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Amidst al the hype of Korra, PSUAvatar14 delivers us some good old-fashioned ATLA stories as he dives into Aang and Katara's relationship for Kataang week. A Week of Air and Water is a believable series of one-shots and the characters are kept in-character and realistic in this interesting series which will bring out the canon nostalgia in us all.

While collections of one-shots have become increasingly common on the wiki in recent times, this one has stood out and earned praise from its readers months after it was first published. Everyone who considers them a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and has a soft spot for shipping-related fics should gives this one a look.

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In Desperation, the inaugural chapter of Altered Perception, the reader is treated to a believable and unique way of exploring blind Toph's world through her eyes, or rather, feet and other perception. It is a great piece of writing and true to the canon character of its protagonist during her early days of motherhood.

With its moving and emotional demeanor, its hard not to just see this happening in the canon, and its a well-written treat. Anyone who enjoys reading fan fiction stories based on the Avatar franchise should find that treat to be sweet.

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