• Ranger15

    Since the legend of korra, ive been curious about what happened afterwards. I always thought about having two avatars, both benders of all kinds but one stronger with water and fire, the other stronger with earth and air. Plot wise i thought about showing an unused villain type. tyrant, deceiver, conqueror and revolution maniac have already been used, so i was thinking civil oppressor. Basically, bending has been reserved for the higher class, while the lower classesare forbidden. One avatar trying to change this politcally, the other one rebelliously. This would eventually drive a wedge between them until they eventually come together again. Thats all i got so far.

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  • Myles Syles


    July 6, 2017 by Myles Syles
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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    Would you be fine with it, be confused/mad that it ended randomly, or would you just not care?

    As many fans have pointed out there are a lot of story lines to be completed in the comics for example like Azula's arc completion and the beginning of Republic City.

    Would Gene Yang / Mike & Bryan really want many of those details just left up to interpretation?

    What would your opinions be if the comics are indeed coming to an end? 

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  • Auz The Wizard

    So I see that theres talk about a twin avatar or two twins are born and one being with Raava and the other Vaatu. No. It can't happen unless 10,000 years go by and the convergence happens again.

    I also do not want to see an avatar where theres twins both having two of the elements between themselves which some people have been wanting. Ruins what the avatar is all about. And its only one avatar only. Not two or split between two people. I mean if Raava and Vaatu split, they can't until 10,000 years when Convergence happens. Canon people! Stay with the canon!

    (The Book Of The Avatar)

    Main basic plotline

    I think the next series should be focused on the avatar getting back the past avatars knowledge. Like searching for all texts and books on ever…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hello fellow fanon readers and writers. For today I will be reviewing , the brainchild of our own , one of the fanon community’s most prolific members. There is not much to update on my end this time, apart from the fact that my schedule remains pretty busy and looks like it will for some time to come. Nevertheless, I will make an effort to keep my reviews coming as often as possible for the benefit of the authors and users on here, as my schedule allows for it.

    In an ancient time where the world looked very different, where the northern coasts were lined with sheets of ice and glaciers, there stood a small Water Tribe settlement in the north known as Manirak. And in this village lived a 14-year-old girl named Miki, who after a tragic ac…

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    I'm hoping that Smoke and Shadow was her final appearance since it would leave fans with different opinions and interpretations on Azula's motives in that book. Was she trying to make Zuko rule through fear or was she using reverse psychology on him. I'm on the latter half.

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  • Dancingdragon13

    new comics

    June 7, 2017 by Dancingdragon13

    I look forward to future comics and hope they keep coming. I feel like there are many unanswered questions and stories left open. Zuko dealt with much unrest during his early rule, how does he combat this? Also we know he eventually has a daughter (thanks to Legend of Korra) but who is the mother? Would he have to marry for his daughter to have a claim to the throne? I liked Smoke and Shadow because it gave us a look into the Fire Nation and the unrest that plagued Zuko, but it left many more questions. 

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  • Keep The Comics Comming

    Avatar The Last Airbender is my all time favorite TV show. After finishing it, I will admit that I cryed...  I just wanted the episodes to go on forever XD. So when L.O.K. came out, at first I was really excited! But I knew it could never be as good as the original series so I tried not to get my hopes up too high. At first, I really loved L.O.K. the very first intro for the first episode almost made me cry when I saw the poster of the Gaang. I really enjoyed the first season, I thought the idea of an anti-bending revolution was great! I got really into it and couldn't wait to watch the next season. The next season I didn't find as exciting as the first, but I still found it enjoyable. Then when airbenders started popping up again in book …

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  • Quamboq

    I love things to be symmetrical. The correlations between the elements may not be symmetrical, but they do have certain similarities.

    In this graphic , every element has got one certain "life hack" - the small circle on the counterclockwise-side of the big outer circles. On the clockwise-side there are subskills; and the big circles should demonstrate kind of an ultimate bending style. Furthermore, I crossed the bordering elements, and in the centre is, of course, Energybending.

    The Life-Hacks: These techniques are skills which help the bender survive certain surroundings or to withstand situations, just as you want. People would say these aren't really "skills" because they aren't used so actively. But I see them as bending just like a fighting tec…

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  • PhysicistsareawesomePHD
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