion!

Oxknifer (wallcontribs) 04:04, November 7, 2018 (UTC)