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Fire World


It's rare to find authors capable of writing an AU that deviates by only one point from canon, but LightningStrike24 is just about the best of them.

Fire World looks at the seemingly innocuous idea of 'what would happen if Aang died at Azula's hands?', and takes the reader on an epic journey as the aftermath of such an incident is explored. With 66 chapters planned, readers can already see just how much detail is expected to be featured in this story—one of the greatest aspects.

With four chapters released—and an author who has every intention of coming back to finish it—now is the time to take a look at this gorgeous story.

The Avatar and The Crane


Kyoshidude is one of the most under-appreciated users on the wiki, with his writing popping up almost randomly, but never something you want to miss.

The Avatar and The Crane is one such story. A glimpse into Aang and Katara's future, it shows just a short moment between the two as Aang tries to come to terms with the fact that, though he has everything, he's still alone—the Air Nomads are gone. But, things aren't meant to be sad, and Katara always knows what to say or do to give him hope again.

This short little 'shot, written by one of the most dedicated and under-appreciated writers, is a perfect rendition of a scene that every Kataang fan has envisioned at least one.

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