• Pitbullterriercupcakes

    I give up

    October 20, 2016 by Pitbullterriercupcakes

    Everyone I meet either hates me or ignores me.And I met my few friends online because it's just hard for me to go out and do something.

    Most of the people on wikia hate me too,except my sister.

    I just hate my life.

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  • AvatarAero

    If you followed my forum posts at all about my new series, "Kun: The New Avatar", then you will have noticed that I didn't post any past the first episode. Well that is because it has moved to, where I have gotten high reception. 

    I created my very own profile page, and posted the first episode just this past Friday. The reception was amazing, and I garnered over 80 views in two days. 

    If you want to take a look at my profile, the link is here:

    I appreciate the support of anyone who read my posts, but rest assured that it will be on 

    I would like to thank:

    - AvatarAang7

    - Korra2000

    - Assire

    - OnionAndBananaJuice

    - Tono555

    - Chillv64

    Not all the names on this list explicitly helped m…

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  • ShizukuTsukishima

    My first blogpost here on the wiki, so I'm not even sure if this will work out due to the wiki rules, but we'll try.

    In the months I've been active on the wiki, I have never described my actually gender. Not because I didn't want to, but I just did not do it.

    As you can see, both my username and my nickname here on Wikia is female names, and that's because I'm a female.

    I know it may sound confusing to someone, as I've in comments earlier been unclear on my gender.

    However, now I'm pretty happy, because it's now officially revealed: I am female.

    Looking forward to contribute to the wiki in the future as best as I can, as well as writing more on my fanon story :)

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  • Bomochu

    "Welcome everyone to the Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington. It is a collection of the finest one-shot literature in the Duchy, written and selected by me – The Duke of Skibbington himself. In other words, it is a compilation of all the one-shots that I wrote."

    Hello Avatar Wikians! Bomochu here and I'm back again with the pleasure of reviewing a collection of the Duke of Skibbington's one-shots here, collectively titled, 'Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington'. The blurb above is what appears on the central hub for the one-shots, welcoming readers to a diverse range of fanons written by Duke. For easier reviewing, the nine one-shots to be reviewed will be split into two parts and given a score for each, and then a total score, and the …

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Hello Avatar Wikians! Feeling like this wiki is grinding to a halt, well worry no more. I recently spoke to some fresh blood on the Fanon Portal. He is Jacob13Kyle - author of Chain Lightning. Let us see what he had to say.

    1. What originally gave you the inspiration to write this fanon?

    I was sitting with a few friends one day, each of us on our own electronic doing his own thing. One of us was watching the first episode of the Legend of Korra book 3, while the guy next to him was playing the original inFamous. I remember seeing how ordinary people were reacting to suddenly getting bending abilities, and the thought occurred to me 'Hey, what if someone developed electric abilities instead of airbending?' I ran the idea by a friend of mine ov…

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  • Irontron

    Chapter 1: the mysterious contact Master Chief was trying to sit still but he couldn’t. The captain called him in “Master Chief good to see you” announced Captain Thomas. Master Chief was anxious to get it over and done with. Then his mind started to drift to the first time he meet Cortana and the time she died. “Master Chief! Are you listening? I thought so, your mission is to rescue agent moon at the research centre. Do you understand?” ordered Captain Thomas, as master Chief was about half way out the door captain Thomas indicated “Spartan Missenden will be joining you master chief is that alright with you Master Chief?”. Master Chief nodded, Spartan Missenden was waiting outside like she knew when to turn up. “Well Missenden what is yo…

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  • 5Fandoms

    How I met alta

    August 13, 2016 by 5Fandoms

    When i was 7 my step-brother really liked alta. He offerd to watch the siries with me, and i said yes. Over the next month I became an alta fan and i wached the siries over and over again. This year i re-discoverd alta already being a full blone fangirl for many years now. I brought my knowlage to my moms house and shared it with my sisters. 

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  • Irontron

    my story blurb

    August 8, 2016 by Irontron

    Master Chief has been trying to cope with the loss of his AI, Cortana, the captain has just sent him to rescue professor Moon from the Promethean Sinister king of all Prometheans, but as they were fighting, master chief was sent back in time to the day of his grandfather, IRONTRON. With the help of his friends Dead Shot, Shadow, and his grandmother Go-go Tomago, he will find that not ever thing has a happy ending. As master chief and IronTron battle the world most deadly monsters, the Kaiju, but as master chief and his grandfather were hanging out by the shores of Tokyo there came a portal but this was no teleporting portal, then coming out of it was a category 5 knife head. As IronTron and Master Chief were heading back, Master Chief fell…

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  • Agent Slash

    Another Fanon Update

    August 4, 2016 by Agent Slash

    Heyo, everyone! It's Agent Slash, back with another update regarding the current status of my fanons and whatnot. Y'know, just in case you're wondering about what's going on. 

    So here's the deal. I know I haven't updated Crimes of Passion in over three months, but fear not. I haven't lost steam. For reasons unknown to me, my computer crashed back in May and I haven't been able to write since. It sucks, because inspiration has been hitting me so often, but I just can't act on it. 

    But it's alright. I'll hopefully have a new computer within a month or so and I'll get right back into it. I'm super excited about writing and releasing the remaining chapters of Book One!

    Also, I'm super late on this, but I'd like to give a special thanks to Katrina…

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Bomochu

    It's Bomochu back again with the second part to a review for ARG Presents. Last time we looked at four hilarious and enjoyable one-shots, so now let's take a look at the other four:

    Live Another Day

    Written for another writing contest, this time the prompt "Write an Epic Fight Scene", Live Another Day features a battle between Hakoda from the Southern Water Tribe and a 'mysterious' waterbender.

    Plot: 10.0

    Brilliant story! The plot twist at the end was unexpected and worked really well. The back-and-forth style of describing one opponent and their attack and then how the other countered made for an exciting and memorable story. A simple yet elegant story that serves its purpose well.

    Organisation: 9.9

    The whole setup for this fanon was superb; the surp…

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  • OmegaM14


    June 26, 2016 by OmegaM14

    I just wanna hey.Had to sign up again for some reason. Regardless, Still feels great to be here! Been a fan of avatar for as long as its been on. Look forward to meeting people and engaging in discussion.

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  • Mahmud.hassan.73932

    Years back, when I was just an eagre 14 year old, a little enamoured with the world and the characters conceived within the universe Avater takes place in, I searched in hunger for some form of leaked footage or script in regards to a second season of Korra.It was by these means that I discovered the wikia. I had stumbled upon some, and to be frank, attrocious fan fic, but I had no idea that fan fic was a thing or if it was legal. But it opened up a world of creativity. I discovered an entire community, and began following writers, actually keeping up with weekly subscriptions by Minnichi and the likes. A favourite was of course Frupit, her Romance one shots were something altogether.

    I even began writing.

    But, as some obscure memory dictate…

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  • Minnichi

    Much apologies for our absence last month, but the BSST is back and ready to present you more epic content! The editor will do her best not to be so fashionably late in the future...

    From the Editor: Summer Hits Avatar Wiki


    image = title = Avatar Face-Off: Amon vs. Zaheer author = Duke of Skibbington 1liner content =

    Welcome to a new issue of Avatar Face-Off. Today, we are doing an exciting battle, suggestede by Minnichi herself. Amon against Zaheer. The master bloodbender who could take away a person's bending before his demise and Zaheer, the first airbender to be able to fly since Guru Laghima. Both have managed to terrorise the Avatar and strech her to breaking point.

    Our first contender is Amon. Being trained by his father…

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  • Flying Fury


    May 16, 2016 by Flying Fury

    Sup everyone! New the wiki and glad to be part of this great community! Look forward to meetin many of you.

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  • WolfEarthbender
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  • Tono555
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  • Duke of Skibbington

    I have been wondering about another set of cultures the Avatar world could have been based on. As we know, it was based on the fascinating East Asian cultures. I wonder now, what would the Avatar world be like if it were based on Bronze Age and Classical Europe and the Near East?

    Coming up with equivalent nations is by no means easy. No nation fits the exact paradigm for a few things, so they would come out with different philosophies and attitudes.

    To start with the obvious one, the Egyptians would be earthbenders. This fits because they are known as desert dwellers and they created great monuments of sandstone. Surely, they needed earthbending to accomplish that.

    I personally think that the Hittites would be firebenders. They were certainly…

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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra

    The Avatar Universe is so great that it should certainly be shared with more people. Many blogs have been written about introducing the show to others, so this article is here for those who want to persuade others. It contains an introduction to the show and the characteristics of an Avatar as well as a short synopsis of the first sequel (Avatar the Last Airbender).

    The world is divided into four nations: the Fire nation, the Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, the Water tribe. There are four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Some people in this world have the innate ability to control or manipulate one of the elements – they’re known as benders. However, one bender can only control one element. In the Fire nation,there are fire benders (who can control o…

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  • IAmNumberThree

    The next avatar, who is an earthbender (I think should be girl), is already a grown-up, fully realized avatar, but the main characters are actually four teens assigned by the White Lotus to guard and to be trained by the avatar. Each teen would have a different bender. The White Lotus assigned these guards after there was a failed assassination attempt at the avatar. The avatar's former team was killed, which will explained next. Before the avatar had control of the avatar state, she had to defeat some threat, to defeat them she had to go into the AS, killing her team. The current team, assigned by the White Lotus, would include a water, earth, fire, and air bender. And maybe introduce a nonbender

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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra


    So for a long time, as well as deciding which episode is the best introductory episode (as in my previous blog), I have also been taking my time in creating a mini introduction document (4 pages). It's not completely filled with writing and all, but if you are interested in getting someone to watch it, they would be clueless as to where to start. So this mini document explains the Avatar Universe without spoilers (and if there are any it warns you beforehand), contains a clear table of all the Avatar things to watch in chronological order and their internet links, and a mini paragraph simply explaining why you should watch the awesome show.

    If anybody is interested in getting this mini document (free of course) do let me know ASAP. If…

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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra

    So I've been trying to get others to watch it but when I show them the first two episodes, they just say it's boring or it sounds like it's for kids. I thought maybe I could show them the episode of the 'Southern Raiders' but then it shows how Zuko is with them, which will ruin the plot twist of him switching 'sides'. I tried to find trailers to show people but never found trailers that were convincing enough. Could you suggest an episode or something and if you've managed to convince someone who did you do so?

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  • Oddavatar

    Ba Sing Se first shown in the Avatar series as an extremely secretive place, whether from the viewpoint of Iroh and Zuko in the Lower Ring, or with 'Team Avatar' surrounded by only the highest of the high in the Upper Ring.

    While the the behavior of the 'Joo Dee(s)', the great fear of getting oneself in trouble with the goverement, the constant facade of being safe, and the mind tricks by Long Feng, I'm sure I'm not the only one who found obvious discomfort with what was actually going on in the walled city, many years ago when I first watched it. However, what became apperent to me first off was how much the social order and cultural aspects of Ba Sing Se matched those of Medival Japan. 

    Back in 1603, the concept of the 'Shogun' was first c…

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  • Ltmaroon57

    Hello, I am planning something big for the Avatar series.

    I can't say much now, other than I need a co-creator to assist. Anyone who is interested, please respond. The first person to respond will be accepted.


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  • Minnichi

    Today, we present you the first issue of the new season! Come wrap up March with our exclusive new content and interviews, and don't be afraid to join in the discussion!

    From the Editor: Spring Means New Stuff!


    image = title = Avatar Face-Off: Mako vs. Bolin author = Duke of Skibbington 1liner content =

    Mako and Bolin are the world-renowned fabulous bending brothers. They were both orphaned at a young age and had to fend for themselves before training to become Probenders and then joining Avatar Korra in her struggle against evil.

    Mako is a fierce firebender, well adapted to the fast-paced fighting style of Republic City. He was known for his characteristic 'cool under fire' fighting style in which he would dodge most attacks w…

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  • Bbdc10

    Hello everyone,

    My friend and I are working on the story, characters, and world of a 3rd Earthbending Avatar according to the progression of the Avatar cycle. We love the Original and parts of Legend of Korra. We seek to make a beautiful story that has the magic of the first installment with new concepts based on both series of Avatar.

    We will be developing the art through local talent and build up to a professionally produced Pilot episode using online fundraising sites and a Youtube account to release our efforts for your consideration. We will occasionally have questions as far as the story for purposes of continuity.

    The goal with this project is to attract Nickelodeon's, Bryan Konietzko's, and Michael Dante DiMartino's attention and supp…

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  • Asnow89
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  • Minnichi

    Happy Valentine's Day! You knew it was coming. Come embrace the oogies and see what exciting new things the BSST has to share with you! You won't want to miss it.

    From the Editor: Happy Oogie Day!


    colorA = rgba(255,250,205,0.5) colorB = #FF69B4 colorC = black 1liner image = title = Your Secret Valentine Submissions author = BSST Staff editor content =

    We asked for 'em, and you sent 'em! We're quite impressed with all this love in the air! Users, beware... You never know who sent you a valentine. Or who responded. Find out if you have a secret admirer below!

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  • Water Spout

    Hot off the heels of Smoke and Shadow comes North and South, the next trilogy arc for Avatar: The Last Airbender!

    When Aang leaves to aid Zuko with the Kemurikage, Katara and Sokka return to the Southern Water Tribe by themselves. Katara is shocked to find that her beloved village has become a bustling city, with none other than their father, Hakoda, in charge! A Northerner named Malina seems to be behind this change, pushing the North and South to be more unified... but what are her true goals?

    From that alone it seems clear that the arc will put together what exactly happened that made the Southern Water Tribe so developed and urbanized. It's also very interesting that one of the characters of interest is named "Malina"- it can't be just coinc…

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  • Mat5udairashi

    Hello there, and thanks for clicking on this blog.’s been awhile, something like 6 months…soo, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!’s part 3 of my indepth review of ATLA: Book One: Water - back by zero demand... (¬_¬)

    Thank you.

    Part 3 - Last post: Part 2 (Winter Solstice Parts 1 & 2, Jet, The Great Divide, The Storm, The Blue Spirit, The Fortuneteller & Bato of the Water Tribe)

    The title of book makes it clear that it revolves around the element of Water, it doesn’t mean that’s ALL that interests our lead character Aang. Indeed he’s received little to no real training through the story thus far, but that is all about to change with this chapter, “The Deserter”.

    Firebending has never been seen as an element…

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  • NikkitaThe Metahuman

    If you don't like Azula, then don't continue reading or post anything on this blog post because it's mainly for Azula fans to read and we don't wanna hear anything from you. Okay, I'm not certain how or why this is happening, but there is a horrible rumour going about and when I say horrible, I MEAN HORRIBLE!!!!!!

    The horrible rumor I've read online is that Azula is going to die in part 3 of the Smoke and Shadow trilogy..... this CANNOT STAND Azula Fandom! After the search ended, I'm willing to bet we all went crazier than Azula did during Sozin's Comet. If that's the reaction to Azula running away after she was shown crying when the mother who didn't remember her apologised for not loving her enough as well as Zuko telling her no matter how …

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  • Duke of Skibbington

     Hello Avatar Wikians, today I have an interview with AvatarRokusGhost, author of Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes - the Wiki's answer to Homer and the Illiad. I interviewed him via email.

    1. When did you make the connection between the 'enemy general's son' whom Jinora mentioned and Lu Ten? What prompted it?

    It pretty much came to me right when I was watching The Spirit of Competition and heard Jinora talk about her book while giving love advice to Korra.  Well, maybe not all of it.  After all, one of the first ideas I got when coming up with ideas for potential Avatar fanon was a forbidden love for Lu Ten across enemy lines with a woman on the Earth Kingdom side.  That was a long time before The Legend of Korra was released, but by the time i…

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  • Minnichi

    UPDATE: 50 valentines have been submitted, and more than half of them are to users. Keep 'em coming

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  • Minnichi

    Fruipit is one of the hidden gems among our fanon portal's authors. She delves into deep, enlightening concepts to drive her stories, and you don't know drama in a fanon - good drama - until you've read these works. Happy (still sort of) New Year! I'm back in the reviewing game, and I've adopted a new layout; the big defining points are conveniently singled out since you're probably looking for these first, but you also have access to the full ramble below your score. (And yes, that means pay attention to the "See Detailed Commentary" part!!!) , , , , and . You won't wanna miss it.
    *All scores follow a 1 to 10 rating scale. Oneshots have varied categories. }}

    Alright, that concludes the most complex of the oneshot collection and I daresay, o…

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  • Minnichi

    The Ba Sing Se Times returns to Avatar Wiki, denying all rumors of death and nonexistence! We hope that today's issue will be worth the wait, and we encourage you to submit your own articles for publishing! Happy Reading!

    From the Editor: The BSST Returns in Style!

    teamed up with former fanon admin to create a news service on Avatar Wiki parallel to The Ba Sing Se Times, to help users find willing editors and illustrators and to compile valuable information together for the benefit of fanon readers and authors alike. From this idea was born The White Lotus Sentinel. Since the WLS merged with the community newsletter this past April, it is now a part of the wiki's archives, like The Laogai Inquirer and Water Tribe Weekly. Unlike the BSS…

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  • Superb37

    The following table below deals with individuals that could be identified as possible prodigies. There is a reason column, as to why that certain individual was considered a possible prodigy.

    • Note that: Azula was a confirmed prodigy by her paternal grandfather
    • Note that Kuvira was a confirmed prodigy by Suyin.

    Element Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason
    Katara Watebending master & healing master Hama†(possibly) Waterbending master, inventor of bloodbending & bloodbender Pakku†(possibly) Waterbending master & White Lotus member Unalaq†(spiritually vanquished whilst in the Dark Avatar state) Waterbending master, developer of spiritbending & can spiritbend
    Iroh† Firebending master, can generate lightning, developer of lightni…

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  • Sarailus

    Hello there! ^.^

    Well yes, I started working in a system for a Pen and paper in the Avatar universe for my friends.

    I searched for a system in the internet and found similar things, but nothing satisfying. So I used our own system and modified it with a bender skilltree, a jing-system and a chakra-system.

    Now I'm working on the story, wich is based about 20 years after Korras dead with a bit (a really bit) post-apocalyptic setting.

    What do you think? Sounds this interesting? Or do you know an allready existing other good P&P-system for Avatar?

    Well, I'm really, really sorry for my English, but since I saw, how much people are chatting in this wiki and how much people are activ in the German Avatar Wiki I decided to write my plans also in this w…

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  • SorcererSupreme21

    Let me just say that the only reason for this blog's existence in the first place was because it was nearing my account's "birthday", so I wanted to write my first ever blog on Wikia. And let me just say, if I was going to pointlessly list the history of this wiki for no reason whatsoever, I should've done more research than just looking at old BSST and WLS blogs, because the crap on here was obvious to anyone.

    In other words, ierappels.

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  • Bomochu

    Here's another review from Bomochu the Bombchu! For this one I had the pleasure of reading through a series of AvatarRokusGhost's one-shots collectively titled, ARG Presents. For easier reviewing, the eight one-shots will be reviewed in two parts of four, though there will be an overall score and advice section for each half, and one overall score for both parts. Let's take a look!

    The Consultant

    Set in between the events of The Chase, Team Avatar encounters a man known as 'The Consultant'. Exhausted after escaping Azula, the Consultant offers them advice which he claims will help them greatly in their battle with Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. The hilarious thing about this one-shot is that the Consultant seems to think that Team Avatar are somehow in…

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  • The amazing earthbender

    i think that the best earthbending more would be earth armor or enhanced earth armor because you have a wide range of capabilities and you are very protected. you could use the rock gloves tequnique of the dai li and do some rock hanging. and you could possibly also fly.

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  • Superb37

    Ok, I would now like to really share my honest opinions for each respective book/season of Avatar: Legend of Korra. Also note that there will be no redirecting links.

    Honestly, I really think that Book One: Air, was a waste of time and that the only useful pieces of informative delivered were that:

    • bloodbending could be performed without the aid of a full moon
    • and then, of course brand-new characters, for example: Korra, Naga, Mako, Bolin, Pabu, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Lin and Republic City.

    What I did expect was more bending styles to be introduced, more information about The Gaang after the events of The Promise, The Search and The Rift and immediate appearances of the entire Gaang, but that could not be as Sokka and Aang died, Toph…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Merry Hanukkah, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Hopefully, you fanon enthusiasts on Avatar Wiki are enjoying yourselves. Well, how about let's hold another fanon contest to close out 2015, shall we?

    For our thirteenth contest, we had five entries, which were brief, given the prompt, and had to live up to the challenge of letting each and every word count. Four of those were from authors who have written around the portal left and right, and we even got the opportunity to welcome a newcomer into the fold, making his debut onto the portal with the contest entry. With a creative and interesting idea from and some high-quality and immersive writing from , it was no simple task to select a winner this time around. As always, let us be…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hello fellow fanon writers and enthusiasts. It’s been quite a while since my last friendly neighborhood ghost review. For this one, we’ll be exploring the world of , written by . You may recognize him as the author of , as well as . Here, the saga continues:

    A dark spirit from the past returns! What is his purpose? It will be up to the relatively young Order of the White Lotus to put an end to it.

    With his refreshing cast of original characters going on an adventure centuries into the future of the Avatar world as we know it (in a somewhat modified timeline), this is something that can be frequented by both new readers and fans of his own work alike. So let’s check it out, shall we?

    Plot - 8.8: Mage is creative at story-crafting, and that…

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  • Suzon99

    Thoughts of an old user.

    December 6, 2015 by Suzon99

    It appears like blog posts might be out of fashion but in my day, when someone wanted to reach out to the entire community, this is how they did it. In all my years on the wiki (although this is my current and final account, I've had other, older accounts and have been here way longer than my join date would lead one to believe), I never thought I wouldn't be known. For me, this wiki was much more than a source of avatar knowledge, it was a bustling community, it was full of faces over the years. In the long five and a half years of my life since I first joined the Avatar Wiki back in July, 2010, it has changed so much.

    Beloved users, friends, have come and go. So many I couldn't even begin to name. This wiki got me through my life. It hel…

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  • Bomochu

    Well... It only took me about five months to finally review my first fanon! I do apologise for the delay; I'm anticipating that for the remainder of this year and next year things will be a lot less busy for me, and not only reviews but my wiki activity in general should be a lot better. But enough about me, let's have a look at Neo Bahamut’s fanon series, Republic City Renaissance!

    Because it's been a while since I did my test review, here's a little recap of what categories I use and what they mean:

    • Plot: The overarching story.
    • Organisation: The flow of chapters and the way the story progresses.
    • Spelling/Grammar: Any technical writing aspects.
    • Writing Style: Any non-technical writing aspects.
    • Characterization: How characters develop or are introduced…

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  • Bomochu

    2015 Fanon Awards Ceremony

    November 16, 2015 by Bomochu

    Greetings Avatar Wikians! It has been a long wait, but the time has finally come for the 2015 Fanon Awards Ceremony to commence!

    What are the Fanon Awards you may ask? Well, these awards are designed to celebrate the hard work of fanon authors and their fanons. There are a number of categories which authors and fanons can be nominated for, such as "Outstanding Fanon Series" to "Best Female Main Character", or even user awards like "Outstanding New Author" or "Outstanding Illustrator". Ultimately, the awards serve as a time of fun where we as a community can come together to acknowledge the outstanding work here on this portal.

    At the start of this year, five knowledgeable fanon authors were selected by the administrators to be part of the Fa…

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Hello Avatar Wikians! I am the Duke of Skibbington, a new member of the Fanon Fact Finders, where we interview fanon authors. Today, for my very first interview, I am interviewing SaeryenKatten, author of the fanfiction Fire, Song and a Snowstorm. I interviewed Saeryen through email.

    So, tell us a bit about yourself.

    Call me Saeryen. I am a female college student who plans to pursue creativity in many forms. I've written fanfiction before, both serious storytelling and silly stuff (as well as a few badfics that I haven't shown anyone just for my own amusement). I have also written some original stories, and I am currently working on an original computer game that I'm making with RPG Maker. I want to do more games and hopefully some novels an…

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  • Agent Slash

    A Fanon Update

    November 8, 2015 by Agent Slash

    Heyo, everyone! Agent Slash here with a bit of an update regarding my fanons (Wow. Holy crap, it's been a long time since I made one of these). Let's do this one at a time.

    So, as you know, I finished Avatar: Into the Light back in July, thus finally ending the Slash Trilogy. In the months since then, I've kinda been taking a break from fanon writing before moving on to my next series, but the day has finally come for me to start writing again. As of last night, I've finally started writing for my new fanon series: Crimes of Passion. So far, I think it's going really well and I'm really excited to get this out there. I hope to have book one finished by late November or early to mid December, so for those of you who are interested, keep your…

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  • Snivystorm

    Hey Avatar Wikians! This is Fanon Fact Finder here with the one and only Fanon portal writer, AvatarRokusGhost. Well known for his Fanon series , today he's asked me to interview a collection of his one shots . This collection of one shots is filled with ARG's work, stretching back all the way to 2011! Without further ado, let's start the interview!

    Hey ARG. First of all, how are you? Sorry for the extreme delay. D:

    I’m doing pretty good thanks. No worries, I’m actually fairly behind on my FRS reviews at the moment as well, which is something that I hope to rectify in the coming weeks, though I also anticipate I’ll have a ton of my free time remain occupied by NaNoWriMo, as it’s been for the past couple days already.

    Lets kick things off wi…

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  • Kris.ann

    Michelle Rodriguez Other candidates: Megan Batoon (Youtuber), Jana Kramer

    Arden Cho Other candidates: Seychelle Gabriel, Shay Mitchell, Jamie Chung, Lyndsy Fonseca

    Xian Lim Other candidates: Ok Taecyeon,…

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