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Chilary/The Swirling Nomads' Awesome Locker Room

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Welcome my fellow teammates to the Swirling Nomads' Awesome Locker Room for the Tour de ATLA.

Okay, teammates! We're about to send all of the teams flying off the earth.

Meelo fighting Equalists

Or like Momoam15 likes to put it 'We will blow their socks off'... Literally.

Our Awesome Teammates


This userbox is for participating in the Tour de ATLA so make sure you have it. (Brought to you by Sokka jr.)

Complete Team Avatar group hug
This user participated in the Tour de ATLA hosted by Kat.

Just type:{{User:Katorra12/Template:Tour de ATLA Participant}}

This userbox is for being on our AWESOME team so make sure you have this one as well. (Brought to you by Momoam15 our wonderful co-captain.)

Aang and Gyatso
This user is a member of the Swirling Nomads Tour de ATLA Team.

Just type:{{User:Chilary/Template:Swirling Air Nomads}}


(brought to you by Katorra)

Chat Rules

  • Players from another team are not to chat in another teams locker room, so please don't chat in other locker rooms.
  • No abuse, threatening, and fowl talk, lets keep it nice and clean.
  • Commenting on the Tour de ATLA's offical page will be forbidden during the games, only questions and answers during the tour.
  • Only questions and answers will be allowed on the page when the tour starts. You can chat on the blog made specifaclly for Tour de ATLA commenting. LINK BELOW.
!LINK:![1] <-----The Tour de ATLA Chatting Lounge
  • Do not use commenting as a resource for cheating. PLEASE NO CHEATING.

Sokka freaks out <---- Sokka freaks out cause he caught you cheating.

Rules of the Game

  • During the game teams will answer questions and earn points
  • Questions will be based off categories:

Characters: Example: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph etc.

Places: Examples: Southern Water Tribe, Ba Sing Se, Fire Nation etc.

Spirits and Bending: Examples: Koh, Waterbending, Airbending etc.

Glitches: Examples: Maybe some glitches or goofs during ATLA. etc.

  • When the Tour is finished the post game will start:

In the post game, Captains (our captain, Chilary) and co-captains (our co-captain, Momoam15) will answer questions based on Katorra12's fanon, Journey to Realization. They will earn bonus points for teams. This will give a team that is behind a chance to catch up.


Okay, The mascot must be a character from any Avatar series and has to correspond to the element of your team. So since were the Swirling Nomads then I guess Aang is our mascot.

Aang feels hot

Unless, if everyone doesn't agree then we can choose another.


Appa or Momo

Updates & Strategies

  • I will update the locker room as time progresses and when the Tour starts.
  • We will create our own strategy soon. (It will be the best!)



Pipsqueak and The Duke cheering

Yip, yip Hooray! <---- I know, so corny. :D

-sincerely your captain, Chilary

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