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    Yes, I've already splashed this across the wiki, but I want to tie up all loose ends in case some users didn't get the message.

    The Ba Sing Se Times is the easiest way to stay informed about , particularly if you don't come here daily. It is issued fortnightly.

    The aim of this newsletter is to:

    • Inform users of important discussions and votes to (eventually) replace the slower and more inefficient Avatar Wiki:Voting and Template:Site News.
    • Provide users with a quick summary of happenings in the past week i.e. user rights changes, notable blocks etc.
    • Possibly provide links to Avatar sites the editors have found interesting or entertaining
    • Entertain users if possible, humour would be great.

    The newsletter will be:

    • Released every two weeks (this may ch…
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  • Joeyaa

    We have blog posts!

    May 1, 2009 by Joeyaa

    This is a blog post. Notice it didn't take too long to get them, that's a good thing. :)

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    Hello, all users of Avatar Wiki. Today, Wikia has given us user blogs. I cannot fathom why they suddenly changed their minds, but I'm sure it is all for the better.

    • Blogs on this wiki may be about almost anything Avatar or Avatar Wiki related. They could be used for:
    • Episode reviews, movie reviews, opinions regarding movies, casting etc. etc.
    • Announcements from the site administration etc.
    • Appeals for other users to work on particular pages etc.
    • Alerts about certain user-related things such as "Yeah, I'm going to be inactive for a while..." followed by why
    • Advertisements for users to read fanon created by users on this wiki. Excerpts can be transcribed in the blog of course. However, linking to fanon on only a few certain sites will be allowed …
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