• Hasdi

    With After Earth nearing completion, M.Night is deciding between 3 for his next project: 2 that are just in outline form, and one that he has "already written"... Can anybody guess what that is?

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  • Hasdi

    Greenlighting News

    October 14, 2011 by Hasdi

    At this time, the status of a possible sequel is not clear, with little to no information recently released by the studios, producers, and the cast and crew. This has lead to speculations that it may be cancelled, delayed, sold off to another studio, has been secretly greenlit, etc., etc.. In lieu of any confirmation, the entries below itemized news that may support or rule out any of the speculated scenarios. Most of the cast and crew including Shyamalan are contracted to return for the sequels if optioned by Paramount. However, they may not be able work on the sequels while working on another major film project or going on a summer tour.

    • 4 July 2010: Paramount's reboot of Nickelodeon Movies will start with , followed by Rango in March 4 2…
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  • King Marth 64


    There are rumors that 3 main casts that are playing Toph, Ty Lee, and Mai in .

    • Chloë Moretz from Kick-A** & Diary of a Wimpy Kid is going to play Toph.

    • Nicole Gale Anderson from Mean Girls 2 & JONAS is going to play Ty Lee.

    • Christian Serratos from Ned's Declassified & Twilight: Saga is going to play Mai.

    There is also a rumor swirling that Toph will be adopted....will this maybe allow Chloe Moretz play Toph???

    • - Source
      • - Same Exact Rumors from the Sour…

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  • Buttongoo

    This is a blog stating my speculations for a sequel to The Last Airbender if green-lit and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

    I am quite positive that M. Night will try harder to make the film better than the first although it would probably still remain a mess but less messy than the first. It would probably gain less than the previous film, grossing wise as well. The speculation of merging of Ty Lee and Mai is propaganda and is unlikely.
    My best guess is that M. Night would continue his view of how the Avatar can not hurt people. The main focus would be Aang trying to gain control of the Avatar State and learn earth bending from Toph.

    Team Avatar

    Aang and his friends would arrive before General Fong after winning the battle at the North Pole. Ge…

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  • Hasdi

    This blogpost contains frequently answered questions related to greenlighting the sequels to M. Night Shyamalan's Film:The Last Airbender. It was originally on Film:The Last Airbender 2 page.

    1) Didn't the first movie "lost" money?

    Thanks to Hollywood accounting, nobody really knows how much was spent on the first movie. As such, the $280 million figure. 4) But The Last Airbender was nominated NINE times for the Razzies! And won FIVE of the possible EIGHT awards!!!

    Twilight: Eclipse was nominated nine times too, and the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was nominated seven times the year prior (and won Worst Picture). A bad rep for Twilight won't stop Summit Entertainment, and neither will Paramount for The Last Airbender (and Transformers). …
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  • Hasdi


    January 13, 2011 by Hasdi

    This page contains my predictions for the sequel, based on hints from the first movie and various interviews with M. Night Shyamalan such as the private breakfast interview with journalists, the NYMAG interview, and MTV interviews. The sequels to The Last Airbender have yet to be greenlit by Paramount. Once that happens, Shyamalan had indicated the he will be directing two more movies per his contract. However, a fourth movie is possible if negotiations are successful, which may still be produced by Shyamalan even though it may not be directed by him. Shyamalan said the draft for the second movie has been written, but the third movie has yet to be constructed, likely pending the fourth movie negotiations. The assumption it that four movies…

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