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Powers Saga


Some types of bending are seen as a great honor. And then there are the other types, the darker types, that users would prefer to keep secret...

That is the plot for the February Featured Fanon. Written by Katrinasforest and Raptorrowan, this story currently has twelve chapters and is in its first book, called Switched Powers where Aang is able to switch his and Zuko's powers so that the latter can use bloodbending on his own body; however, the law of the Fire Nation says that the Firelord must be a firebender, leaving Zuko forced to hide his new abilities or give up the throne. For more, check their front page!

The Callgirl - Red


The Callgirl - Red is the fourth chapter AvatarAang7's The Callgirl.

This chapter, like many written before by AvatarAang7, show his amazing skill when it comes to writing. In The Callgirl, Asami is visiting the South Pole and when she asks for company, Korra comes over. It's a great story, which shouldn't be spoiled here. It should instead be enjoyed by you. If you haven't given it a go, please do so as soon as possible, you don't want to miss chapters like this one.

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