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The Book of Primal Illusion


There are few authors who focus on shipping stories on the wiki, and even fewer who write for Zutara, however Harpalyce is one of those people. The best part? She does it fantastically.

Set eight years after the Hundred Year War, The Book of Primal Illusion is a thrilling tale of adventure and subterfuge, with secret societies and deadly illnesses, this story is sure to have you on the edge of your seat! Despite being discontinued, the 23 released chapters are brilliant enough to make any user groan in disappointment. And hey, if you don't like the shipping, you'll love the illustrations.

Despite disappearing from the wiki, an anonymous source can confirm that the author is still floating out there, still writing. All that's left now is for her to come back.

The Weeds of Wealth


Jtwin1 is the best kind of writer out there; he's good at writing, and he loves doing it. Any user who has spent even a second on one of his story pages can see the depth of detail and work he's put into his stories, and chapter 8 or Avatar: Neo Revolution is no exception.

The Weeds of Wealth is a beautifully written (and titled) chapter—though that's to be expected from the author by now. The vivid descriptions are completely immersive, and it feels like no time at all before you've devoured all 7,000 words.

To anyone who has ever thought about reading some of Jtwin's work but hasn't, this is just the push you need.

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