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Bacui berries

Bacui berries are served as a popular snack in Omashu.

The bacui berry is a plant that grows in the forested regions of the Earth Kingdom. Besides being a popular snack in Omashu,[1] it is also well known as a remedy to the poisonous effects of the white jade bush.


When Iroh and Zuko were traveling through the Earth Kingdom as refugees, they struggled to adjust to their new lifestyle. While searching for food, Iroh accidentally poisoned himself by drinking tea made from the poisonous white jade plant, mistaking it for the white dragon bush. Knowing that bacui berries could cure his ailment, he found a clump of berries, though he was not entirely sure that they were in fact the bacui berries, as they could also have been the poisonous maka'ole berries, which cause blindness. Zuko, not wanting to risk his uncle going blind, subsequently tossed them into the forest.[2]


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