• Mat5udairashi

    Hello, and thank you for clicking on this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it through and perhaps seeing somethings from a different pair-of-eyes.

    This is going to be a small introduction to "In-depth look" at Avatar: The Last Airbender , as I’ve read other reviews upon the Wiki, I wanted to give my own take of one of my favorite shows. Now, I’ve never done anything like this before, so please forgive if I bore you at time, just please be paicient while reading. Especially through long sections of inconsistent ramblings (like this one) or any problematic points where my opinions may become slightly clouded or differ from your own. If there's anything I've missed in terms to the concept behind Avatar or any advice on how to enhance these season…
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  • DanChan123

    WARNING: This is a chapter organizer for Fanon:Cycle's Redemption. This is only for author's reference, and there are major spoilers, and it is not recommended that readers view this.

    A 13-year-old Sandbender Tribe's girl lives apart from society; civilization is a mystery to her and what she has learned about it only comes from short trips into local towns across a vast, monotonous wilderness in the Southern Earth mainland, stories told by tribal elders, and stolen things. But what young Laisha cannot bear is the fact that her gender is considered a mark of vulnerability and gullibility, thus she is forbidden to bend earth and sand, as the Tribe knows that in this world, society forces benders a path of life the Sandbenders cannot accept. …

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  • DanChan123

    Note: This page is my personal idea page on the universe of Fanon:Cycle's Redemption, especially regarding the spiritual histomythology mojo thats in it.

    In the beginning of time, there was the First Spirit, Tai the Sun, who appeared, followed by the mortal and spirit worlds. Tai is the only entity that dwells between the mortal and spirit worlds. In the era of Tai, when Tai awoke, his flow of energy would be severed, the world would become dark, and the mortal and spirit worlds would merge together, starting a conflict between the first of mankind and the spirits. When Tai slept, his energy will give off light, lighting up both worlds, but also keeping both worlds apart. When Tai awoke to see destruction, he made a deal with Tui, the Moon …

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  • NoxPhoenix

    Hey guys, we are attempting to create a 5 episode live action web series to bring bending back the way it was supposed to be done in the first place. We are passionate about the Avatar universe and really want to see this done right. Korra ended far to abrubtly so with joining team avatar we can help the legend live on just a little longer!

    If you would like to check out what we have so far head over to

    We would love to hear what you think and would love to hear what you wish to see in the series! Thanks, I won't waste anymore of your time!

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    FFF Extension Date!

    April 7, 2015 by ATLALOK

    Hello fellow Avatards! In reguards to the previous blog about the FFF's hunt for new members, Snivy and I have ran into a problem. Only one person applied within our time frame. 

    I know what you're thinking; "Why not just let it be the three of you then?" Because, what if someone really wants to be a member for the FFF, but didn't see the opportunity the first time or forgot about it?

    Well here's your second chance to apply for the Fanon Fact Finders!

    You still have to read the same fanon and you still have to ask at LEAST 12 questions about it. (Like we said before, if you have more questions that that number, put as many more as you want). 

    If you're stuck on what to do, review the previous blog  along with interviews by current and past FF…

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  • Hanabi-chan

    Hello everybody! I decided to go with Kyalin from a suggestion from two weeks ago. I also decided to do things differently when picking future ships. I have a ship picked for next week from last week's suggestions and I'm still going with that but I've decided to only pick one suggestion per week and not make a long list. I hope you all understand but the list will get super long if I add every single suggestion.

    Anyway, I realize that Kyalin is a crack ship but I will still do my best to analyze it fairly.

    Kyalin is pretty much a crack ship. The two have probably met and interacted before but we haven't seen it. Lin dated her brother Tenzin at one point so they probably saw each other a lot. A lot of people do ship them together and I'm not…

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  • DanChan123

    Fanfic Idea

    April 2, 2015 by DanChan123

    Note: This Idea is owned by User DanChan123

    During Korra's term as the Avatar, fossil-fuel technology started to become a huge part of people's lives in order to support a huge population due to the rise of the democratic Earth Federation after the Earth Empire's fall in 174 AG, which skyrocketed to 1.2 billion in population. Fossil fuel use, which led to great pollution, simultaneously ill-affected the spiritual balance of the world. Most spirits began to leave to the lands of the Water Tribes and to the Air Temples, while alot of them returned to the spirit world. Spirits began to quarrel with humans that visited the Spirit world, and Korra was called in to help. Many spirits, interpreting the pollution, called the humans and their world …

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  • Tono555

    Hello! This is Tono555 and today I am doing a test review for ', by !

    During Fire Lord Sozin's reign, all is not well for one girl in specific, Nalia. One day, she comes home to see her father getting assassinated by people sent by the crown. She is subsequently kidnapped along with her sister, Ming and forced into a secret group called "The Sheperds". This is a group ordered by the Fire Lord to do all his dirty work for him, mostly assassinating people he wants dead. Ming is in the Fire Lord's clutches as a reminder to Nalia what she could lose if she screws up.

    Honestly, this has to be the most badass setup I have ever seen in a fanon. It has all anybody who loves action could hope for. Betrayal, suspense, and lots of moments in which your …

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  • AvatarAang7

    Since Fruipit sadly left the FRS, her vacated spot has to be filled. And keeping in the spirit of the story at hand, I will use this opportunity to quote Frank Underwood: "there's nothing like a death in the family to separate the wheat from the bull". Omashu Rocks' Crossfire has been chosen as the fanon for this particular job. The story centers around Nalia, a 19 year-old firebender in the early years of the 100 Year War. She is forced to work as a member of Sozin's personal assassin squad, in his attempt to rid the Fire Nation of resistance groups popping up all around it. To gain leverage over her, Sozin had her sister kidnapped and killed her father, who was a member of the resistance himself. Through this journey, Nalia learns about…

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  • Bomochu

    Hello fellow Avatar Wikians! Bomochu the Bombchu here with a Test Review for Crossfire , an epic fanon series written by the talented author, Omashu Rocks !

    This is my first Test Review ever for the FRS, and so below is a brief description of the criteria I use:

    • Plot: The main story of the fanon. It doesn't have to be too complex, though keep in mind that often a more exciting story will weave in 'unexpected' developments and twists which keep readers hooked. Clarity is especially important here, as making sure your story isn't hard to follow is crucial.
    • Organisation: How various elements of the fanon are arranged, such as the ratio of dialogue to other parts, or consistency during scenes. Think of it like an orchestra with all the different instr…

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  • Hanabi-chan

    Per suggestions for last week, I decided to go with Lieumon this week. It might be relevant now given recent revelations, though nothing was stated about Amon or the Lieutenant specifically. You can let me know what ships you want to see in the future, but I think I've already decided which ship I will be discussing next week.

    This ship set sail during the course of Book One's airing. It was probably the most popular male/male ship, at least until Wuko came along. The Lieutenant was always very loyal to Amon and Amon placed a great trust in the Lieutenant. It seemed to be pretty clear that they had a close professional relationship. Unfortunately, the Lieutenant later discovered Amon's real identity and did not approve of it. He outright at…

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  • Avatang.17

    A new series guys, are you in for it? This is just how I would like it to be anyway. So, it starts off with a little boy, named walei. He's only about the height of a small, metal pole. And he's only 12. He wonders through the forest around his village when he hears a noise, then sees flames arise from behind a collision of trees and searched around the trees and finds himself staring at a young, small, girl, fire bending all alone. He obviously now knew it was a firebender abandoned from her family or has run off. "what is your name?", he asks. The girl looks at him, and her hand bursts aflame. That's all I'm gonna tell you so far. So I'm just gonna go over the characters I've made so far; there's Walei Borin Felica Dingle They're all th…

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  • Hanabi-chan

    I decided to do an A:TLA ship this week. After all, I'll be doing ships posts for both A:TLA and LoK. For this week, I decided to write about Yukka, also known as Yuekka or Yuokka.

    Also, please feel free to suggest ships for future ship posts. I've been picking randomly so far but I'd like some ideas. I can't guarantee that I will automatically take each suggestion, but I'll consider it. For right now, I would like to avoid the following ships: Kataang, Zutara, Makorra, and Korrasami. These are the ships that cause the most heated arguments and I don't feel ready to write about them. Plus, I still want to wait for the finale hype to calm down before I talk about Korrasami and my previous Korrasami post was bashed by a fellow Korrasami shipp…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hey guys. It looks like it's been a while (again), but it's time for another friendly neighborhood ghost review, this time of , by . If you've spent a lot of time on this wiki, then you've probably spotted Minn at some point, whether it be publishing her own fanon reviews, working on one of the site newsletters, preparing for the Fanon Awards and sharing her stellar artwork with fanon authors. Somehow, after all that, she is also able to write her own fanon story, which today I have the pleasure of delving into.

    Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Any signs of conflict or talk of war are silenced immediately by these elite Earthbenders, under the strict eye of Long Feng. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution... Anything's acceptab…

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  • FireFerret

    According to someone apparently at Gallary Nucleus , they were able to get a bit of time aside with Mike and Bryan and were able to ask a few questions.

    This interview explains that no, there is not a lost episode that "Remembrences" would have been, since the budget was cut early enough that they planned the season around 12 episodes. It also states that no plans for Korra comics are in motion yet, but that seeing Korra comics (covering topics such as the Red Lotus or Korrasami) are not impossible.

    In addition, a lot of the Korra crew is working on something new, jokingly titled "Korra 2.0" (although it has no connection to the original series), and the staff on board does not include Mike or Bryan. Both of them have appeared to have starte…

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  • Gotenks779

    Aang: 35

    Sokka: 12.9

    Katara: 31

    Zuko: 37

    Zuko (Combat-Ready): 45

    Iroh: 109

    Aang (Avatar State): 150

    Aang (Avatar State): 200

    Zhao: 58

    Zuko (Trained): 59

    Suki: 13

    Bumi: 4

    Bumi (Combat): 70

    Shyu: 38

    Aang (Partial Training): 46

    Jeong Jeong: 84

    Zhao (Enraged): 73

    Yue: 5

    Pakku: 103

    Katara (Angry/Semi-Trained): 62

    Zuko (Injured): 65

    Katara (Trained): 75

    Zuko: 80

    Aang (Trained): 78

    Zhao: 74

    Sokka: 15

    Iroh (Enraged/Full Power): 147

    Zhao (Full Power): 84

    Zuko (Angry/Full Power): 90

    Spirit Monster (Aang/Avatar State): 6,000

    Yue (Moon Spirit): 50,000

    Aang (Dream/Avatar State): 1,000

    General Fong: 100

    Azula: 97

    Iroh: 104

    Zuko: 89

    Sokka: 19

    Aang: 87

    Katara: 85

    Aang (Angry/Avatar State): 900

    Bumi (Imprisoned): 115

    Aang: 89

    Sokka: 22

    Katara: 86

    Swamp Monster: 200

    Due: 84

    Swamp Benders: 50-102

    Huu: 10…

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  • OceanicRubix

    I may be overlooking something, but while looking at the image of all the avatars in their group thing. I noticed something suspicious. The order isn't right.... From Aang it goes from right to left. Air, Fire, Earth, Water. But then the order is gone when you look behind the 4 avatars behind Roku and Kyoshi.

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  • Hanabi-chan

    I decided to make Mingzan (Ghazan and Ming-hua) this week's ship of the week. It's fairly popular and it seems to have a lot of fans but there are sure to be others who are not fans of this ship.

    It is unknown how Ghazan and Ming-Hua met. It is likely that they met through being members of the Red Lotus. Unfortunately, we also don't know anything about their relationship before they were imprisoned for thirteen years. However, once they both escaped, they seemed to be happy to see each other. We've seen them fight side-by-side in battle and they seem to work well together. This ship really set sail when Bolin made up stories about Ghazan and suggested that there might be an attraction between him and Ming-Hua. Out of the three stories that …

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  • Omashu Rocks

    "I believe that good journalism can make our world a better place." -Christiane Amanpour

    What does a poorly paraphrased quote from a television host have to do with you? Almost nothing, really, but I needed something to open with, and I was able to find a somewhat-relevant article on the internet within a matter of minutes.

    What does pertain to you, and our beloved wiki, is that we at The Ba Sing Se Times needs YOU to help us keep our community newsletter thriving! As a Deputy Editor, I've heard many-a-time from other users that they wish they could be on the newsletter staff and have their own articles. While it's great that many are eager to join the staff, what I can't stress enough is that anyone and everyone can write and submit an article to …

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  • Omashu Rocks

    Greetings authors and readers alike, and welcome to the eleventh installment of the Fanonbenders' Fanon Contest!

    We'd like to thank all of our participants from Round 10 for submitting thought-provoking, emotional, and thoroughly entertaining pieces pertaining to our Valentine's Day romance theme. We did not have as many entries as we've had in the past, but what that proved was that quality is indeed far more important than quantity, and I'd like to thank you for maintaining that high standard of quality.

    Without further adieu, I'd like to congratulate for taking home the win this time with . We believe he best demonstrated proficiency in writing as well as met the full expectations of the Fanonbenders given the prompt. Congrats, Bomo! Ple…

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  • Gilgamesh777

    In season 4 episode 3 of Legend of Korra, Bolin stated that the Lower Ring of Ba Sing We was now "completely different." It hasn't been explained what kuvira did, and I was wondering what others might think some projects she did to raise the standard of living?

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  • Hanabi-chan

    I've decided to start a new series of blog posts, inspired by this blog post from years ago. That post was unfortunately the first and the last of said series, so I have gone ahead and started my own. I'll admit that I'm a pretty big shipper and I love to talk about shipping. I was also hoping to generate some discussion since the amount of activity on this wiki seems to have been decreasing.

    In a similar manner to the inspiring blog post, I will first talk about the ship in general and then I will list the pros and cons of the ship. I will be throwing in a little bit of my own opinion as well. Lastly, I invite everybody to comment their opinions of the ship.

    Bolin and Wei first met when Team Avatar went to visit Zaofu. When Bolin finally de…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Good afternoon, Avatar Wikians! Do you enjoy reading fanon stories based on Avatar? Have you commented on fanons on the portal? Have you ever wanted to review them? This could be your chance, because the Fanon Review Squad is once again opening the door for test reviews. As a member of the squad, you would:

    • Post regular fanon review blogs upon request in a schedule you set for yourself.
    • Get a chance to publish reviews in the two active site newsletters.
    • Share your opinions on fanon portal stories based on what you review.
    • Help authors to improve their stories based on the critique and feedback you provide.

    If you're an active member of the fanon community, or intend to be an active member of the fanon community, and would like to voice you…

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    Hello fellow Avatards! As you can tell by the title of this blog, this is for the FFF, but it's no interview. Instead, the Fanon Fact Finders need new, determined, and hardworking people to become a part of the FFF community!

    It is a sad day to report that the beloved has officially resigned, and the FFF not only needs one new person to take her place, but we need TWO people to step forward and give interviewing their best shot!

    Also, for those of you that requested for your fanon to be read, and that person is now no longer a member, I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to, I'd suggest waiting until the FFF gets new members to request your fanon. The future members will need all the experience they can get! :D 

    The FFF need…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Hello everyone, I have started development of an Avatar modification for Wolfenstein 3D using the ECWolf port. If you do not have Wolfenstein 3D, you will need to download the demo version to play the mod (sorry).

    The Avatar mod will be divided into 3 "episodes" or books if you like. Being Water, Earth, and Fire. In the mod, you play as Aang and you must defeat the Fire Nation through mastery of the elements. You start Book 1 with air and eventually gain water. In Book 2, you start with air and water and gain earth. And so forth. In Book 3 you will gain fire, it is fast and powerful but drains your health in doing so.   

    The Fire Bender sprites are based on the Wolfenstein 3D sprites but made to look like Fire Bending soldiers. Unlike tradit…

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  • Katarawaterbenderlovesaang

    Guys, i heard that ATlA is coming back soon, like what? End of this year. it´s fucking Awesome. I would be very Thanked to know what happened after the War, well..... i would like more peiple joined the chat also.. i just sighned up today and there wasn´t anyone there on the chat.. see ya people.

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  • 123yael

    Pick Boy?

    February 28, 2015 by 123yael

    Doesn't any one remember him. The reason that I am asking is. I remember when I was little he introduced Avatar the Last Airbender when it first aired on tv. And like what he did was that he said something like. We found something stuck in ice for a 100 years. And know we are going to watch it or something. Just so you know I was 5 Nearly six but still! But they had that VHS in ice and, I remember the VHS was orange and they put it in and then The Boy in the Iceberg came on for the first time. I would like to find on line and show to friends and family this. So please Do you remember this I have been looking every were! By the way if you don't know who Pick Boy is by name. He is the guy dressed as a super hero who used to be on nick all the…

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  • Dominiknikidoms

    A petition has gone around the internet that is being supported by many Avatar fans all over the world. The purpose is to show Nickelodeon how much interest there is for an open world game. Please sign this petition here if you'd love to see an open world Avatar game be produced

    Suggestions were provided by the fans.

    Gameplay: You play online with other players to fight against each other, earn coins, trade items, go on missions and to travel the world in order to find more opponents.

    You can either choose your character to be able to activate four elements (Avatar), one nation (water, earth, fire, air) or play as a nonbender.

    ► Costomization of your characters Before you e…

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    The Avatar Awards - Results

    February 21, 2015 by ATLALOK

    Hello fellow Avatards! Wow, has it been 10 years already? I may not have been an Avatar fan right from the beginning, but I'm really glad I started watching it a few weeks after its premiere. I think it's safe to say the Avatar has changed all of our lives for the better. It wasn't just the average cartoon; it taught us morals. We experienced characters that we could relate to. There was an actual storyline that carried on throughout the seires and missing one episode would simply not do. These characters were realistic and so was the journey. With that being said, I am happy to post the results to my Avatar Awards blog. There were only 10 participants, but you know what, that works. 10 people for the 10 year Avatar-iversary. *wipes away a…

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  • Mahmud.hassan.73932

    Huh...Honestly, today is the first day the wiki had emerged from within the incoherent tempest and state of panic that is my mind. Among the many stressors of daily life, education and family drama this place paled in comparison. And I have not actually touched or even thought about the site in 3 months. I stopped reading, writing and exploring...But something just...kind of lead me back to Avatar. And as things unravel the way the do I began thinking about what the site meant to me, and what lead to the discovery of this wiki, and actually the discovery of fan fiction and the internet culture that has taken hold.

    I had just finished season 1 of Korra, and I was fascinated with the changes the company had made, and how perfectly they reflec…

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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello, fellow avatar wikian's this is gsmith1030 with some updates, some of you dont know me, some of you do, anyway, i am the user running the rumors and updates borad, yep that is me, anyway udaptes are slowing down so this prompted me to put a tempary board on hold untill next month however insted of of getting it closed i will leave it open to see if updates are picking up for the upcoming comics for tla, and any news for the artbook for book 4 along with the book 4 dvd, if that is the case, then i will requested closed then will create a new one,i am aware that updates will not be as steady as during the legend of korra becuase the series ended almost 2 months go. wow.

    Iam here to informam those who know me that i will be inactive for …

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  • LolaBunny27

    Jinora and kai

    February 14, 2015 by LolaBunny27

    Here I am, bored, and have nothing else better to do than watch a couple phineas and ferb episodes. Then I realize "oh crud! I haven't watched the new episode, "act your age", so I do. After watching my favorite childhood couple kiss "finally!", I'm like "ughh bored again". So already on couples, I begin watching episodes and Google searching all cartoon couples ever. I look up Kim possible & Ron,Katara & aang, phineas & Isabella, Tina & jimmy jr, korra & mako, korra & asami, and now I'm on Kai and Jinora. Why must I fan girl! I don't know why, I just love looking at fan art and watching the cute moments. 😊😊

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  • Matik7

    Hello Avatar wiki community!

    You probably don't know me, I'm bureaucrat of Polish Avatar wiki and I am here because I wanted you to know how to change appearance of global navigation just for yourself. It's totally legal and looks like this:

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  • AnimeLem0n

    Lem0n Reviews: "Jet"

    February 8, 2015 by AnimeLem0n

    Hello everybody, and I’ve returned…¬_¬ I know longtime no see blog on the Wiki! +_+

    This is going to my first in a new schedule of new reviews which I’ll be doing over the month -- Tuesday is the next upload to the Avatar Wiki.

    Through watching this series, it’s began to hit me that the Books title of Water, has more meaning than just a simple name. I think maybe referring to the flow of water, moving around different obstacles which lie in front our main characters. It may also be a reference to how water can wash things away, both in a soft and gentle manner, but also in a vicious and violent manner also. And I think this episode really started to do that here.

    So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, without further adieu...let’s break int…

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  • Hanabi-chan

    With my first blog post being somewhat serious and only causing more heat about the shipping debate, I decided to start something a little more lighthearted: A series of posts about different TV Tropes and how they apply to the Avatar universe. I love TV Tropes and the first one I'm going to talk about is the "Shipper on Deck" trope. If you don't know what a Shipper on Deck is, it's pretty much a character in-universe who ships two other charactes together. I realize that the website has its own sections on Avatar for that trope, but it missed some moments and I thought that it would be fun to elaborate on them. Please let me know if you think I missed any "Shipper on Deck" moments.

    • Toph shipped this at some point, probably after she met hi…

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  • RaidenRadio

         Hey. Raiden here again. I know its been a while since my last blog. Anyways . . . last time I really put a genuine blog with my thoughts in it on the wiki was a few years back. It became  a featured Blog, that discussed why the fanbase should continue to support Korra despite its flaws. Apparently that paper wasn't enough to convince enough people to support the show, because now the show has officially been made an internet exclusive. Maybe it's for the best, or not who can say.

    I'm typing this blog up as a response (sort've) to Hasdi Bravo's blog discussing who is to blame for the Last Airbender failing. I'll post a link to that blog here.

    I have nothing Nice to say about Hasdi these days. He's pretty loathsome.

    Bottom line, regardless…

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    Hello fellow Avatards! here yet again with another interview for the Fanon Fact Finders! I bet you didn't expect to see me post another one up so soon (I didn't either), but I was requested by a new member to the Avatar Wiki that goes by the username of and he has currently seven chapters up for his first fanon called . A year after the Book 4 finale, a new threat has arrived in Republic City and it's up to the Krew to take them down. Lets see what CombustionNation had to say about this mysterious fanon!

    1) How are you?

    I'm fine, thank you. I've been busy with writing the fanon and school and other stuff.

    2) Before we begin with asking questions about your fanon, I wanted to welcome you to the wiki and fanon portal! Have you been enjoying y…

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  • AnimeLem0n

    The Return of the Lemon

    February 7, 2015 by AnimeLem0n

    Hey everybody! ^0^

    I be back, with a new PC. My New Year's resolution of getting these reveiws done for the Avatar Wiki, seems like 'pffft', whatevaa'...! But I'm hoping with this new computer and after officially finishing season 2 of first time watching, I really want to rally through the season 1 reviews - the first of review should be up sometime tomorrow. 

    [[File:Foaming_mouth_guy.png|thumb|333px|AAARGH! OWH MA' GERD!!! >V

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Flameo, Avatar Wikians!

    Welcome to the second round of the year for the Fanonbender’s Fanontastic Fanon Contest.

    As usual, we'll begin with the results from last contest, which was Round 9. This time around we had seven creative entries to go through. Last month, the prompt was to write an Avatar story or chapter in the second person, which in the grand scheme of writing is not scene very often. In each entry, we got to see the author directly addressing the reader, and with every author the style was shown to coincide with the author's voice in different ways.

    So, without further adieu:

    's entry had an eloquent and poetic rhythm to it, but and I both had doubts about the plausibility of the premise for the character in question, and felt…

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  • Avatar Kanan

    A New Avatar

    February 5, 2015 by Avatar Kanan

    Ok. I just want to get it out there and say that I love the Avatar series. I have watch every episode from the last airbender to the legend of korra. I really think it is said that there won't be another Avatar any time so and perhaps never. Nick gave up on Legend of Korra after the 2nd season and aired the final epiosdes out of respect of the franchise. So, I had a thought of statrting to write a new edition to the Avatar series and i would love some feed back on how the story should go. I am going to follow the lore the best that I can, but I am not an expert when it comes to the lore. This is what I have as an idea so far. The Avatar's name is Kanan. I haven't decided where he lives; i was thinking Republic city ,but I think that would …

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  • Asnow89
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  • Minnichi

    The Ba Sing Se is back in business, and we want YOU to join us!

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  • Fruipit

    Welcome, one and all, to the fourth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It brings me the utmost pleasure to be your host this year, and I want to give a hearty congratulations and warm welcome to everyone who has lasted yet another year (and a bit), and to those just joining us for their very first User Awards. So, congratulations, and welcome!

    From your host:

    Welcome, one and all, to the fourth edition of the Avatar Wiki User Awards! It brings me the utmost pleasure to be your host this year, and I want to give a hearty congratulations and warm welcome to everyone who has lasted yet another year (and a bit), and to those just joining us for their very first User Awards. So, congratulations, and welcome!

    Almost a complete decade ago, found…

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  • Obote001

    Avatar Nubia vs Avatar Wan

    January 31, 2015 by Obote001

    Well its safe to say i've been a fan of the avatar series for donkey years and everythng seems so perfect till i got to a point where i asked myself "Who is the REAL FIRST Avatar"?. Based on the video in the legend of korra saga, it is shown to us that AVATAR WAN is indeed the first avatar 10,000years prior to Avatar Korra but coming down to the comic series, WAN isnt even mentioned at all. Avatar NUBIA is said to be the first avatar with the old gods passing down the ability to bend the elements but not the knowledge bla bla bla, its all so confusing and i guess , well an explanation is really needed. We know who the lion turtles are and whow they bend the energy within to give or take bending. So now my questions are :


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    Hello fellow Avatards! is back again with yet another interview for the Fanon Fact Finders and its been awhile since I've done one! And what a great comeback in the making, because this interview is a collection of one-shots (my first one-shot review!) written by the talented and well-known wiki user.......! He calls this collection of currently seven one-shots ! Lets see what he had to say about each and every one of these fantastic and hilarious pieces of work. 

    First off, how are you?

    I'm doing well.  As usual, I've been pretty busy, nowadays with my new online course, plus work, plus a potential volunteer gig that makes it like having two and a half jobs at once.  Luckily, I still do find time here and there during the day for writing.


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  • MysticNerd

    Avatar World Vacation

    January 25, 2015 by MysticNerd

    If you know a bit about wikia, you may know that it has challenges called Fiction Food challenges or how to make the perfect meal from food from a francise. I think that we should do the same thing, but with a vacation. Basically, we take places in the avatar world that we would want to visit and divide it into everal categories. Educational would be any place that you can learn from or is educational. There will be cultural, so any place that you visit because of its representation of culture or its really cultural. There is nature, so places you go to see plants and animals. There will be activity, which is a place or event that would have some activity or adventure to do. There will also be food, so where you would go for the best fo av…

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  • Minnichi

    Yo, I'm still alive! And I'm here to do what I've always done since the day I joined the wiki: Ramble about others' writing, whoo! Today I return to give you guys a breakdown of Avatar Lan Se's story. This tale features a twist in domination: the Fire Nation running from the Earth Kingdom, imagine that! Yes, the earthbenders have gone wild and it's up to Avatar Lan Se to stop them. Come check it out!

    • Plot - 8.0: I like the plot a lot, actually. It talks about Earth Kingdom domination, but not in the Kuvira-esque way. They're actually very much like the Fire Nation during the 100-year war. Now, what I would add to make the plot more complete is to go into further detail about what's going on in the enemy side. I also think that too much of wh…

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  • Mageddon725

    Well, this is it. This is the season that nearly killed The Legend of Korra for me. Nearly. If it weren’t for Book 3, I would’ve just written the whole thing off. It may not have been the right decision, but nearly everything about Book 4 pisses me off, and I have to get it off of my chest. However, I will start with what worked, because it did have moments of awesomeness.

    Korra Alone and Toph:

    This story arc for Korra was phenomenal. Starting off at the end of Book 3, we get a real look into depression through the eyes of our titular character, and it is an excellently written journey. It was the highlight of Book 4, no contest.

    Seeing the Blind Bandit return for some Avatar training was epic, and her denouncement of Kuvira was equally impre…

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  • CombustionNation

    Loose ends of LOK

    January 23, 2015 by CombustionNation

    Hello readers of the Avatar wiki,

    I assume that you -like me- watched the end of the Legend of Korra. I found that there were a lot of loose ends regarding to the series.

    Even though one loose end was tied up by the creators, I think that they should continue the series, by comic or television just to tie up the loose ends. I enjoyed the series and really want a new television series with the new avatar etc.

    If you also watched the end of the series, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments down below. I will try to react to your comments as much as possible.

    Take care of yourself,


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    The Avatar Awards

    January 23, 2015 by ATLALOK

    Hello fellow Avatards!

    Well, if you didn't already know, next month will be the 10 year anniversary of when our beloved cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on Nickelodeon. February 21 to be exact. So, to celebrate this amazing occasion, I thought, why not host a little Avatar Awards ceremony and have people vote on the best of A:TLA. A way to highlight the things that we came to love most about the show and the reason why we still love it to this day. 

    Since this is the 10 year anniversary, there will be 10 catergories to vote for. 

    • You can only nominate for each category ONCE. 
    • Since this is a celebration for A:TLA, you can only nominate things A:TLA related. Nothing from LOK. As much as I (and probably all of you) enjoy and …

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