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Ballistae were used by the guards at the Boiling Rock.

The ballista is a large crossbow-type weapon that uses torsional force to propel a variety of projectiles, including darts, arrows, and harpoons, much further and faster than a catapult or similar device. It is mounted on a rotating platform aboard a Fire Navy ship, similar to the catapults and trebuchets also seen on those ships. The weapon is mainly used to fire a metal projectile into the hull of an enemy's vessel at a point below the water line. Once the hull is breached, the projectile opens up to prevent itself from pulling free.[1]


This weapon was used by a Fire Navy officer's ship when its crew tried to destroy a Fire Nation ship that was captured by Team Avatar.[1] Several ballistae were utilized during the invasion to hinder the advance of the waterbending-powered submarines toward the Royal Plaza. One managed to puncture one of the submarines before Katara sliced the chain of the projectile.[2] It was later used at the Boiling Rock to pull in a cooler that Chit Sang, his girlfriend, and another inmate had attempted to escape in.[3]


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