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The Bau Ling Buzzard Wasps are an experienced pro-bending team which competed in the Pro-bending Tournament of 170 AG.[1]


The Buzzard Wasps were able to reach to the semifinals of the Pro-bending Tournament, where they faced the Fire Ferrets for their match-up. According to Shiro Shinobi, it was hard to find two more evenly matched teams than the Fire Ferrets and Buzzard Wasps, as they mirrored each other in age, size, and strength.

Buzzard Wasps cornering Fire Ferrets

The Buzzard Wasps cornered the Fire Ferrets at the end of the first round.

The moment the bell rang, announcing the start of the match, the Buzzard Wasps let loose a barrage of elemental attacks. The flawlessly executed combo immediately knocked the Fire Ferrets back a zone, even pushing Mako into the third zone. The Buzzard Wasps' earthbender managed to hit Bolin square in the stomach, causing the latter to throw up his seaweed noodles. Shortly after, the team managed to push Korra and Bolin back into the third zone as well and knock Mako out of the ring. Before they could end the match, however, the bell rang, signaling the end of the first round.

The second round started with an immediate success for the Buzzard Wasps, as they knocked Mako back a zone and made use of his error of accidentally attacking his brother to knock Bolin off the ring. The Buzzard Wasps' firebender was unnecessarily roughed up by Korra's waterbending, earning the Avatar a penalty of having to move back a zone, and thus the Buzzard Wasps claimed an easy victory in the second round as well.

Buzzard Wasps knockout

The Buzzard Wasps were knocked out of the ring by Korra's waterbending.

The third round started similarly as the second one with the Buzzard Wasps easily pushing Bolin and Mako back a zone. The Buzzard Wasps' earthbender hit Bolin with a disc against his shoulder, however, injuring him. Their firebender took advantage of Mako's distractedness over his brother to knock him into the water. The wounded Bolin was dispelled from the playing field moments later. With only Korra left standing, the three Buzzard Wasps let lose all their attacks on her, though the Avatar managed to avoid them and retaliated by knocking the earthbender into the second zone and the firebender into the third zone. Now all aligned behind one another, the Buzzard Wasps were hit with the same strong water blast and were all knocked out of the ring, ending their run in the tournament.[1]

Following the events of the Unalaq Crisis, the Buzzard Wasps participated in a charity pro-bending tournament to help repair damages done to Republic City. The team made it to the semifinals, where they faced the Fire Ferrets. Upon the opening bell, the Buzzard Wasps' instantly knocked out Mako and Bolin, leaving Korra to fend for herself. Despite their best efforts, the team was eventually defeated by the lone waterbender.[2]


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