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There are few enough one-shot series, and even fewer that focus on minor characters from the series. My Imago encompasses both of these.

Written by seasoned author Kyoshidude, My Imago is comprised of 6 chapters, and right from the beginning draws readers in. It tells the stories of Lo and Li, but from the perspective of other characters who observe the twins. Exploring their relationship at different points in time, Kyoshidude certainly knows how to create not only a believable but also a moving one, and you can be sure that My Imago will leave you on the verge of tears and never quite viewing these characters the same way again. It's really that good.

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Speak What Your Heart Wants You To is yet another amazing Korrasami one-shot from Sparkstoaflame. She's known for writing some pretty heavy stuff, but don't let that fact dissuade you from checking out this story. It's not like her other work, and yet written just as powerfully, despite the fluffier content.

Highschool!AUs are uncommon on the wiki, but when they're done, and done well, they make for some of the most interesting stories—who doesn't want to see our favourite couple in the potentially awkward and embarrassing institution that is high school?

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