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Bending Battle is a free game hosted on


Playing as Aang, the player's goal is to defeat Prince Zuko and his firebending soldiers who continuously attack.


All actions are performed through the use of the left mouse click.


Aang has three types of attack in his arsenal that he can use to defeat Zuko. They are as follows:

  • Strong attack is powerful, but takes a while to deliver.
  • Quick attack can be delivered rapidly, but is less powerful.
  • Ultra attack combines the best elements of both previously mentioned moves.

There are several combination moves that Aang can perform and, if he successfully completes a sequence, he will be awarded with a point bonus and some special effects will occur. The combinations are:

  • Mighty Attack deals double its normal damage when used against Prince Zuko.
  • Strength of the Wind hurts Prince Zuko.

To perform the Mighty Attack, three consecutive Ultras must be used, whereas Strength of Wind needs three consecutive Strongs.

Bending Battle gameplay

Aang dodges a fire blast from Zuko.

The Avatar is made to fight not just Zuko, but also some firebenders under his command. It is the player's job to employ the above attacks against these dangerous forces. Two soldiers, like Aang and Zuko, retain a predetermined amount of health points and only lose when these points are depleted. Three other soldiers are in the brawl as well, but they require only one hit to be defeated. No soldiers will be present at the beginning of the fight; as it progresses, however, each one will eventually arrive as Zuko calls for reinforcements.

Team Avatar's members will join the fight to aid their friend in his efforts, offering their own distinct abilities:

  • Momo can predict Prince Zuko's next attack.
  • Appa can unsettle the opponents, giving the player time to formulate a plan. However, one's enemies can use that time to call in reinforcements.
  • Sokka can throw his boomerang across the entire field of battle. Permitting that no-one guards from the attack, every soldier and Zuko will receive damage.
  • Katara has waterbending powers that act in the same manner as Sokka's boomerang. However, they come with an added condition: although they are of great help to Aang, Katara should not be called upon when the player's enemies are executing Strong attacks.


Aang's capabilities in terms of strength change throughout the course of the game. This change is defined by the term "level up". The three levels are "Apprentice", "Warrior", and "Master Warrior". Aang's power increases with each level up.

As the game continues, his rank will improve, and new combination attacks may be awarded.

Scoring system

  • Hitting a guard: 100 points
  • Hitting a lieutenant: 1,000 points
  • Damage to Prince Zuko: 1,000 points
  • Defeating Prince Zuko: 20,000 points
  • Combo Attacks: 500 - 1,500 points (per attack)

The player receives bonus points each turn he or she avoids any damage. Up to 10,000 points can be rewarded for how much energy Aang has left at the end of a battle. Making the first move in a round adds 1,000 points to the total.

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