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User groups are collaborations that consist of a group of users dedicated to gather a project, circled around a single concept or topic. They are intended as a central location to co-ordinate such collaborations, to improve editor motivation and to improve editing efficiency.


For groups

  • User groups must go through War Room consensus in order to establish its need.
  • Groups will only be considered through the War Room process if there are already three people interested in being in it.
  • There are no predetermined guidelines for group dynamics and organization, and it is expected that groups can maintain themselves autonomously. Administrators should only intervene or disband a group if it is clear that policy is not being followed.
  • User group decisions are not a substitute for community consensus. If a decision taken by a group contradicts the wishes of the rest of the community, community consensus takes precedence.
  • Established usergroups in which all members are inactive or the number of active users no longer constitute a "group" - such as one active user - after a period of one month, will be subject to deletion.

For users

  • A user may only join up to 3 user groups.
  • If a user is blocked, they may be removed from certain user groups by an administrator or a group member.

Current user groups

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