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Feel free to request for any of your fanon needs to be posted here!
  1. Typhoonmaster requests an editor who is excellent with grammar for his upcoming fanon 
  2. H-Man Havoc requests two editors in addition to the one already present to help with producing Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu.
  3. MasterShaguo requests a beta-reader for an upcoming adventure post-Korra fanon.
  4. Masri788 requests an editor to lend a hand with his fanon as he has been told his sentence structure is "eye watering".
  5. LightningStrike24 requests an editor(s) (added on to one who has already agreed to do so) skilled in writing mechanics/sentence structure for her fanon Fire World.

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The White Lotus Sentinel was an easy way to discover the fanon portal's newest, and oldest, Avatar fan fiction series. The newsletter was a unique form of fanon news and updates, compiling the latest chapter releases into a small newsletter delivered to your message wall every fortnight. Columns included:

  • General fanon news
  • Details on recently released fan fiction chapters
  • Details on the latest fan fiction series
  • Reviews of particularly outstanding recent releases
  • Interviews with celebrated fanon authors
  • Details on upcoming fan fiction series and chapters
  • Recommendations for what to read
  • Classifieds from fanon authors and contributors
  • A weekly poll
  • A snarky Urban Dictionary

Editors AvatarRokusGhost, Fruipit
Contributors Henryjh98, The Snowbold, Kuzonkid7, Mageddon725, Minnichi, Omashu Rocks, Sparkstoaflame

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