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Nominating a Featured Fanon


I Am the Solution is a fanon series written by EskaDesna21.

It focuses on Iesen, who joined the Equalists when she was fourteen. She used to be a nonbender without a job, family, or purpose in life, but Amon offered a solution. As she rose through the ranks of the Equalists, driven by her desire to avenge the murder of her family, she realizes that Amon isn't as perfect as she assumed during the actual revolution.

Featured fanon article


Have you ever read such a beautiful story, you felt you had to share it with the world? You couldn't help but imagine how much time and effort the author must have put in top create such a world? Well, there is a way to share it!

By just going to a special nomination page, you can suggest that the story, or chapter, or article, or character page—any fanon page at all!—be nominated, and for an entire month, have a special place on this page, with a special icon on the fanon's page. All you have to do is write the name of the page, and a short segment about why you think it should be featured. There are only two conditions; you can't nominate your own story (or nominate someone else's, and have them nominate yours in the same month), and you have to have at least 50 edits. It's as simple as that, so what are you waiting for?

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