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Water Tribe emblem
Yue's necklace

Princess Yue was given a necklace by Hahn.

A betrothal necklace is a hand-carved piece of jewelry given to a bride-to-be by her intended. According to Northern Water Tribe customs, when a young woman turns sixteen, her marriage is arranged, and her future husband is to carve a unique design from stone and fasten it to a choker, thus creating a necklace.[2]


Katara wore a betrothal necklace which previously belonged to her grandmother, Kanna, and that had been worn by her mother instead of one Hakoda would have made for her.[3] She seemed unaware of the necklace's significance when Yugoda asked her about it.

Princess Yue also wore a betrothal necklace, given to her by Hahn. She revealed her necklace to Sokka after the two shared a kiss on a bridge. Although she was wearing the necklace, Yue did not seem thrilled about marrying Hahn as it was an arranged marriage, only benefiting the political well-being of the Northern Water Tribe.[1]

In 171 AG, Bolin was given a betrothal necklace by Eska, even though the cultural norm was for the boy to fashion a necklace for his future wife. He did not get a chance to protest, as Eska stated that marriage was the only thing that could bridge the gap of their separation, and promptly tied the gift around his neck herself.[4]

List of known necklaces

Bolin's betrothal necklace

Eska's betrothal necklace for Bolin differed from most, featuring spikes and a miniature skull as a charm.

  • Katara's necklace has been a family heirloom, originally being a betrothal necklace carved by Pakku for Kanna.[1]
  • Yue was given a betrothal necklace by Hahn, who became Sokka's enemy once he learned that it was an arranged marriage.[5]
  • Kanna was given a new betrothal necklace by Pakku when he visited the South Pole to rebuild it; she accepted this time.[6]
  • Ummi was given a betrothal necklace by Kuruk.[7]
  • Bolin was given a betrothal necklace by Eska, which was purple in color, had a carved skull fastened in the center, and spikes running along the middle.[4]


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