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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hello again fanon portal-ers. Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Real life has been in a wee bit of a hectic transition lately, so that’s made keeping up with a lot of stuff rather difficult. Nevertheless, I feel that I have delayed this new review for a long time in particular. This is, in part due to my schedule and also due to the abundance of categories and scores involved, being another collection of one-shots. In the future, I shall do my best to see that my fanon reviews are completed within a reasonable time frame, so that I don’t find myself in the awkward position of publishing reviews for authors who have long left the wiki. Anyhow, today I have a collection of treats from one of the portal’s most consistent and prolific …

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  • Bomochu

    "Welcome everyone to the Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington. It is a collection of the finest one-shot literature in the Duchy, written and selected by me – The Duke of Skibbington himself. In other words, it is a compilation of all the one-shots that I wrote."

    Hello Avatar Wikians! Bomochu here and I'm back again with the pleasure of reviewing a collection of the Duke of Skibbington's one-shots here, collectively titled, 'Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington'. The blurb above is what appears on the central hub for the one-shots, welcoming readers to a diverse range of fanons written by Duke. For easier reviewing, the nine one-shots to be reviewed will be split into two parts and given a score for each, and then a total score, and the …

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  • Bomochu

    It's Bomochu back again with the second part to a review for ARG Presents. Last time we looked at four hilarious and enjoyable one-shots, so now let's take a look at the other four:

    Live Another Day

    Written for another writing contest, this time the prompt "Write an Epic Fight Scene", Live Another Day features a battle between Hakoda from the Southern Water Tribe and a 'mysterious' waterbender.

    Plot: 10.0

    Brilliant story! The plot twist at the end was unexpected and worked really well. The back-and-forth style of describing one opponent and their attack and then how the other countered made for an exciting and memorable story. A simple yet elegant story that serves its purpose well.

    Organisation: 9.9

    The whole setup for this fanon was superb; the surp…

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  • Minnichi

    Happy Valentine's Day! You knew it was coming. Come embrace the oogies and see what exciting new things the BSST has to share with you! You won't want to miss it.

    From the Editor: Happy Oogie Day!


    colorA = rgba(255,250,205,0.5) colorB = #FF69B4 colorC = black 1liner image = title = Your Secret Valentine Submissions author = BSST Staff editor content =

    We asked for 'em, and you sent 'em! We're quite impressed with all this love in the air! Users, beware... You never know who sent you a valentine. Or who responded. Find out if you have a secret admirer below!

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  • Minnichi

    Fruipit is one of the hidden gems among our fanon portal's authors. She delves into deep, enlightening concepts to drive her stories, and you don't know drama in a fanon - good drama - until you've read these works. Happy (still sort of) New Year! I'm back in the reviewing game, and I've adopted a new layout; the big defining points are conveniently singled out since you're probably looking for these first, but you also have access to the full ramble below your score. (And yes, that means pay attention to the "See Detailed Commentary" part!!!) , , , , and . You won't wanna miss it.
    *All scores follow a 1 to 10 rating scale. Oneshots have varied categories. }}

    Alright, that concludes the most complex of the oneshot collection and I daresay, o…

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  • Bomochu

    Here's another review from Bomochu the Bombchu! For this one I had the pleasure of reading through a series of AvatarRokusGhost's one-shots collectively titled, ARG Presents. For easier reviewing, the eight one-shots will be reviewed in two parts of four, though there will be an overall score and advice section for each half, and one overall score for both parts. Let's take a look!

    The Consultant

    Set in between the events of The Chase, Team Avatar encounters a man known as 'The Consultant'. Exhausted after escaping Azula, the Consultant offers them advice which he claims will help them greatly in their battle with Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. The hilarious thing about this one-shot is that the Consultant seems to think that Team Avatar are somehow in…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Merry Hanukkah, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Hopefully, you fanon enthusiasts on Avatar Wiki are enjoying yourselves. Well, how about let's hold another fanon contest to close out 2015, shall we?

    For our thirteenth contest, we had five entries, which were brief, given the prompt, and had to live up to the challenge of letting each and every word count. Four of those were from authors who have written around the portal left and right, and we even got the opportunity to welcome a newcomer into the fold, making his debut onto the portal with the contest entry. With a creative and interesting idea from and some high-quality and immersive writing from , it was no simple task to select a winner this time around. As always, let us be…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Hello fellow fanon writers and enthusiasts. It’s been quite a while since my last friendly neighborhood ghost review. For this one, we’ll be exploring the world of , written by . You may recognize him as the author of , as well as . Here, the saga continues:

    A dark spirit from the past returns! What is his purpose? It will be up to the relatively young Order of the White Lotus to put an end to it.

    With his refreshing cast of original characters going on an adventure centuries into the future of the Avatar world as we know it (in a somewhat modified timeline), this is something that can be frequented by both new readers and fans of his own work alike. So let’s check it out, shall we?

    Plot - 8.8: Mage is creative at story-crafting, and that…

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  • Bomochu

    Well... It only took me about five months to finally review my first fanon! I do apologise for the delay; I'm anticipating that for the remainder of this year and next year things will be a lot less busy for me, and not only reviews but my wiki activity in general should be a lot better. But enough about me, let's have a look at Neo Bahamut’s fanon series, Republic City Renaissance!

    Because it's been a while since I did my test review, here's a little recap of what categories I use and what they mean:

    • Plot: The overarching story.
    • Organisation: The flow of chapters and the way the story progresses.
    • Spelling/Grammar: Any technical writing aspects.
    • Writing Style: Any non-technical writing aspects.
    • Characterization: How characters develop or are introduced…

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  • AvatarRokusGhost

    Happy September, members of the fanon community. It's contest time once again!

    As always, let us begin with the results from the last contest, which gave us the pleasure of reading four entertaining entries by some of Avatar Wiki's regular authors. Each of these songfics brought their own character and musical flare to the table, and it took us several days to decide upon our victor. All four participants of Round 13 may use the template .

    And now onto Round 14, which will run from September 16 to October 20, given that we're starting so late in the month once again. For this prompt, you can write about anything - that's right. Anything you want, as long as it's related to Avatar, of any genre and style. That is, as long as it is 500 words …

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