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Some of the traps used by the Sun Warriors are activated by a tripwire.

A booby trap is a concealed device designed to discourage someone from entering a certain place or committing a certain act. When activated, an obstacle appears in an attempt to hinder or entirely stop that person's progress.

Sun Warriors

Trapped in viscous slime

Zuko and Aang were trapped in viscous slime after setting off a booby trap.

To protect their treasures and their civilization, the Sun Warriors installed booby traps around the perimeter of their city. A tripwire triggers one of the traps. If an intruder steps on the tripwire, the floor drops away, revealing a deadly bed of sharp, wooden spikes.[1]

Aang activated one of these traps and barely avoided falling into the bed of spikes with the use of his airbending. Zuko overcame this trap by building up enough momentum to run along the wall around it.[2]

Another trap involves the removal of the golden egg from the pedestal in the central room. This causes a sticky green liquid to gush out and fill the room. The slime can only be removed by aardvark sloths, animals domesticated by the Sun Warriors for this purpose.

Fire Nation

Aang activating a tripwire

Aang set off a trap in a Fire Nation shipwreck.

The Fire Nation is known to use booby traps on their ships. Aang set one of these off when he and Katara ventured into a shipwreck, despite Katara's fears that the ship could contain booby traps. Their wandering eventually led Aang to accidentally set off a booby trap, locking them inside the ship and firing a flare that alerted Zuko.[3]

Earth Kingdom

While Bolin and Varrick were wandering through the woods in 174 AG on their way to Republic City, they stepped into a booby trap laid out by Earth Empire fugitives, which caught them inside a net and hoisted them up into a tree.[4]


  • The traps used by the Sun Warriors resemble those used by the Mayans.


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