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Ghosts of the Past


The first featured fanon series of 2015 is a unique, thought-provoking, and emotional story from Katherine Rebekah. Set in a modern-day alternate universe of the Avatar world, it follows Katara as she struggles with loss, depression, and a faltering faith in God. Real, modern-day religions are not a common subject of Avatar fan fiction and that element truly makes Ghosts of the Past special.

Read as the characters deal with their own emotions and each other after the Hundred Year War in a world known to them but not too far from our own, and learn how Katara's inner turmoil can challenge both her faith and her very identity.

Darkest Hour


"Chapter 1: Darkest Hour" is the first chapter of the second book of AvatarRokusGhost's iconic series, Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. To begin the book that will show readers the Fire Nation's most famous siege on Ba Sing Se through the eyes of the now-popular Terra Team soldier, Ratana, the author treats his readers with a beautiful narration to recap his first book and set the time and place in which the story's beloved characters will begin the next chapter of their journeys. Earthbenders and firebenders alike prepare for a battle that will mark a crucial point in the Hundred Year War.

After the success of the story's first book, there should be no doubt that Sieges will be just as enjoyable. If this first chapter is any indication, ARG is about to wow the portal yet again.

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