• Melonus

    Last week, it was discovered through various TV listings that Nick was going to air episodes 4 & 5 from Book 3 on the Friday after July 4th. Speculations were made on whether this was going to be an ongoing occurence, however, a recent tweet by Nickelodeon appears to have responded to these theories.

    Nickelodeon tweeted :

    @reiko4509 At the moment, the schedule is slated to have two new eps air every Friday starting on July 11 at 8pm/7c

    — Nickelodeon (@NickelodeonTV)

    As a result of this news, the projected schedule for Book 3 looks like this:

    • July 11: Episodes 4 & 5
    • July 18: Episodes 6 & 7
    • July 25: Episodes 8 & 9
    • August 1: Episodes 10 & 11
    • August 8: Episodes 12 & 13 

    Please note that this is a tentative schedule and may be subject to change. Neverthe…

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  • AvatarKatar

    It's official!, a Legend of Korra video game is coming out for the PS4, PS3, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo 3DS!

    It'll be developed by Platinum Games, the same people behind Bayonetta, and published by Activision, the same people who have published the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero games!

    I'm personally excitied for this game! I've always wondered what a Avatar game would like being developed by a Japanese developer!

    Platinum Games is an interesting choice for the developers, so it'll be interesting to see Korra's gameplay!

    Hopefully, it won't be as bloody as Bayonetta...


    Also, this could be a great oppurtunity to introduce the series to Japanese audiences!

    Also, the best part about this is, the 3DS version, will be a turn-based…

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  • Asnow89
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  • Intelligence4

    June 27th, 7pm.

    In an unexpected twist of events today, the premiere date for Book Three: Change of The Legend of Korra was announced. This is very exciting news, especially considering the fact that the date is only one week away from the announcement, unlike the announcement for book 2, which came more than a month before the premiere. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Book 3: in an interview, Jeremy Zuckerman said that the upcoming book of Korra will be much more like The Last Airbender than the previous books.

    Here's another twist for you: the premiere will be three episodes long. That's right folks, the first two episodes ("A Breath of Fresh Air" and "Rebirth") will premiere together as an hour long special, and then the third episode, "Th…

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  • Water Spout

    Leave it to Nickelodeon to spend millions marketing a sponge and absolutely nothing for The Legend of Korra, because it seems as if the third book will debut much sooner than the predicted September release on Friday, June 27. Friday will have the first two episodes, "A Breath of Fresh Air" and "Rebirth of a Nation" air back-to-back, followed immediately by a bonus presentation of the third episode, "The Earth Queen". After that unforeseen onslaught, there will be a short break for the Fourth of July weekend, and The Legend of Korra will resume at its new regular timeslot, Fridays at 8 PM ET/PT.

    A short clip of the first episode can be seen here. If you can't view it for some reason, it essentially shows Korra, Tenzin, and Jinora (accompanied by…

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  • Water Spout

    Nickelodeon has finally released a trailer for the upcoming book of The Legend of Korra, and it hardly disappoints. It offers an exciting look into Book Three: Change, and when the creators said that this season will focus on the Earth Kingdom, they weren't at all kidding.

    Some interesting details to note include:

    • Airbending. Just airbending all over the place.
    • More flying bison! It seems like there is no worry of a second extinction anytime soon.
    • A woman with the same tattoo as Combustion Man, indicating the possible return of combustion as a special technique.
    • A man who looks similar to the scary prisoner, only he doesn't look half as interested about anyone's love life.
    • A disabled waterbender with no arms just wrecking everything in her path. I…
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  • Lady Lostris

    Due to lack of something as a "reposting" you can do on Twitter or Tumblr or whatever, I am going to go with a good old fashioned "copy and paste". The original message can be found here and it was brought to our attention by here, though I figured it could use some more direct visibility, hence the re-blogging of the entire statement.

    Howdy, friends. As you have likely already heard, four episodes from Book 3 were leaked this past weekend. It is bad enough that it happened at all, but it would have been a little less of a disaster had it at least been the first four episodes of the season. Instead, the third through the sixth episodes popped o…

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  • Hasdi

    Back in February, Dark Horse announced collectable items for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, which will include "limited-edition statues, figurines, and busts, as well as, featured plush, drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs, coaster sets, magnets, playing cards, badges, pins, lunch boxes, sculptural pins, among other items." In particular, Pabu and Naga plushies are back in stock.

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  • Neo Bahamut

    Mike dropped a rather unexpected bomb in the comments of this blog post, about the steps that go into writing an episode of "The Legend of Korra":

    I wasn't sure where to post this information, so I decided on a whim to blog about it. Here is the quote:

    "Yes, the Bhanti is the name of that tribe [that rescued Korra after she got amnesia]. Sometimes we come up with backstories for characters that don’t always get spelled out in the final scripts. If the exposition isn’t vital to understanding what’s going on, it usually gets trimmed."

    If you read the part that mentions them, what it says is that, in the original draft of the episode, the Bhanti were a tribe…

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  • KettleMeetPot

    With 2014 well underway, the time comes again to take stock of what we gained and lost this past year as the celebrations end and people get back to business - and as always, things have changed quite a bit. With the second season of the Legend of Korra passing with relatively less fanfare, we mark the first on-peak decrease of registered editor participation in the wiki's history - though off-peak numbers remain stable.

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