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This banished servant was one of the many Fire Nation royal servants of the Royal Family. She was formerly part of the all-female staff of servants in charge of assisting Princess Azula.


While Princess Azula was preparing for her coronation as Fire Lord, this servant girl offered the princess cherries from a bowl. However, as Azula ate one cherry, she noticed a pit was still in it. Azula became furious and demanded to know why there was a pit in her cherry on "the most important day of [her] life." The servant timidly explained that she did not leave the pit in on purpose, but that it was "just a small mistake." Azula, enraged by that answer, denied it being a small mistake, due to the chance of her choking on it and possibly dying from it. The servant begged for forgiveness, and Azula decided that, as it was a special day, she would "show mercy"; she subsequently banished the servant. The girl was ordered to leave the palace immediately.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


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