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Focusing 26 years after Book 4, Destiny's Faith is a fascinating fanon written by Korra2000.

It focuses on the life of San, a 17-year-old waterbender from Republic City. While life can be hard for him sometimes, he enjoyed a relatively good childhood and the fact that his 'friends' are mostly adults never bothered him. Now, however, he is facing troubles with his mother and airbenders are being attacked by mysterious men in black. Read to find out if the Avatar's family can be saved!

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Smirk is an incredible Kataang one-shot by PSUAvatar14. In this one-shot, you experience Kataang moments from during and after the war. PSUAvatar14 really nails that competitive sensation they both get, but still feel a strong love for one another.

Kataang supporters are not very uncommon. If you are a small or a big supporter of this ship, what does it matter? You'll love it nonetheless!

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