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The Book of Primal Illusion


When the Hundred Year War ends, Aang restores the world with Katara on his side. That's what we think about the canonical plot of post-war fanon, isn't it? But that's not for Harpalyce.

With its own original plot, The Book of Primal Illusion is obviously a worth-read story. Even though heavily influenced with interest of Zutarian, with 23 chapters written this story will bring reader to a thrilling adventure with encouraging illustrations. If you don't like the shipping, you'd love the illustrations.

Remember, Amon was still the same bloodbender who had been trained by his father Yakone, even though he proclaimed to the world that he would bring an end to bending. This story is still the same intriguing story, even though it is discontinued.

The Weeds of Wealth


Jtwin1 is obviously a talented writer. With 12 chapters released, he shows his creativity with the Avatar: Neo Revolution.

The Weeds of Wealth is only one of those wonderful story he had written. The vivid description takes reader on interesting journey of the suspected Avatar to the Wasteland. Trying to prove himself Sedgley discovered a drug-smuggling, with Wasteland tribe proves the perfect opportunity, but he soon realises he bit off more than he could chew.

Trying to figure the new thread of their personality and values?

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