• Hasdi

    On Monday January 21st, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 3,750,000 viewed The Last Airbender movie on Nickelodeon at 6PM, while 2,366,000 viewed the movie at 8PM. It will be shown again on Sunday 1/27 at 11am-1pm and 8:30-10:30pm.

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  • Hasdi

    Hey guys, this is a screenshot of the Netflix entry for The Last Airbender as of 6/22/2012, which can only be viewed by Netflix members. I took out my account information, and adapted the image to fit 900 pixels wide, and highlighted the ratings in GREEN. Otherwise, everything else is unchanged.

    The average of 2,801,350 member ratings is 3.3/5.0 stars. The number of member ratings appear to be growing at thousands per day.

    Because of the sheer sample size for the number of members, the 3.3 rating is statistically significant, more so than limited sample size for Rotten Tomatoes and the Razzies. Netflix members are mostly people who actually bothered to watch the movie. Haters and bigots generally do not AND are not the audience that the studios look …

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  • Wan-Shi-Tong-Servant

    The Avatar World is supposedly all about Balance. I wanted to post my balanced review of The Last Airbender movie adaptation, that I wrote a while ago, after my initial fan rage had cooled a bit. I started with what was bad and ended on what I liked.

    Zuko's Scar, Appearances, and Name Pronunciations

    Dev Patel would look so much better with an actual scar wouldn't he? Special effects for bending are expensive, but is face makeup? I think not. To be fair, the deepness of the coloration in the cartoon depiction is not typical of scar tissue. It actually looks more like a port wine birthmark than a burn scar. I actually liked Iroh's look. The dreadlocks are cool. His name change is a different story.

    I went into this movie having read all about the whi…

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  • JessyPop

    'The movie was too quick. I wouldn't give it a good rating as 5 stars, but somewhat less. Things changed, like how Katara got a waterbending scroll from a village where Team Avatar defeated a team of the Fire Nation, when in the series she got it from stealing it from a pirate's ship (because they obviously stole it from a waterbender, stated Katara in the series) and they removed too many parts. In the Air Temple, we didn't see how you play Airball. Also, we didn't see much interaction to Momo. I would give the movie a....


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  • BlackMonkey

    This is BlackMonkey, ready to critique The Last Airbender (The Movie).

    I just saw this movie with my brother yesterday for the first time on Netflix, and oh my, it wasn't Avatar. It felt like a joke really. Like a bunch of cheesy kids putting on a goofy play for their parents. It was bad acting, bad cast, and bad story. I got a couple laughs here and there, but it wasn't for the things M. Night Shyamalan was intending. When Zuko comes to The Southern Water Tribe for the first time, with his afro and scratch - I mean scar on his eye, and then just blurts out, "I am Prince Zuko," I seriously started cracking up. I fell off my couch! This movie was so bad it was funny! And by the time it was half over, I said, "Why am I still watching this?" B…

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  • N 3rd Street

    So I was frantically searching for a movie to add to my Netflix queue when the lone, pitiful movie already in it had the “very long wait” message conveviently slapped onto it, and I decided, “Hey, since I really dig the music from The Last Airbender and I haven’t seen the movie since seeing the entire series then why not watch it again? Who knows, maybe I’ll catch something new?” So I did. I stuck the Blu-ray version at the top of the queue and a day or two later it came to my parents’ house. My 14-year-old sister wasn’t too excited about watching it but my dad and brother were willing and ultimately we all sat down to watch it, the four of us.

    So what did I think? Upon seeing the movie in theaters on opening weekend, I was extremely disappoi…

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  • ZombieKiller123

    If I were to give M. Night Shyamalan a rating in the form of stars, I'd give it 2 and a half out of 5, exactly in the middle, not the best, but definitly not as bad as everybody makes it seem. I'm now going to say my views on the matters and arguements.

    The first one is the "wooden dialouge". True some parts were a bit flat, but not so flat that it would classify as wooden. And two, that's more of an opinion then a arguement you back up with facts (like, maybe some people, just think it's flat, not woodend so it doesn't truely help)

    The second one, that's not all that common, but has been said, is the rushed feeling of the movie. I can agree with that, but rather then treat that as a flaw that can be avoided, it really can't. The movie had t…

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  • High Spirit

    Well, I've finally decided to watch The Last Airbender, and unsurprisingly was disappointed with most of the movie. But it's not even about the most popular complaints floating around right now. Okay, I agree with most of the comments about the acting. I knew going in that there was no way they were going to be able to make a movie better than the show. And considering Book I was about 20 episodes long they were going to have to leave a lot of stuff out. But it's not so much what they left out as how they transition the story through all that missing stuff. It's the difference between the results you get from say the movie adaptation of "Harry Potter" and ... well, the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

    Nearly the entire movie was miscast, and I…

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  • Iron Man 217

    The Last Aibender review

    December 29, 2010 by Iron Man 217

    Seeing the movie the first time, I enjoyed it. Seeing it the second time, however, I did not like it at all. After seeing the movie once, I started watching the series, and Enjoyed it. The second time I saw it made me realize how much better the series is. I appreciate the fact that the film follows the basic plot of season 1, but I still feel that this M. Night Shyamalan's worst film. Effects were decent, Music Score was good, Art direction was okay, actors sounded and behaved wooden, Script sucks, Names were changed around, Firebenders were wusses, Saw a few scenes where Iroh was enjoying some tea, Sokka still gets soaked by Katara at the beginning, I cracked up when Aang was hiding from Zuko by standing right behind him, Appa an Momo we…

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  • Vulmen

    First I would like to state that I had not watched the series before the movie came out. I had dismissed Avatar: The Last Airbender as a (quoting myself) Silly Nick cartoon, and that it wasn't worth my time to bother checking out. Then, they made a movie on it. This took me back by surprise, was it really that good? If it wasn't for the movie, I may have never given A:TLA the chance that it deserved.

    Now on another note; I do not intend to make this a case-by-case comparison of "A:TLA vs TLA", because we all know live action adaptions can never match the power and depth of its' source material. However, regardless of this suggestion I will reference A:TLA as I proceed. I do not intend on raising the A:TLA flag over the movie in this review, …

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