• Shaheer Kashif2

    This Page is not going to cover the last 4 episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender (Sozin’s Comet Part 1-4) because undoubtedly those are the best episodes. Moreover, these are in random order because this page just mentions the best episodes and the choice of numbering is your own opinion. Better to say it the "Must Watch" episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender.

     Ever wondered why the ATLA is regarded as the best TV show. Well, that is because all of the characters have a proper character arc. In the beach, the backstory started with Ty Lee who told her story to join the circus, followed by May & then Zuko expresses that even he is home he isn’t happy & finally after a long time in the show, Azula states her story that she felt that her mothe…

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  • Ltmaroon57

    New Avatar Series?

    July 8, 2018 by Ltmaroon57

    Is there any word on a possible new Avatar series? 

    Also, what would you like a new series to be about? Korra, a new Avatar?

    I would like it to be a continuation of Korra's story, but not really an adaption of the comics, which were supposed to be. I would like it to be it's own canon, like Dragon Ball Super. The anime and manga are very different, but both are their own canon continuations of Dragon Ball. 

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  • Teag J. Brohman

    The Natural Locations for Filming are in:

    Book 1 Locations:

    Southern/Northern Water Tribe Lands: Svalbard, Norway

    Patola Mountain Range: Zhangjiajie National Forest, China

    Various Forests: Muskoka & Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

    Jet’s Forest: Aokigahara National Forest, Japan

    Sheltered Cave from “The Storm”: Bruce Peninsula National Park, Canada

    Mt. Makapu: Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand

    Northern Air Temple Mountians: Southern Alps, New Zealand

    Book 2 Locations:

    Foggy Swamp: New Orleans Bayou, Louisiana, United States

    Grasslands (Zuko Alone): Grasslands National Park, Canada

    Grasslands (The Chase): Yellowstone National Park, United States

    Abandoned Quarry (Bitter Work): Dinosaur Provincal Park, Canada

    Valley of Singing Gophers: Grasslands National Park, Canada


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  • Teag J. Brohman

    I am Planning on having Jason Momoa cast as Combustion Man for the Remake, Let me Know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Teag J. Brohman

    There are more than enough things wrong with M. Night’s Last Airbender, seeing the problems in this, I decided to think of developing a more faithful Live Action Remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender, in the form of a TV series, In tone and in Comedy.

    Things will include:

    1. Better actors

    2. Less White Actors

    3. Better Visual Effects and Bending Physics

    4. Big-atures of certain Locations (Air Temples, Pohuai Stronghold, etc.) provided by Weta Workshop

    5. Slight re-designs of costumes and characters (including Zuko)

    6. Less Exposition

    7. Getting the Ethnicities for Certain Characters right.

    8. Actors that will know their characters better.

    Do you think this will work? Or do you think it will it turn out badly, let me know in the comments.

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  • Invader Rob II

    Alittle silent release of the confirmation of a new Nicktoons console game after 7 years? You shouldn't have...,28zu0

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  • Lucywerewolf

    Hey guys!! I wanted to ask you  how do you think your own Avatar story would be like ?? You can write me and I 'm going to read them all and tell you my opinion.

    Kisses Lucy ^.^

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  • Blue-Arcania

    History of Asami

    April 17, 2018 by Blue-Arcania

    Hello !

    While I was taking care of the Asami'page on Wikia french with help of page in english, I saw that there were only links of Histories of Books One and Two and not those of Books Three and Four, 'cause only the pages of first two seasons are done (more those of relationships, of course). Seeing that the other characters (Teams Avatar and allies) have all their pages (histories), except Asami, I wonder if this is due to a "simple" forgetfulness or something else (lack of time...).

    Please, give me a reponse so that I can continue my work on Asami.

    Thanks in advance.


    PS : I'm French and I prefer that this task (missing stories) be done by english.

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    Ozai is a much maligned Avatar antagonist. Not because of his genocidal intent but because after seeing the Legend of Korra, many people have accused him of lacking significant depth. Compared to Amon and Kuvira who suffered childhood trauma and have analogues to real-world ideologies behind their actions (communism and fascism respectively), Ozai doesn't.

    They claim Ozai has no reason to act as he does. His father is not seen to have abused him. He doesn't seem to have any ideology about him. So why does he act like this? Kuvira, on the other hand, wished to reunite her nation through fascist means and all this was a result of the trauma of being abandoned as a child. Amon likely turned against bending after his rutheless father tortured t…

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  • AirMasterParker

    Let's talk about something I want to talk about. Although you might not be interested in hearing personal opinions or reviews, I would appreciate if you read at least the first paragraph and then decide. So, first of all, this is not a rant, and I'm not hating on the series; on the contrary, they're possibly my favourite series of all time, and they'll probably be for a couple more years.

    For me, "A:tLA/LoK" aren't just TV-shows which were aired in the same channel as SpongeBob (I like SBSP though, I just don't have time to continue watching it), but for me, they are the standard of what a good animated show should be. Not just in terms of american animations, or the japanese anime, no, an animated show GLOBALLY. From my point of view, "AtL…

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