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Earth Kingdom emblem
The monorail in Ba Sing Se travels through each of the city's three rings.
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The Ba Sing Se Monorail is an immense mass transit network spanning the entire city of Ba Sing Se that serves as the primary mode of transportation for the city's aristocracy and general population. The cars are pushed from one end of the rail network to the other by a group of powerful earthbenders.[1]


The monorail was the brainchild of Earth King Yi Ming, an ingenious but impatient ruler who was tired of having to spend two full days traveling from one end of his city to the other. He tasked his engineers with finding a solution to his traveling woes;[2] the result was the best mass-transit system in the entire world, with no equal in speed, safety, or comfort.

Years later, this mode of transport remained in heavy use by commoners to traverse the city. To use the monorail, people needed to acquire a ticket. When Iroh and Zuko had traveled to the capital as refugees, the ticket woman was skeptical of the passports they had presented for Mushi and Lee respectively. In order to get the needed tickets, Iroh flattered the lady with sweet talk, and she subsequently stamped the passports without a second thought.[3] On the monorail, they encountered Tahn, Ying, their newly-born daughter, Hope, and Tahn's sister. Other known travelers on that same train ride were Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot, the former members of Freedom Fighters.

When Team Avatar made it to the city after losing Appa to the sandbenders in the Si Wong Desert, they used the monorail as well. On this train, they encountered a strange man sucking on a corn cob.[1]


Monorail schematics
These are the schematics of a monorail car.
FruipitAdded by Fruipit

Each train is powered by two earthbenders standing at the end of the vehicle, pushing it along the tracks. Inside, there are benches provided for easy travel comfort, as well as overhanging bars that travelers can hold on to when there is no room to sit down.[1] The schematics of the monorail show that the windows of the train are covered with paper to hold the wind out, but can also be opened to allow people to look outside.


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