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The Complete Fanon Urban Dictionary

Note: Blue marks user references.

Agent Appeal

noun; An approach that's becoming increasingly common on the Wiki. This occurs when users present themselves to Minnichi as fellow obsessed fans of the Dai Li for some strange, ulterior motive... Not that she can tell, of course. "Hello! We've never met before, but now we're automatically best friends because guess what, I'm a huge fan of the Dai Li!!!" "You are?! That's AWESOME! Don't you love that one scene in 'Lake Laogai' -" "Mhmm oh yes, I do. Sooo where do you get those cool fanon illustrations...?" "Illustrations? I have one of the Dai Li! Want to see -" "Yeah, that's nice. I mean, think you could, heh, you knowww, get one for -" "OH, wait til you see this one Dai Li fanart..." (Runs off enthusiastically) "Argh! I was so close this time too! *Snaps fingers* I just need to tweak my agent appeal some more..."


verb; When AvatarRokusGhost nominates characters from your fanon for the fanon awards, and than you get an epic awesomeness feeling. "What a feeling! What's happened." "It's simple, you've been ARG'd!" "I love it!"

Attention-Calling Title 

noun; What the majority of fanon names are. Instead of a normal, decent title, it always has to be something overly dramatic that basically screams for your love and attention. "I want to read a story about a Dai Li agent, but I don't think there are any on the Wiki." "Are you kidding? I always hear about this one fanon written by the most Dai Li-obsessed author ever: Silent Hero in Emerald." "What? 'Silent Hero in Emerald?' Why couldn't they just call it 'Hero from the Dai Li?' It'd have been a lot easier for me!!!" "Well, beats me. Who knows what motivates those attention-calling titles? And by the way, d'you know a good story about Toph? I can't find -" "Oh, there's a good one called 'Burning Secrets of the Perilous Earth: A Young Heroine's Dramatic Tale.'" "...(Sigh) Authors these days..."   

Canon Cannon

noun; A writer who holds canon accuracy in such high regards that anything else is an abomination. "I don't think I ever want to write Zutara again." "What? I thought you made it pretty believable." "Well, the response was, 'Thou shalt not dishonor Mike and Bryan! For their word is LAW, and you must be destroyed for straying from it!'" "Ouch...seems like you've been shot by a canon cannon."

Chronic Facepalm Syndrome

noun; A disorder that arises when one faces too much exposure to extremely bad-quality stories, namely The Last Airbender Movie and poorly-written fanons. The typical result is a permanent, tomato-red mark on one's face, due to the excessive smacking of his/her forehead with a palm."(Slaps forehead) Okay, I can do this... Just four more lines until I finish this fanon for reviewing... 'And then he lauhge.' (Slaps forehead) Nono, gotta keep trying... 'I cann't be beat, he Said. Then he earthbended at him and finished the battle because he was knocked out completely.' (Slaps forehead) I'm not even sure who's being talked about anymore! That's it, I give up for now! I'll just go watch some TV to cool off." (On TV) "My name's Ong." "AAAGH! (Slaps forehead ten more times) ...Ow, my head's starting to hurt. Maybe I should... (sees mirror) Oh brilliant, looks like I have chronic facepalm syndrome! Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT! (Slaps forehead)" 


noun; What comes after writing and publishing. Something every author looks forward to. *checks fanon page* "It's been 10 whole minutes since I published my latest 6,000-word chapter! Why has nobody commented yet?!"

Community Fanon

noun; A project that works 100% of the time, without fail. In fact, we should probably keep trying more, because the next one is sure to work out better than the previous ones. See: Our Story, The Blood Bath of Fanons, Vortex etc. "Hey, let's start a community fanon that everyone will lose interest in before two weeks pass!"

Egotistic Action Scenes 

noun; The kinds of fights in a fanon in which the winning character has such an advantage over the other that it makes you cringe from all the ridiculous glorification. In fact, the glorified advantage is probably talked about more than the actual battle. "'She tried to land a sneak attack, but he simply stepped aside and gave a little shove of his arms, which sent her flying 20 feet backwards. The force was so great that she couldn't even get to her feet. She cringed in pain as he smirked, and he hardly even broke a sweat -' Ugh, what in the world? I'm cringing in pain from reading this!" "N-no, wait! It gets better!" "(Sigh) Alright... 'She charged at him one last time and waterbended a bunch of spikes, but he was just too strong. In seconds, he waved all the spikes away with a flick of his wrist, and...' *Crumples paper* GO TAKE YOUR EGOTISTIC ACTION SCENE SOMEWHERE ELSE!" "But -" "Come back when your character is human! Go on~!" (Tosses wad of paper in trash can) 

Emoticon Absence

noun; That horrifying moment in which a usually cheery author suddenly loses all traces of smileys and rainbows because you've pushed them too far. The disappearance of those adorable, keyboard-produced faces is an urgent indicator that you should run for your life immediately. (Note: take extra caution when this occurs around Ratavalous and Minnichitis-inflicted indivuals) "Haha oh, you! :P Stop it ~xD" "Aw, but you know it's all in good fun! Oh oh, here's another one: what's up with your mainpage? You trying to decorate it so much to hide something about your writing skill?" "Heheh...oh yes, all in good fun... :P ..." "I know, I'm so hilarious. And then there's the Dai Li. Like, who would be obsessed with the Dai Li? You act like they're the best thing in the world, but it's obvious no one cares -" "AHA. HA. HA. Quite the hilarious one, aren't you? (ominous music)" "...Is everything okay?" "Why yes, everything's just fine and dandy. I love hilarious things! Like how I love watching your subscribers list grow on your fanon - oh wait, you have no subscribers! HILARIOUS!" "............................................" (Too stunned to continue conversing)


noun; Emotion felt after the suck-ish LOK Book 1 finale that inspired multiple alternative-ending fanons across the wiki. "What? So Amon is suddenly a Waterbender and his name is Noatak but it doesn't matter because he dies? Oh, the emptiness I feel after the series ended on such a bad note! I know, alternative ending!"

Fail Suspense

noun; Something that tends to appear after authors run out of ideas to keep their readers 'on edge.' It usually results in a cheesy, cringe-worthy cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. "'And then...he turned around to see his best friend pointing a knife at him! Dun-dun-dunnn, to be continued...' (Next chapter) 'And THEN...he turned around to see his best friend attack the enemy instead!' Dun-dun-dun...' (Next chapter) 'And thennn...his best friend stabbed himself -'" "Okay STOP - just please, stop for a minute. My mind can't process all this fail suspense at once...please..."

Fanon Masking

verb; The act of presenting oneself to readers under the false identity of original characters. This portrayal of the author is either paired with his/her hopeless love interest, fabulously talented, or both. "And then Alis said, 'Zuko, you mean as much to me as I to you, but Mai's a good person who's so much stronger than me. Why would you choose me? WHY?!' And then -" "Um, sorry to interrupt, but isn't Alis the Avatar, and how is she telling him this while fighting a mob of Firebenders? She's also 'more gorgeous than any being Zuko had ever set his golden eyes upon.' What kind of a name is Alis, anyway? Hold on - you emailed me once...and your name is Lisa... You've been fanon masking this whole time, haven't you?" "(awkward pause) Heheheh...heh." Also see Mary Sue and Stephanie Meyer.

Fanon Fever

noun; A widespread and incurable infection, lethal to anything that has actual importance in life. The symptoms begin as soon as fanon-writing becomes a reason you fall behind on something that should never be fallen behind on...and it only grows worse from there. But of course, you keep writing anyway. "(Yawn) I'm so tired... You were saying, Steve?" "...'Steve?'" "Yeah, something wrong? I'm - OHHH HAHAHA sorry Mr. Rocks! I'm sooo out of it...I was just looking at your Steve Carell icon while you were talking...and I dunno how it somehow got mixed up -" "Okay um, maybe you should rest. What's been keeping you up so late?" "Oh ya knowww, school just really sucks and I didn't sleep again last night, sooo...(trails off)" " that means you've just released a 10,000-word chapter of your fanon on zero hours of sleep?" "Yep!" "...Say, did you ever think that you just maybeee have fanon fever -" "WHAT?! How dare you accuse me of such a thing! If you think this has ANYTHING to do with me getting fired or hitting a car the other day or forgetting I'm a student at my own university, or, or - WELL, you're crazy! I thought you were my friend! I hate you! AAAGH!" (Runs off wailing) "...What just happened?"


noun; A fear that arises when an author has to create his or her original character's name. Many times it's harder than creating the fanon itself. "And my epic, amazing protagonist shall be called...Avatar...Avatar Yangch - nono, dangit! Why must the show take all the good names? Okay then, Avatar Yang...Yang! Just to cut it short. But, do I really want readers saying 'Yang' in their heads every time they see my amazing, wonderful brainchild? Is 'Yang' really the sound I'm looking for? Oh no, this is exactly what I feared would happen if I started a new story! Why is it so hard to think of a name?! Now I'm afraid I'll never be able to write since my character is nameless! Why did I even try? Whywhywhy -" "Dude, get over your fanonomatophobia already. Naming characters is easy! Just call yours Avatar...uh...Avatar...Aang - no, that one's used already. How about...Avatar..." (Commence panic) "Why is this so hard?!" 

Fanon Review Squad

noun; People who pretend to read and evaluate your fanon but really just assign it random scores. "The Fanon Review Squad gave me a 9/10 on Action, but my fanon doesn't have any action…"

Fan Slave

noun; One who will go any lengths to get feedback, because that is his or her sole purpose in life."So I noticed that a story called 'Epic Fanon,' by 'Awesome Author,' took the last slot in all of the FRS schedules..." "Yeah! And 'Awesome Author' commented on a bunch of other fanons just to tell their creators to return the favor. I heard he's waiting for 20 subscribers before he ever updates again." "(Sigh) Sounds like another fan slave to me."

The Goodbye Bandwagon 

noun; That which is used as a last-ditch attempt to gain attention from other users. Even though it's true that most who've retired from the wiki recently have very real complications in their outside lives, the trend becomes a bandwagon opportunity for others as well... "It breaks my heart, but I must say goodbye to the wiki. Forever. That means I'm never coming back. Ever." (Several gasps of horror follow) "You can't leave!" "Nooo, come back!" "Guys, guys, it means SO much to me to hear your cries of love and despair at my departure. It only makes it harder for me to go! Oh, woe is me!" (2 weeks later) "You have quite an edit history for someone who 'retired' from the wiki; comments, canon articles, AND fanon? Hitching a ride on the Goodbye Bandwagon, are you?" "I - uh - well... Goodbye! (Slips away quietly)" 

The Great Divide

noun; The dark abyss that separates and Avatar Wiki. Migration between the two is overwhelming and, in extreme cases, drives travelers to insanity. "(Gasp) You mean Zutara isn't the most popular genre here? And why're there so many captions and fancy boxes and (gasp) PICTURES?" "Hi, there! Welcome to the Avatar Wiki fanon portal." "Agh, the bright colors...must revert to black and white to preserve vision..." "(Sigh) Must've just crossed the Great Divide, eh?" "MY EYES!!!" (6 months later) "...And that's why Minnichi acts the way she does." "What's that? @_@ Did I hear someone talking about me? >:D"

Hands-off Writers 

noun; Those who have zero tolerance for even the slightest edits on their fanons. Of course, this also means zero help from others, and thus zero improvement, but they're still happy as long as the work is 100% their own. Literally. "YOU there! How dare you!!!" "What? o_o What'd I do?" "You CHANGED my fanon! Did I ever say it was okay for strangers to alter my writing? Huh?" "B-but, it was only a red link I fixed -" "Red link?! I know not this 'red link' you speak of - only that YOU tampered with MY work! Hands off, buddy!" "Okay okay, I'm sorry! (Sheesh, what a paranoid hands-off writer...)" "What was that?!" "Oh, nothing, just that I'm glad you take such pride in handling your, uh, interesting fanon allll by yourself." "'Interesting?' Why, thank you." "(Facepalms)" 


noun; Something participants in AvatarRokusGhost's fanon trivia contest suffer from when they spend an hour searching for an answer only to find out once they've refreshed the page that someone had already answered the question. "Finally, after reading all 101 chapters of A Bird Could Love a Fish I've found the answer to ARG's irritatingly specific question! Now all I need to do is type it up frantically! Yes… yes… YES!!! I've done it!… … Wha?… … … … … … … … What's this? Ruen's already answered it?! NOOOOO!!!! Even a team of Adele and Taylor Swift couldn't write a song to heal the massive heartbreak I feel right now…"

Henry Hyperactivity Disorder

noun; A highly contagious disease named after the Henryjh98 virus, which causes many authors to feel super special by the same person. But in reality, the disease-inflicted soul just reads and praises everything. "He told me that my fanon was the best he's ever read!" "What? But he told me that my fanon should be nominated for the next featured series!" "And what about me? He said that mine was epically -" "Okay, let's all just stop for a minute. I think he has Henry Hyperactivity Disorder." "...Yeah. Probably. (Sigh)"

Joo Dee

Proper noun; Someone who would not possibly be relevant in Team Avatar's adventures after the liberation of Ba Sing Se. "Hmmm. AvatarFreak21 gave Joo Dee a crucial role in her fanon? Odd…" (JK, it's a great fanon!)


phrase; Abbreviation for Karma Meets Procrastinator. (Often interchangeable with KettleMeetPot for its unnatural similarity) This phenomenon is common when a user with absolutely no obligation to the fanon portal makes such drastic contributions that official fanon editors all look lame in comparison. As a result, lazy editors are exposed and forced to work again out of guilt. "It's only been six months since I said I'd edit your fanon page. Sheesh!" "Yeah, I shouldn't have asked... Huh? What's this?" "(Sigh) What is it now" "Apparently this guy just swooped through my entire fanon page, fixed my spelling and grammar, and even made me my own category! I feel so special!" "What? Who does that guy think he is? I bet his fanon sucks!" "Actually, he doesn't even write fanon - AND he still helped me! Hmph!" "Oh - er - pshhh, well anyone can fix spelling and grammar, you don't have to make such a big deal. Here, let me see your fanon -" "But he already fixed it -" "LET ME SEE YOUR FANON! I'LL HELP YOU!!!" "Calm down! What's gotten into you?! Hmm wait...looks like we're in a KMP situation, eh?"

The Lesser of Two Evils 

noun; Also known as The White Lotus Sentinel. This is the eventual choice when one wishes to join an Avatar Wiki newsletter staff. Even if you face constant pressure to worship the Dai Li and to join the Conservative political party, after all, it still beats the cruel, endless labor that your life is plagued with whenever you have to write for the Ba Sing Se Times. "Excuse me?! I didn't hire you on $0 an hour for this incompetency! Now give me some newsletter poll ideas, minion!!!" "I'm trying, I'm trying! (sniffle)" "You think the Ba Sing Se Times is a joke?! You knew what you were getting into!" "N-no, I quit!" "Hey, get back over here!!!" (At WLS headquarters) "It was so scary! KMP is just - agh, the horror!" "I see. Well, thanks for coming over here! By the way, you a liberal?" "Yeah, is that not a good thing?" "Er...I'll talk to Mr. Rocks. Just gimme a second to update my Dai Li fic -" "*Snicker*" "Hm, what's that? Got a problem with the Dai Li, too?" "I..." "Wow, all of us are going to get along with you just wonderfully, I can tell! (Ominous music) And for the record, KettleMeetPot is an inspirational genius." "Wha -" "I also work for the BSST, ya know - not that I was forced to make any compliments! Don't give me that face! Anyway, can't wait to start working with you for the next WLS issue!" (Slams door) "Well, I guess this is still the lesser of two evils... (Sigh)" 

The Line War

noun; The epic battle that rages in the Rock Li headquarters every time the WLS is set to release an issue over whether articles should be separated by a dotted or solid line. The two editors have done everything they could to solve the issue. They've played "Rock, Paper, Scissors," flipped a coin, dueled with swords, asked Jeeves, visited a psychic, and even had a blinking contest. Still, the question remains unanswered for all of time. "Oh hey Minnichi, I noticed that you created the Issue 9 template with dotted lines…" "Oh! Yeah, Mr. Rocks, ya know… It's just so much neater looking and-" "Well I thought we agreed on solid lines…" "I don't think that actually happened." "…" "…" "It's just so much easier to add an article without dealing with the special format needed for dotted lines so-" "Well the BSST uses dotted lines." "(Getting a little more stern) Well, I don't really care so… haha…" "I mean I already added the dotted lines. We might as well-" "-change it. We might as well change it." "…" "…" "On the count of three, draw." "The Line War rages on."


noun; Those who were too lazy to let you know they existed while you were writing and who read your fanon in secret. They usually don't show up until you've already decided to give up on writing. "Ha yeah, that fanon was a total failure. Not a single comment! I'm so glad I ditched that lame project." "Actually, I was going to say that I read your fanon and thought it was amazing. Also, they're a bunch of commenting nonies threatening to kill themselves if you don't continue." "Huh? How's that possible? It was practically 2 years ago!" "Anddd they're still commenting today." "I...had readers? Me? (Sob) S-stupid lurkers!"


noun; A chronic condition characterized by uncontrollable rambling, accompanying random emoticons and a severe obsession with the Dai Li. In Stage II, rambling will manifest as misleadingly positive criticism. "Hey, how good is this fight scene, from 1 to 5? Just give me a number, that's all." "Hmmm, I love how you describe Earthbending :D Reminds me of the Dai Li :P I might suggest that you... (5 paragraphs later) ...But it's nothing serious ^^ I absolutely love it! :)))" "Well, I only needed a number...but sweet! How'd I do?" "I'd give it a 2 :D" "WHAT?!" "Is there a problem? ...Oh, no. I have Stage II Minnichitis, don't I?"

Negative Nony

noun; An anonymous user who reads your fanon for the sole purpose of bashing every chapter. They're secretly another user who's jealous of your writing skill. "Thanks Negative Nony, it really matters to me that my character's survival is unlikely."


noun; Someone who swoops in to save the day, right when an author in need has run out of hope. The cries for help have been answered unsucessfully in the past, which only makes the ninja ultra cool when they show up unexpectedly in the middle of a thread with the solution. "My fanon page is in such a mess! There're so many red codes everywhere that it looks like a murder scene! Help!" "Oh no, what did you do to the formatting?! Lemme try...uh...hmm...just a little more...anddd nope. I got nothin. Um, make a new one perhaps?" *Dramatic puff of smoke reveals another user* "Here, allow me to try." *Disappears again* "(Gasp) I've been ninja'd! But that was SO cool!" "Yeah, and look at the fanon page now - it's beautiful!"


noun; That which is separated from a Ninja by a very fine line. These individuals appear super cool at first, until you realize that they butt into your threads in only the most random and strangely insulting ways. Their snarkiness is also highly contagious...and the original problem remains in the end. "The grammar in that last fanon was atrocious I should find an editor who can fix it if I don't have time. I can't believe how many periods they left out!" *Random puff of smoke reveals another user* "Allow me to help. But first, HAHA you missed a period in your comment right after you complained about grammar!" "(Ominous music) ...Oh yeah? How about all the periods your fanon is missing? Want me to call those out too? o_o" "Heheh..." *Disappears* "Darn right, ninjerk! Mwahaha! ...Aw dangit, I still need to find an editor for that fanon don't I?" Also see Godsrule.

Obsessive Main Page Decorator

noun; One who spends more time making his/her title page ridiculously attractive than updating the story. "Wow, this fanon must be awesome - just look at this page! I'm tearing up just because of how beautiful it is." "Yeah, let's read it! ...Wait, why're there only 2 chapters?" "Oh - obsessive main page decorator. Got it."

"Oh my!"

interjection; The phrase everyone says when they come across the shippings in Chronicles of Ian. Note: It must be said in George Takei's voice. "Hmmm. Chronicles of Ian? I've never read that before. Oooh, this looks interesting… Scroll down… Oh, the shipping section… A picture… click to enlarge…………… Oh my!"


noun; An author who makes a page for absolutely everything related to his fanon. "AvatarRokusGhost has a page for his fanon's shipping? What an overachiever!"

Picture Packer

noun; Someone who relies wayyy too much on fanon illustrations, since they can't paint a picture with their own writing. Their chapters are usually packed with endless, out-of-place screenshots to assign to every paragraph and character.  "I just can't get used to this fanon... It's like the author takes every picture on the Wiki and names them after his characters just for the heck of it! I mean, really? His characters, 'Kara,' 'Soks,' 'Ong,' and 'Tough,' just happen to look exactly like Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Toph." "Yep, seems like another picture packer to me. And oh, what's that? Is that your fanon illustration I see listed for his earthbender, Shu?" "WHAT?! (Looks at fanon page) THIS GUY! I'LL KILL HIM!" "Hey now, calm down -" "MY FIREBENDER DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SHU! This picture packer's going down! Arghhhhh! (Storms off)" "Well, that didn't go well." *Hears the picture packer's screams of terror in the distance* 

Pulled an OR

phrase; When an author subjects their readers to their political views by subliminally or blatantly basing their characters off of their favorite/least favorite political figures. If you named a character Gewt Ningrich, you just pulled an OR.

Punctuation Paranoia

noun; A delusional condition that develops after one becomes too attached to commas, semicolons, and apostrophes. Those symbols begin to define the very meaning of good fanons before long. "Oh, don't read that fanon. It's no good, I tell you." "...But I didread it. I don't know what you're talking about, I thought -" "ARE YOU BLIND?! Look at this! (points dramatically)" "So...they missed one comma after the quotation marks..." "Not just one, but two. TWO. I believe I've made my point."


Adjective; (also see Fabulous) The characteristic of that one graphic on Avatar Wiki that will always, ALWAYS look ridiculously better than yours. No matter what. No matter when. "I'm so proud of myself; I made a userbox with a striped border, fancy text, and pretty colors!" "Psh, you call that a userbox? Look at that Ratavalous one over there!" "Where? ...Oh. So he managed to make a fading color effect this time. W-well, what about my fanon page -" "Pahaha!" "What're you laughing at huh? I can... (sees Ratavalous fanon page) Oh. Just - oh. Well...I give up."

 The Rocks Departure   

noun; The horror that occurs when Omashu Rocks leaves the Fanon Review Squad. Suddenly, you realize how empty it can feel without constant rants about the political problems of the United States. (Despite it being a usergroup about fanons) "It greatly saddens me to write this, but I must resign from the FRS." "WHAT?! Mr. Rocks can't leave the FRS!" "Uh, yes I can. Life's complicated, and I've got a newsletter to run! Toodles!"  "Wha - hey!" "Don't worry about it, guys. At least now we can stop hearing him complain about Obama!" "Haha yeah!" (A week later) "*Sniffle* T-this is the same place he used to sit when he tried to get me to join Conservative Wiki!" "A-and he used to write with that pro-Romney pencil over there!" "Man, the Rocks Departure sucks!!!" (And the sobs continue to echo away into the distance...) 

The Rock Li

noun; The maniacal duo known as the White Lotus Sentinel editors. Their combined influence on the newsletter sits somewhere between the rage of political ideals and the obsessive glorification of the Earth Kingdom, particularly the Dai Li. One might get an entirely different impression of the WLS article-management system, when looking behind the scenes...but hey, it works! (Right?)Transcript of an official meeting at Rock Li Headquarters... OR: "We're scheduled to publish tomorrow." Minn: "Oh, yeah! How many columns do we need to add so far?" "Actually, we have zero." "...Really now?" "Yea." "WELL, I should go ask around then! ^^" (Completely calm about having no articles) "Yeah, might be a good idea." (On the day of publishing) "So these people have sent in their columns!" "Cool, I'll just see if the other staff wants to write anything then. Maybe we'll actually have something to publish. (Pause) DARNIT! My newest political YouTube video has less views than the last!" "That sucks! But on that note, you ever updating Political Animals again?" "Ah, if only I could find time..." "(Sigh) Don't we all? But you seriously need to start incorporating the Dai Li into there. It's in Ba Sing Se, for crying out loud! D8<" "We'll see...and how about that offer to join Conservative Wiki, eh? We have cake! You KNOW you want to..." (And the article magically gets published shortly after)

The Rocks Pun

noun; Something that Mr. Rocks likes to use just to throw off new users. "Where can I find a good political fanon around here?" "Oh, you should go see Mr. Rocks about that." "(An hour later) I don't see a 'Mr. Rocks' anywhere, but I noticed an 'Omashu Rocks.'" "Yep, that's him." "Then why -" "Formality, that's all. Don't you know his reputation here?" "Yeah, but it sounds like - well, never mind. Thanks..."

The Rocks Presence

noun; What comes to mind every time you wonder if Omashu Rocks is secretly taking over the internet, because his fellow rocks have started appearing everywhere. They do not speak with quite the same political poise, but one must wonder who trained them.Note: true story. "Oh look, a new fan comment notification from!" "(The comment) As human beings and pack animals, we care about those who are "one of us", but we have no concern for those who are "one of them", unless...(a few lines later) His perception is the core of racism, sexism, religious bigotry...(another line later) Patriots say "I love my country, so I want to help fix its flaws," but nationalists say "My country, right or wrong." "...Okay, how did she manage to come up with that? My Dai Li agent isn't racist!!! This can only mean one thing...(gasp) THE ROCKS PRESENCE. It's here..."

Romantically Disguised Suicide

noun; What 70% of "romance" fanons tend to be. It's claimed to be the ultimate love story, but everyone knows that it's only a convenient excuse to make the protagonist attempt (and sometimes succeed at) committing suicide."'And he just couldn't bear the thought of being without her forever. Right then and there, he looked over the edge of the cliff of the shadowy sea, whispered 'I'll see you soon, love,' and took the ultimate leap of faith -'" "BUT SHE'S ALIVE! Why would he do that?!" "'Shhh, he doesn't know she's alive remember? It's supposed to be like a Romeo-and-Juliet situation -" "But they hardly spent any time together! I wouldn't even say they're in love and he's gonna go kill himself over her already?!" "Well hey, Romeo only knew Juliet for what, a few -" "You're not Shakespeare!!! This is just romantically disguised suicide no matter how you look at it. (Sigh) Can I read one where he stays alive now?"


adjective; Something that describes most fanon authors on the Wiki, especially when they flagrantly self-advertise their work in as many places as possible."Call me shameless, but I have no regrets in spamming 50 users about my fanon and repeatedly posting a link to it in the IRC."

Slender Man

noun; A mythical, creepy tall guy with no face in a black suit. He's viral on the internet as your worst nightmare, and he's known to stalk people from the shadows purposely to drive them insane. However, all Avatar wikians know that he's just mad because he was trolled by Koh. "Man, this is a creepy forest. Wish it wasn't nighttime." "Agreed! Especially with that owl hooting behind us. And all the shadows in the trees. And that random guy with no face over there. And - wait, WHAT?! (No-faced guy waves) IT'S SLENDER MAN! I'M GOING TO DIE!" "Sheesh, calm down. Slendy just likes hanging around us because Avatar Wikians know a lot about Koh the Face Stealer. He thinks we can help. Right, Slendy?" (Slender Man nods) "B-b-but...he..." "He thinks you're cool, don't worry. Didn't you notice him subscribe to your anti-Koh fanon the other day?" "Eh...who wha~?" "Gosh, at least act like he still has a face! You're just rubbing it in." "O-okay... Um, h-h-hey S-Slendy! Lookin' good! Well, I hate Koh too! S-so heheh, don't kill me... F-f-friends?" (Slender Man gives a thumbs up) ", I-I think I'm going to pass out." (Thud) "Ah sorry Slendy, she's just new here." (Slender Man shrugs)

Simon Cowell

Proper noun; Someone every member of the Fanon Review Squad tries to avoid becoming. "Listen, I was reading your action scene, and I just… I don't even know where to begin. You should honestly be ashamed to publish this kind of garbage. The guilt of knowing that others will have to suffer through this utterly disgusting and painful fanon should make your stomach twist. Just the thought that someday some innocent child could stumble upon your work and spend the rest of his life bleeding out of his eye sockets should make you want to kill yourself. I wish I could have the hour that it took me to vomit after reading this back, you pathetic waste of life." "(sniffles)" "Gosh, I'm becoming Simon Cowell, aren't I?"


noun; The creation of an author who's run out of ideas, but who desperately wants to create a fanon nonetheless just to get their name out there. Moderators have gone far enough to try filtering these out on and deleting them on the spot, but their influence cannot be contained... "'So Minn, what do you think of the Wiki's fanon portal?" "A breath of fresh air! If I read another Zutara Songfic - no, if I read another 'NEVER MIND, I'll FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOUUU' in a fanfiction, I'm going to-" "Oh, that's nice. Can you review this for me?" "Um...okay. 'Note: This was inspired by Adele's -' (pause) You'd better get out of here before... (ominous music)"

Subscriber Escape 

noun; What several writers use as an alternative to the refusal to read a fanon. At this point, they've been cornered badly by a shameless author, but they just don't have to heart to say they stick with subscribing (and not actually reading). "Heyheyhey, so like, you commented on my fanon that one time like, 3 months ago, and like, you told me 'Good job!' That obviously means you're in love with my fanon, so you totally should read all 50 chapters!" ", yes. Yes of course." "Awesome!!! So you'll read it soon, right? Right?" "Well...I..." "Oh, that's okay if you don't start today. I mean, you could always subscribe, since EVERYONE knows that subscribers mean everything for a fanon's popularity reputation! D'you wanna subscribe? Do ya? Do ya?" "...YES! Yes I do! I'll subscribe and read your fanon when I have time!" "Cool! I'll add you!" *Runs off* "...(Sigh) Is subscriber escape always the only way? I need to stop doing this one day..." 


noun; Abbreviation for Tyranthesaurus Rex. These authors have used synonyms to the extent of transforming into thesaurus monsters themselves. They're easily identified by a remarkable ability to replace every word in the dictionary with a more complicated one that no one understands. "'Hey, what's up?' he said.'" "Nonono, that doesn't sound right." "What do you mean?" "(Scribble scribble) Here, try it again." "Okay...'Greetings, my amiable companion,' he communicated at the top of his very lungs. 'Would you happen to be knowledgeable of everything in the direction of the sky above?'" "Perfect!" "What?! I didn't even know what I was saying!" "Does it matter? It sounded beautiful." "No it didn't! Wait...oh, no...y-you're a T-Rex!" "Bwahahahaha!" "N-no...NO! Get away from my fanon! HELP!!!"

The Ultimate FanonAuthor

noun; A person who writes an amazing fanon, but decides to make it short, so you ask if you can write a spin-off so that there is more of said fanon-verse, and they say you can, but you realize your writing can never compare. "Hey Ultimate Airbender, can I write a spin-off of your fanon, When Firebenders Attacked the World" "Sure, Suzey!" "Thanks... Oh wait, I cannot write as good" "-waves hand- Oh stop... =P"

Unichap Disorder

noun; (Also see Suzon) A tragic condition in which an author comes up with dozens of epic ideas for a fan-fiction...only to produce one chapter before moving onto a new story and ditching the last. Many readers' hearts are ripped out each time. "This fanon had such a great idea..." "I know, right?! I can't wait for the next chapter. Seriously. He better give me my chapter. Now. Because I'm going to jump off a cliff if he doesn't give me my -" "Oh, sorry to disappoint you. I was actually going to say that the author just discontinued the story." "(Jaw drops) He must have Unichap Disorder..." "Uh, you okay there?" "(Sniff) H-huh? Yeahyeahyeah, I am. (Sniffle)"

Vague Commenter

noun; Someone who strikes suspicion in every author by leaving generic comments that could apply to any fanon. "All your comments ever say is 'Great Job!' I don't think you even read this chapter! Boy, you're a vague commenter."

When is my review coming out?

phrase; A question that no member of the Fanon Review Squad ever likes to hear, especially when he/she is behind schedule and has tons of stuff to do. The phrase is usually brought about by an eager fanon writer who tries to phrase it as politely as possible, despite the fact that it will still tick off the reviewer no matter what. The reviewer may react with poise, at it is indeed his/her fault, or they may throw a tantrum. "Hey, I don't wanna rush you. I know you're super busy and all. And I'm sure something might have come up. And I know it says review dates are subject to change but… When is my review coming out?" "Oh, your review? Well I dunno… MAYBE IT'S JUST HARD TO READ A 27 CHAPTER FANON IN THREE DAYS AND WRITE AN ACCURATE REVIEW WHEN YOUR POWER'S BEEN OUT FOR A WEEK, YOU HAVE EXAMS COMING UP, AND YOUR DOG DIED! Does that answer your question?" "I-" "You what? Stutter! MAYBE THAT'S WHEN YOUR REVIEW'S COMING OUT! BLARGH!" (smashes glass object on ground)


verb; To annihilate someone, no matter how powerful by using giant balls of fire; seen only in Avatar: Guardian. "Oh no, what will we do about this battlement?" "It's okay, I know a guy who can Zhian the Hell out of it."