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Bringing the Avatar world to ours is not an easy task, not to mention trying to mix in real world issues, but Team Player pulls it off.

Written by AvatarAang7, Team Player focuses on a relationship between Korra and Opal and sets it in our world, bringing in the social issue of homosexuality. Korra is happy with her girlfriend, but she has to try and hide her relationship from her strict, disapproving, congressman father. This story will take you through the ups and downs of romance while portraying a realistic struggle within a family as one comes out.

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Smirk is an incredible Kataang one-shot by PSUAvatar14. In this one-shot, you experience Kataang moments from during and after the war. PSUAvatar14 really nails that competitive sensation they both get, but still feel a strong love for one another.

Kataang supporters are not very uncommon. If you are a small or a big supporter of this ship, what does it matter? You'll love it nonetheless!

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