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Undiscovered fanon is one of the regular columns in the Ba Sing Se Times, and always under the fanon editorial. Its writer digs into the fanon portal, trying to find a good fanon story that lacks readers. It was always written by former fanon admin Rassilon of Old, until he resigned as a deputy editor for The Ba Sing Se Times. Bahjy1 took over the job as the column's writer since then. The column is well-known for being a great tool to gain new fanons some readers.

Issue 15: 22 January: Shoji's Journey

All fanon readers love finding a brand new fanon to read, and new writers like to be recognised for their work. Unfortunately this is usually hard, and even harder to advertise their unknown work, so this column will be dedicated to all those writers out there who want the community to know about their fan fiction!

This issue, the undiscovered fanon is Shoji's Journey, created by Keitonashita. The story follows Shoji, an established character in the episode of Avatar:The Last Airbender entitled The Headband. In the episode, he is one of the school kids that Aang meets, and is last seen watching Aang Earthbend his way out of the dance party. But in this fanon, he becomes so much more.

The series starts with a two part recap of The Headband, then continuing into its' own series entirely, starting with Shoji's discovery of Aang's Earthbending ability.

There have been fanons like this one, for example, Vulmens' Eyes of Katara, which also follows the story of a character through their eyes, but never has anyone dared to use a one time character, and no one could have succeeded but Keitonashita, who has used extraodinary talent in writing to expand on what was a boring character, into a hero.


Issue 16: 5 February: Azula's Mysterious Plan

Last issue I gave promotion to a fanon by Keitonashita entitled Shoji's Journey. And since then the viewers of that fanon has increased, and Keitonashita receiving lots of praise for his work! This week I will do the same, but for another fanon for all you readers to sink your teeth into.

This issue's featured undiscovered fanon is Taekwond1's fanon series, Azula's Mysterious Plan. The story is set after the war, and follows Azula upon her escape from her rehabilitation center. The first chapter of the series, A Warning starts off to a fast pace, with the beginning of Azula's scheming, and also introduces a reappearing character, Long Feng. The relationship between these two characters is very interesting!

The fanon also takes its' readers around the world. From Ba Sing Se, to the Northern Air Temple, and into the Spirit World itself. Book 1 and Book 2 have already been released in the small time the fanon has been active, and the first chapter of Book 3 already released! If you are a fan of Azula, then you will love the expansion of her character in this piece of fan fiction.

Brilliantly written, with a plethora of chapters already released, and more being released at an astonishing pace, this fanon is definitely worth giving a read!


Issue 17: 19 February: The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles

Hey there readers, instead of the usual boring introduction, I am just going to dive back in to the column, and review this issue's Undiscovered Fanon, The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles. This series was created and is primarily written by AvatarHaiLi, and secondarily written by myself (self promotion you naughty :O).

Anyway, it all started with a blog post, detailing the ideas Mike and Brian had about "an elite group of female firebenders tracking the Avatar" (which of course evolved into Azula alongside Mai and Ty Lee). This idea was taken, and reproduced into the form of a Kyoshi Warrior fan fiction, detailing the events that the Kyoshi Warriors took part in between their meetings with Team Avatar.

The prologue to the series has been released, and details the creation of the Kyoshi Warriors, after the fall of the short and stumpy Chin the Conqueror. From here the first chapter of the series, "The Avatar, the Warrior and the Waterbender", will be released today! The first chapter in a two parter, retelling the time Team Avatar spent on Kyoshi Island, and the battle that ensued with Zuko and the Fire Navy.

The second part of this two part special, written by myself, will be released within the week, that is if I get my laptop back from being serviced in time (darn iPod touch restricting my creative expulsions)! That chapter, yet to be named, will have the first battle of Kyoshi Island dragged out into one chapter, but a little more epic. So definitely read the prologue and the first chapter if you haven't already, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Now the ratings will be done so on AvatarHaiLi's chapters only, to exclude the biased opinion of myself.


Issue 18: 5 March: Corruption and Redemption

This issue, the Featured New Fanon is Corruption and Redemption by newby Kilo99! The short story follows Azula after her defeat in the War. One month has passed since Sozins Comet, and Azula has escaped from her mental hospital. Starting on a journey through the Earth Kingdom, Azula will have life changing experiences, she will face the vengful Dai Li, and even make a reunion with Ursa.

Each chapter is profesionally written, and the personalities of existing characters captured well, but could definitely be better. The first chapter, The Trial involves a great court room scene. As I am doing Legal Studies, I found this scene to be very interesting, even though the procedures might be a little incorrect. Four chapters have been released so far, and I look forward to the other chapters!


Issue 19: 19 March: When Air Nomads Walked the Earth

This issue's featured new fanon is The Ultimate Waterbender's When Air Nomads Walked the Earth. The brilliant story is set before the War, and features the Air Nomads like they have never been seen before. Interestingly enough, and to my great suprise, the series also features the twelve year old Siro, from the Fire Nation. I don't want to give too much away, but Siro's father is in fact a ranking Fire Nation soldier, who is in on the latest Fire Nation news. Including the news of wiping out the Air Nomads, news which Siro hears.

And then triggers the adventures of the two characters. Although I have only read two of the chapters so far, I have been greatly impressed by the beautiful writing and descriptions of the characters and their surroundings. The amazing episode plots easily draw the reader in, and entices them to read on! So far, four chapters and a prologue have been released, and they have all been extremely succesful amongst the readers. The Ultimate Waterbender should be commended on her highly skilled writing techniques.

8/10 - My highest rating yet!

Issue 20: 2 April: The Six Hundredth Day

If you pay any attention at all to The Ba Sing Se Times, you will have seen small excerpts from The 888th Avatar's brand new fanon, The Six Hundredth Day in recent issues. This issue, this fanon is the featured new fanon. The fanon follows the back story of Iroh, and foccuses not on the referenced 600 day Siege of Ba Sing Se, but on Iroh's personal challenges he faces before the start of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The 888th Avatar has stated on the fanon's page that he wishes to answer questions not addressed in the series, such as; why did Iroh not challenge Ozai for his birthright as Firelord? What was the nature of the relationship between Iroh and Azulon? And many more.

The fanon is beautifully written, and is an emotional insight to the life of the Dragon of the West. The 888th Avatar has done an amazing job at capturing Iroh's personality, and done an even better job of representing Lu Ten. So far, to chapters of the stand-alone story series have been released, and both exceptional. I give my applause to 888, on his fantastic writing abilities, and I hope to see more of his works in the future.


Issue 22: 30 April: Birth of a Nation & The First Anti-Bender

Since I was in Bali last week, I was unable to write an article. So this issue, I will be reviewing two fan fictions that I have been enjoying thoroughly, and that is the works of NightBird and Moon Beam, Birth of a Nation and The First Anti-Bender respectively.

Birth of a Nation is a story following Zorin, a rebellious noble girl that is sent abroad by her father due to her anarchist and careless nature. After news that her brother was abducted by the Sages, and that she is to marry a Noble man, she embarks on a journey to Ba Sing Se. Where the rumor that the Avatar is learning the last element he needs to master, lingers.

Although the series itself has not yet been released, my anticipation is rising for the first chapter. I have also read the series' prologue, and let me tell you, I am expecting big things from this series. NightBird and I have gone back a long time, he was the first user I met on Wikia, and ever since we have been growing closer, and I am proud to have the honor of reviewing his fanon. However much I anticipate it, I cannot give it a score, because it has yet to be released, but I will say this...

Highly anticipated

Moon Beam (otherwise known as Toph Lover) has recently started a new fanon, leaving the production and revival of Toph's Story to AvatarLover under the new title of Feet of Toph (a fanon I am yet to read). This new fanon, no doubt sparked by the excitement of the looming The Legend of Korra acts as a prequel of sorts to the anticipated television spin-off series.

Moon Beam's fanon, The First Anti-Bender, is about a non-bender named Jamie, who lives with a family of Earthbenders. He despises the thought of bending, believing it to be inhumane. Adding to this the hatred and worthlessness that his father puts upon him, Jamie is driven to a breaking point, that breaking point being the establishment of the original Anti-Bender, and the beginning of the arising conflict expecting to appear in Legend of Korra. I am thoroughly enjoying this fanon, and for that...


Issue 23: 14 May: A Bird Could Love a fish

Jumping right into it, this issue's featured fanon is A Bird Could Love a Fish, by Theavatardemotivator. Setting out to write a Kataang shipping fan fiction, Theavatardemotivator (better known as TAD) has created a beautiful spin on the romance between Aang and Katara, presenting it in the best way possible, and has done a fantastic job. To my suprise, the series does not run chronologically with Avatar: The Last Airbender, but jumps back and forth within the series.

The series has received exceptional reviews from Avatar Fanon Wikians, and TAD's writing has improved to a state of uttermost brilliancy. The original and very different writing style is a fresh change from the typical novelistic writing style of most fanon on the wiki, and TAD is doing a fantastic job with putting a creative twist on a story we all love and know. So far, eleven chapters have been released, and I look forward to more!


Issue 24: 28 May: Cold-blooded

Cold-blooded, written by the same genious mind that writes When Air Nomads Walked the Earth, The Ultimate Waterbender (Ultimate), is another background, or perspective story, which follows the infamous and complex Waterbender, Hama. The first chapter, "Underlying Darkness" acts as the prologue to the series, and without giving away too much, is a small recollection of Katara's actions in The Puppetmaster.

Taking a darker aproach to the series, Ultimate explores an area of writing she has yet to adapt into When Air Nomads Walked the Earth. The darker tone represents Hama's complicated and sinister past in an effective manner, and also is an excellent plot device for creating suspense, and a slight mood of looming terror.

As always, Ultimate has done a fantastic job with her writing skills, which have also improved over the time she has been an Avatar fan fiction author. I wish her all the best and I look forward to more chapters and possibly even more fanon series from her.


Issue 28: 6 August: Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth

Jumping in to the deep end, this issue's undiscovered fanon is Mageddon725's fanon, Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth. I read through the first five chapters under the reccomendation of fellow Fanon Administrator AvatarRokusGhost, who suggested it for Undiscovered Fanon, and I completely agree!

Aftermath and Burning Earth (also reffered to as AaBE) follows the story of Yun, a young Earthbender with a hunger for knowledge. This hunger, is satisfied by none other than the mad genius himself - King Bumi. Not long into the series, we discover a disability of Yun's - which I'm not going to spoil - which forces him to adapt a different form of Earthbending, a form which I must say is one of my favorites.

The writing ability of Mageddon in AaBE reminds me somewhat of J.K. Rowling's writing style, of which I am a huge fan (there is also a scene in the end of chapter three which strongly reminded me of Harry Potter). The jump in time we take from chapter four to five is an excellent narrative ploy to keep the readers doing what they should be doing - reading. All over, I think Mageddon's writing is absolutely excellent, and I will continue reading as he writes into his second book.


Issue 34: 5 November: The Avatar of the Fire Temple

The Avatar of the Fire Temple is a great fanon by Jall. It follows a mixed story based on a novel. For anyone who likes a different story, I'd recommend this. This romance story is very good; whether the idea is from the novel or not, the drama and romance are still great. Actually, I have never seen a better drama series on the wiki, since there are few of them. Whether Jall is still active or not, this mix of drama and romance makes a really nice short story which is something nice to read. I won't reveal any of the plot's twists or main ideas to keep you wanting to know more about this or read it, so I say it out loud again: Read it people!


Issue 35: 19 November: The Avatar's Story

This issue's featured new undiscovered fanon is The Avatar's Story by brand new fanon author PreservationsWings.

This series takes place after The Legend of Korra, 16 years after Korra's death. An Earth Kingdom boy named Leon is the new Avatar, and he hates it. Leon runs away. On his way to nowhere, he meets the still-living Guru Pathik, who tells him how important the Avatar is.

Looking at the main page of the story, we can also see that there was a past Fire Naton Avatar named Zien, he dicovered the history of the Avatar spirit. We can assume that the author will try to reveal how and why the Avatar was created.

A greatly-writed story, and a brand new one, is obviously lacking readers. It is creative as well. May I also say that this author has a great potential, as an author and a contributor. So you gotta read the fanon, it is cool.


Issue 38: 31 December: The Fall of the Airbenders

Merry Christmas everybody! Here I am again, back to work and at Christmas! I think a good christmas present will be presented today to Taekwond1, the author of the featured fanon The Fall of the Airbenders.

This amazing story talks about Chuan, the Northern Air Temple Airbender. The story centers in about 1 BSC to 0 ASC when Chuan discoveres an alliance between a member of the Northern Air Temple Council of Elders and the Fire Nation.

The story uses much description to give a full clear idea of what happens and who does it, not something like : "Chuan is airbender. He discovered an alliance.", but uses more than one chapter if neded without geting out of the edges of suspense. To be honest, Taekwond1 is an amazing author.

No wonder that this isn't the first time this certain author's story gets featured, he uses an amazing style : Give a full clear idea, avoid boredom in that, mix suspense with action and character development. I like that.

Anyway, I am on a cliffhanger 'till Taekwond1 releases the next chapter, it has so much suspense. Really does keeps me reading. Merry Christmas to you Taekwond1, and to you all my readers!