Sokka introduces Katara
And this is Katara, my flying sister.

This article is considered humorous and should not be treated too seriously.

February 5, 2012: When's the wedding?

[14:43:16] <DevilEmperor> wjxhuang: You don't disable wall on Avatar Wiki, or
[14:43:30] <DevilEmperor> That goes for all admins. >:(
[14:43:43] <wjxhuang> lol
[14:45:15] <DevilEmperor> wjxhuang: I love the wall.
[14:45:21] <DevilEmperor> I've fallen in love with it.
[14:45:31] <wjxhuang> :O
[14:45:37] <wjxhuang> when's the wedding?
[14:45:46] <Clove> LMAO
[14:46:08] <DevilEmperor> wjxhuang: You idiot.
[14:46:19] <wjxhuang> :P
[17:42:48] <DevilEmperor> What am I reading, again? :O
[17:42:51] <Annawantimes> ;(
[17:43:10] <Mxyzptlk> DevilEmperor: Clove and wjxhuang's love story
[17:43:16] <DevilEmperor> Cool.
[17:43:20] <DevilEmperor> When is the marriage?
[17:43:34] <Annawantimes> I suggest a New Orleans honeymoon, lol xD
[17:43:43] <DevilEmperor> LOL
[17:43:50] -*- DevilEmperor high-fives Annawantimes.
[17:43:54] <wjxhuang> DevilEmperor: not before your marriage to message wall
[17:44:00] <wjxhuang> when is that, by the way?
[17:44:03] <Annawantimes> Oh snap!
[17:44:12] <wjxhuang> i hope it's not one of those vegas weddings
[17:44:18] <DevilEmperor> LOL
[17:44:19] <Clove> LOLOL
[17:44:30] <Annawantimes> Ever heard of Drive thru wedding chapels?
[17:44:40] <DevilEmperor> LOL
[17:45:50] <DevilEmperor> wjxhuang: Aww, when if your marriage? Tell me, don't
be shy.
[17:45:54] <DevilEmperor> *is
[17:46:11] <wjxhuang> DevilEmperor: why would i tell someone who isn't
invited? :P
[17:46:35] <Annawantimes> wjxhuang: Not to impose, but am I invited? :)
[17:46:54] <wjxhuang> Annawantimes: of course, your name isn't DevilEmperor or
Ieao or Natsu11 ;)
[17:47:06] <Annawantimes> I should hope not.
[17:47:59] <Summer> wjxhuang: I hate you.
[17:48:17] <Annawantimes> Oh, hate messages, this is gettin' good :D
[17:52:36] <wjxhuang> hehe
[17:52:58] <Summer> wjxhuang: Too excited for the wedding, I assume?
[17:53:27] <wjxhuang> nah, just pleased you won't be there
[17:53:38] <Vulmen> o.o'
[17:53:45] <Summer> Sowwy, not to ruin your dreams.
[17:53:49] <Summer> I'm going to ruin it.
[17:56:00] <Annawantimes> See you all tomorrow.
[17:56:06] <Summer> Bye!
[17:56:12] <wjxhuang> cya Annawantimes :)
[17:56:14] <Summer> Be sure to come to wjxhuang's marriage!
[17:56:35] <Clove> Summer: bitch please you're not even invited
[17:56:40] <Summer> And witness my excellent plan! *laughs evilly*
[17:56:48] <Mxyzptlk> i married them.
[17:56:50] <Mxyzptlk> just now.
[17:56:58] <Summer> Shit.
[17:57:00] <wjxhuang> lol
[17:57:03] <Mxyzptlk> it was fantastic but the groom got into a fight
[17:57:07] <Summer> lOL
[17:57:09] <Summer> * LOL
[17:57:10] <Mxyzptlk> broken wine bottles everywhere
[18:01:25] <Vulmen> goodnight fellas, and newlyweds

April 28, 2012: Are Mike and Bryan married?

[21:13] <Jabberjay> Are Bryan and Mike married?
[21:13] <Jabberjay> not to each other
[21:13] <Jabberjay> i mean like
[21:13] <Jabberjay> married
[21:13] <Jabberjay> do they have kids??
[21:13] <Arthur_Dent_> That would be amazing. .
[21:13] <Jabberjay> because someone mentioned bryan's wife....
[21:14] <Jabberjay> I know Sifu is mrried with a kid.
[21:14] <Jabberjay> ....
[21:14] <Jabberjay> I didn't mean married to a kid
[21:14] <Jabberjay> he has a kid
[21:14] <Jabberjay> and he's married
[21:14] <Jabberjay> married*
[21:14] <Jabberjay> this is why grammar is important

June 28, 2012: "u r real bolin" - They see Trill Bolin, they hatin'

sami__	hey bolin
Bolin	hey sami
sami__	do u watch avatar korra
Bolin	Yes.
Bolin	Of course I do.
Bolin	I love Korra.
sami__	it’s good to see pple have same interest as i do.
sami__	me too
sami__	by the i am from hong kong
Bolin	I’m from Republic City.
sami__	haaa
sami__	good joke
sami__	then i am from ba sing se!!
Bolin	Awesome!
Bolin	I’ve always wanted to go there.
sami__	by the way which form of bending do u like?
Bolin	Earthbending.
Bolin	It’s the best!
Bolin	strikes a pose.
sami__	ohh man!
sami__	I am earthy type of person too
Bolin	Do you bend?
Bolin	Or are you a nonbender?
Bolin	I mean, I’m fine with nonbenders.
Bolin	I know a really nice nonbender named Asami. She's awesome; sometimes she even lets me borrow her satomobiles.
sami__	i think since i am non bender here in this world, in avatar i would be earthbender.
Bolin	Ooh, I’m sorry to hear that. Earthbending rocks!
sami__	yeah earthbending rocks!
sami__	solid stance, persistant!!heh!
Bolin	Thanks!
Bolin	I've been working on my horse stance.
sami__	yeah
sami__	i used to do teakwondo, karate, and some of own martial art moves
sami__	Still do now
Bolin	Try some Hun Gar kung fu.
Bolin	It's the basis for earthbending.
sami__	crane for soft power, tiger for hard power
Bolin	Yep.
Bolin	Chief Beifong's been teaching me mantis style as well.
sami__  Bolin r u really from this world or what, u sound so convincing!
sami__  it feels like u r from avatar world
Bolin	Huh? I'm Republic City.
Bolin	I don't know what you mean by 'this world'.
sami__  i mean "real world"
Bolin	Er, Korra's in the city too . . . is that what you mean?
Bolin	Real world?
sami__  where there no benders at all
Bolin	squints.
Bolin	That's horrible!
Bolin	How do you have pro-bending then?!
sami__  ohh god, i am talking real bolin
Bolin	If there are no firebenders what powers your lights?
Bolin	gasps.
Bolin	Do you have lights?!
sami__  we used electricity generator!
Bolin	Right, a lightning generator.
Bolin	nods.
sami__  coal, fossil fuel
Bolin	My bro works as one of those.
Bolin	Fossil fuel?
sami__  u don't know
sami__  ur bro works in the electricity company!
Bolin	. . . aren't fossils those bones and stuff that come from the ground?
sami__  yeahh
Bolin	How do you make electricity out of that?
Bolin	Yeah, my brother - his name's Mako - generates lightning.
Bolin	It's pretty freaky.
Bolin	I went there once to bring him lunch [noodles!].
Bolin	Just a bunch of masked dudes generating lightning.
Bolin	Kind of sounds depressing.
sami__  man
sami__  true
Bolin	I prefer working at a satomobile repair shop, but that's just me.
Bolin	How do you make electricity out of bones?
sami__  first fossil fuel come in a form of black liquid, then you filter by buring them at different temperature to make diiferent fuel
sami__  like petril, diseal, kerosine
sami__  so on
Bolin	I have no idea what any of that stuff is.
Bolin	Sorry!
Bolin	My bro and I grew up on the street.
Bolin	I only went to school for a year. ^^"
sami__  i would say everting thing we make use of in this world is made of fossil fuel
Bolin	Wow . . .
Bolin	See, earthbending rocks! Getting fuel out of the ground!
sami__  Bolin, it's okay
sami__  man ur so lucky
Bolin	. . . I always kind of feel stupid next to Asami.
sami__  dude
Bolin	You know, she went to a rich private school and all that.
Bolin	And she's always throwing crazy talk about air-oh-dynamics and stuff I don't even understand.
sami__  true, wish u be there
Bolin	I just . . . drive the cars.
sami__  don't chya
Bolin	That's it.
Bolin	Huh?
sami__  pissh!
Bolin	blinks.
sami__  do u actually like korra
Bolin	I love her . . .
sami__  i mean"love"
Bolin	But she's dating my brother.
sami__  i think u two r perfect!
Bolin	I hate seeing them kiss and go all lovey-dovey.
Bolin	It really hurts me, you know?
Bolin	sniffles.
sami__  same personality,
Bolin	Between you and me, I think that Mako's a jerk to her.
Bolin	He forces her to wear dresses and shave her legs and random stuff.
sami__  pat pat on Bolin back
Bolin	I dunno, I like her the way she is.
sami__  true u r the true gentleman
Bolin	Why thank you.
Bolin	blushes.
sami__  accept who she is
sami__  Bolin do u know who were ur parents?
Bolin	. . .
Bolin	looks away.
Bolin	I was six when they . . . passed.
Bolin	I never knew their names.
Bolin	Mako and I tried to find out.
Bolin	We went to all the cemeteries in the city.
Bolin	But . . . we could never find them.
Bolin	We didn't know how to look.
Bolin	Or where to look..
Bolin	cries.
Bolin	calms self.
Bolin	S-sorry.
sami__  ssry i shouldn't have asked!
Bolin	I haven't thought about them . . . in a while.
Bolin	It's okay.
Bolin	It's ok-kay.
Bolin	Just give me a second.
Bolin	inhales.
Bolin	Okay, okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.
Bolin	Korra doesn't know how lucky she is.
Bolin	She takes her parents for granted sometimes.
Bolin	Mako, Asami, and I . . .
Bolin	Oh, sure, Asami's dad is still alive,
Bolin	but he tried to MURDER her!
sami__  yeah!
Bolin	He's a terrible father.
sami__  saw that
Bolin	Spirits I don't like him at all.
Bolin	blinks.
Bolin	You saw that?
Bolin	And you didn't help?
sami__  come on
Bolin	Where were you? Are you an Equalist?
sami__  bolin
sami__  i was on the otherside of the world
Bolin	I'm talking to an Equalist this is bad this is really really bad.
Bolin	. . . then how did you see us?
sami__  don't u think i would have helped if i was there
Bolin	Crazy talk is coming out of your mouth right now.
sami__  opps
Bolin	Are you like . . . a fortuneteller?
Bolin	Could you see us magically?
sami__  let me tell nice and slowly
Bolin	Can you tell me what Korra's doing right now
Bolin	*?
sami__  for god sake
sami__  how would i know
Bolin	I want to surprise her. I made dumplings . . .
Bolin	Well, I don't know!
Bolin	If you could somehow see what Asami and I were doing . . . but you were halfway across the world . . .
sami__  bolin
Bolin	You're scaaaaring me.
Bolin	Are you a spirit?
Bolin	Ha! I knew they were real!
Bolin	I can't wait to tell Mako.
sami__  in this world, ur world is fictional
Bolin	. . .
Bolin	sniggers.
Bolin	pinches self.
Bolin	I think I'm pretty real.
sami__  i mean u guys were created
Bolin	. . . well, sure, I guess . . . by my parents . . .
Bolin	Or you talkin' by the spirits?
sami__  simple truth, u guys are animation in this world
Bolin	. . .
sami__  i mean in my world
Bolin	Get out of town.
Bolin	You're just pulling my leg.
Bolin	Come on, stop being freaky.
sami__  man don't be upset
sami__  u know wat, i ahve always thought u guy r real
Bolin	Oh waaait . . . are you one of those 'trolls' my bro warned me about?
sami__  no
Bolin	Oh, ha ha, I get it. Real funny.
sami__  nonon
sami__  come on bolin
Bolin	tilts head to one side.
Bolin	I'm very confused right now.
sami__  okay
sami__  bolin
Bolin	Yes?
Bolin	Wait a second . . .
sami__  in my world, we have this device
Bolin	Is that you Asami? 'Sami'?
sami__  sami....
Bolin	Are you getting back on me for that satomobile prank?
sami__  duh
Bolin	I'm sorry.
sami__  no
Bolin	I didn't know it would explode.
sami__  actually i am guy
sami__  bolin
Bolin	shakes head.
sami__  sami is just my nickname
Bolin	Oh.
Bolin	Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing.
Bolin	Mako told me not to use my real name . . .
Bolin	But I couldn't figure out how to switch.
sami__  it;s okay
Bolin	You done talking crazy?
sami__  only i know that u r Bolin
sami__  it's okay
Bolin	Hey, do you think that Korra would prefer fish or bird dumplings?
Bolin	They've got some nice sparrowkeet dumplings . . .
Bolin	But I know she likes fish. Especially zebra trout.
sami__  considering her being from water tribe
sami__  i would say fish!!
Bolin	Thanks!
sami__  for once why not different food
Bolin	Huh . . . good idea.
Bolin	What should I get?
Bolin	Let's see, they've got sushi and noodles and riceballs . . .
Bolin	Dumplings, pastries . . .
Bolin	Little cakes . . .
Bolin	Cooked fish, egg cookies, fruit pies . . .
sami__  *sami thinking
Bolin	Lots of kinds of possum chicken.
Bolin	There's lots of kinds of sauces in here.
sami__  u have soya sauce
sami__  saya sauce in noodles or dumplings taste good
sami__  i mean soya sauce
Bolin	Hm . . .
Bolin	Let me ask.
Bolin	Yeah, they have some.
Bolin	Should I get some with the possum chicken maybe?
sami__  but don't put too much
sami__  too salty
Bolin	Man, you're great at this.
sami__  kay?
Bolin	She's going to love these.
Bolin	Where did you say you live? Ba Sing Se?
sami__  i am from hong kong
sami__  HONG KONG
Bolin	What's that?
Bolin	You said Ba Sing Se.
sami__  it's a city
Bolin	I've never heard of it.
Bolin	But I don't much about geography.
Bolin	Sorry.
sami__  come on, i didn't know u were real bolin
sami__  i am not from ur world bolin!
Bolin	. . . that joke stopped being funny a while ago.
Bolin	Are you from the Spirit World?
sami__  i am probably from ur alternate world
sami__  in my world there are no benders at all
sami__  let alone spirits
Bolin	. . . that's awful.
Bolin	I'm so sorry.
Bolin	Have you considered . . . seeing a doctor?
sami__  it;s okay
sami__  BOLIN!!!
Bolin	I don't think there's such a thing as an alternate world . . .
Bolin	I should ask Korra!
sami__  yeah good idea
sami__  ask her
sami__  !!
Bolin	She's the Avatar. She knows practically everything about all that spirit mumbo-jumbo.
Bolin	I think I'll bring her the soya sauce and the possum chicken right now and ask her.
Bolin	I'll talk to you later, kay?
Bolin	Oh man. I'm going to be late for work too.
sami__  okay!
sami__  o[[s sry
sami__  see u tmr 
sami__  too
Bolin	Chief Beifong will rip my head off if I miss one more metalbending training!
Bolin	See you.

July 9th, 2012: No one cares about Canada

 [17:50]<Campeon> So you are the third Blue Beetle masquerading as an ecologist masquerading as an alcoholic robot sent from the future to kill another robot manufactured by aliens who were in fact ghosts for no specific reason in order to prevent LB's assassination ? 
[17:51] <JaimeReyes> Campeon: oh, you did take over canada.
[17:51] <JaimeReyes> you ended up exploding yourself and 3/4ths of that country.
[17:51] <JaimeReyes> But no one ever actually cared.
[17:51] <Campeon> Well, it's Canada …
[17:51] <JaimeReyes> Exactly.
[17:52] <LordOfEvil> CANADA IS AWESOME, DAMN IT 
[17:59] <Campeon> I want to precise the aliens are ghosts from Québécois parrots who were drowned in the sinking of the Titanic while dating tha captain wearing tutus.
[17:59] <Campeon> As it turned out, the captain was polyzoophiliac
[17:59] <Toph_Fanboy> he was ... what

December 3, 2012: May the best BSST editor win!

2012-12-03 08:56:00     +KMP    Hi Mysteria.
2012-12-03 08:57:35     +KMP    minnichi: 3 minutes. Now I will have to ask
2012-12-03 08:57:47     +KMP    Will you win the race?
2012-12-03 09:00:29     +KMP    Looks like you won't.
2012-12-03 09:07:05     minnichi        I did ^^
2012-12-03 09:09:36     minnichi        that is, if the evil KMP didn't decide to use the draft before I added in the review!
2012-12-03 09:09:37     BolinPabu       good job minn
2012-12-03 09:09:56     minnichi        haha
2012-12-03 09:10:03      *      KMP shakes head
2012-12-03 09:10:08     +KMP    Should have known! :p
2012-12-03 09:10:13     +KMP    My hand was on publish
2012-12-03 09:10:15     +KMP    Literally
2012-12-03 09:10:18     minnichi        XD
2012-12-03 09:10:29     minnichi        so i imagined
2012-12-03 09:10:36     minnichi         i had a timer going on too xD
2012-12-03 09:13:18     +KMP    Haha yea. But damn. One click
2012-12-03 09:13:24     +KMP    Cutting it a little close ^^
2012-12-03 09:13:47     +KMP    But hey, you still get the job done
2012-12-03 09:13:56     minnichi        ^^" well, professional procrastination! what can i say >:P
2012-12-03 09:16:27     BolinPabu       @KMP chakrasandwich got rollback yesterday
2012-12-03 09:16:34     minnichi        well,  took longer for me to get through that whole fanon than i thought...but i'll just say it's all part of the plan. your evil$
2012-12-03 09:16:36     BolinPabu       it needs to be put on therre
2012-12-03 09:17:14     +KMP    Oh did he? Alright
2012-12-03 09:17:53     +KMP    minnichi: indeed it has!
2012-12-03 09:18:06     BolinPabu       *she
2012-12-03 09:19:25      *      KMP shrugs
2012-12-03 09:19:27     +KMP    Sure
2012-12-03 09:20:15     minnichi        i like how people have already chosen the first poll option on the right in the bsst haha
2012-12-03 09:20:57     BolinPabu       i am terrified of KMp
2012-12-03 09:21:00     BolinPabu       jk
2012-12-03 09:21:14     +KMP    minnichi: you wish!
2012-12-03 09:21:19     +KMP    They all love me!
2012-12-03 09:21:36     +KMP    They're just too afraid to admit it. Not because of me, ofc.
2012-12-03 09:22:24     RandomRanaun    I miss Mysti
2012-12-03 09:22:29     RandomRanaun    she never comes on anymore :(
2012-12-03 09:22:46     +KMP    Who?
2012-12-03 09:22:50     +KMP    Oh I get it
2012-12-03 09:23:06     +KMP    Yea, I concur
2012-12-03 09:23:11     --      RandomRanaun is now known as NowhereToRun
2012-12-03 09:23:24     +KMP    Hardly know who he/she is anymore. Other than something about a violin.
2012-12-03 09:23:32      *      KMP shrugs
2012-12-03 09:24:08     BolinPabu       I concur with RR
2012-12-03 09:26:18     minnichi        KMP: you mean they're too terrified to say they *don't* love you!
2012-12-03 09:26:32     minnichi        because they value their life
2012-12-03 09:27:10     +KMP    Life is overrated. Otherwise, none of us would be here in the first place! :p
2012-12-03 09:27:17     +KMP    Hence, your entire argument falls apart.
2012-12-03 09:27:34     +KMP    Man, I must admit... I am good! xD
2012-12-03 09:27:52     minnichi        LOL geez get over yourself!
2012-12-03 09:28:03     minnichi        I mean er of course you're right *values life*
2012-12-03 09:28:39     +KMP    Good, good. I mean, I obviously like my staff being suboordinate, cos... Ya' know, they're supposed to be...
2012-12-03 09:29:09     minnichi        Mhmm *secretly cries from oppression every day*
2012-12-03 09:29:32     +KMP    Ha! I learned from the best.
2012-12-03 09:29:56     minnichi        so it seems!
2012-12-03 09:30:00     +KMP    You knew what you were getting into...
2012-12-03 09:30:06     +KMP    Exactly!
2012-12-03 09:30:31     +KMP    Oh yea, speaking about "oppression"
2012-12-03 09:30:33     minnichi        i was manipulated into thinking it would be a world of sunshine and rainbows and laughter
2012-12-03 09:30:37     +KMP    Has anyone seen Annawantimes?
2012-12-03 09:30:48     +KMP    minnichi: no, that was Thailog.
2012-12-03 09:31:03     +KMP    But yea, anyone seen Annawantimes?
2012-12-03 09:31:15     minnichi        xD well, you learned from the best.
2012-12-03 09:31:22     BolinPabu       I haven't seen him
2012-12-03 09:31:48     minnichi        same
2012-12-03 09:32:28     minnichi        though he may be doing this to avoid the editor's wrath - i mean, friendly lecture
2012-12-03 09:32:42     +KMP    Hahahaha...
2012-12-03 09:33:07     +KMP    ...If anyone sees him, inform him that I need to talk to him sometimes soon.
2012-12-03 09:33:28     BolinPabu
2012-12-03 09:33:32     BolinPabu       his last edit
2012-12-03 09:33:58     MasterAqua      ...Whoa.
2012-12-03 09:34:06     MasterAqua      Didn't notice you saying my name, RR.
2012-12-03 09:34:09     MasterAqua      Sorry about that.
2012-12-03 09:34:14     MasterAqua      You miss me?
2012-12-03 09:34:17     MasterAqua      :o
2012-12-03 09:34:21     +KMP    Who are you, again?
2012-12-03 09:34:24     MasterAqua      ...
2012-12-03 09:34:28     MasterAqua      I'm Mysteria.
2012-12-03 09:34:35     BolinPabu       Ohai Mysti
2012-12-03 09:34:43     MasterAqua      This nick *is* registered.
2012-12-03 09:34:50     +KMP    MasterAqua: lol jk
2012-12-03 09:34:54     +KMP    See above.
2012-12-03 09:34:57     MasterAqua      And I've been busy with things like college.
2012-12-03 09:35:04     MasterAqua      And my boyfriend.
2012-12-03 09:36:04     MasterAqua      And "Hardly know who he/she is anymore. Other than something about a violin."???
2012-12-03 09:36:11     MasterAqua      "he/she"?
2012-12-03 09:36:14     MasterAqua      -_-
2012-12-03 09:36:26     MasterAqua      I'm definitely female.
2012-12-03 09:37:33     +KMP    ...Yep.
2012-12-03 09:38:07     +KMP    Definitely.
2012-12-03 09:38:38     minnichi        no i'm sure he knows who you are. he just likes to feed off the angered reactions to his cold and oppressive ways to strengthen h$
2012-12-03 09:38:47     BolinPabu       i agree with minn
2012-12-03 09:38:53     MasterAqua      Haha.
2012-12-03 09:38:54     BolinPabu       KMP is the next wjxhuang
2012-12-03 09:39:50     +KMP    minnichi: You kidding me? I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to people. Take your philanthropist ideals elsewhere.
2012-12-03 09:39:56     MasterAqua      I'm tired.  I probably shouldn't even be up.
2012-12-03 09:40:06     minnichi        KMP: or so you say!
2012-12-03 09:40:18      *      MasterAqua is now typing with her eyes closed
2012-12-03 09:40:28     MasterAqua      Bleh.
2012-12-03 09:40:33     +KMP    Yes. I do say, in fact.
2012-12-03 09:40:39     +KMP    I say a lot of things.
2012-12-03 09:40:50     +KMP    Do you know what they all have in common?
2012-12-03 09:41:01     minnichi        something horrible? xD
2012-12-03 09:41:08     +KMP    lol
2012-12-03 09:41:33     +KMP    The person who challenges my statements is usually always wrong. Isn't that great (for me)!
2012-12-03 09:41:45     minnichi        oh really now?
2012-12-03 09:41:57     +KMP    Really.
2012-12-03 09:42:57     minnichi        what if someone challenged the statement you just made about making statements that are always right? (lol sounds like a tongue t$
2012-12-03 09:44:03     +KMP    I would ofc be right. And the person who challenged would be wrong. Hence, the statement sticks. Your point? ^^
2012-12-03 09:44:07     minnichi        wasn't one of your admin interview questions 'a time when you were *wrong*?" what's that supposed to mean then? >:P
2012-12-03 09:44:31     minnichi        unless *gasp* more manipulation!
2012-12-03 09:44:36     +KMP    LOL!
2012-12-03 09:44:40     +KMP    Yes. Yes indeed.
2012-12-03 09:45:07     minnichi        you tricked us into believing you actually make mistakes?! The shame! The despicableness!
2012-12-03 09:45:22     +KMP    Uh huh. I'm sure you're thinking you can't be fooled anymore, huh?
2012-12-03 09:45:45     minnichi        hm i would butttt no.
2012-12-03 09:46:03     minnichi        (predicts being thrown off by another random plus sign nick one day)
2012-12-03 09:46:14     minnichi        but that's the ONLY thing you got on me! >:P
2012-12-03 09:46:41     +KMP    You wish.
2012-12-03 09:47:19     BolinPabu
2012-12-03 09:47:19     minnichi        Yeah, I wish. I wish the truth wasn't so harsh on you! ha!
2012-12-03 09:47:22     BolinPabu       delete please
2012-12-03 09:48:32     +KMP    Why do that, when you can tag for licensing and keep it for a while?
2012-12-03 09:49:57     BolinPabu       good point
2012-12-03 09:50:06     BolinPabu       also the fourm on the war room was closed
2012-12-03 09:50:12     +KMP    Anyway... Unfortunately
2012-12-03 09:50:23     BolinPabu       but the fourms nned to be turned on
2012-12-03 09:50:26     minnichi        KMP: HA see that? It hasn't even been an hour and not one, not two, but FOUR have voted your evil for being the reason they avoid$
2012-12-03 09:50:42     +KMP    Four smore
2012-12-03 09:50:52     +KMP    If you get phonetics, that is.
2012-12-03 09:51:17     minnichi        Obviously it's not a problem with our staff, it's the dark entity that runs it!
2012-12-03 09:51:31     minnichi        and yes i got that
2012-12-03 09:51:36      *      KMP shrugs
2012-12-03 09:51:39     +KMP    Could be.
2012-12-03 09:51:51     +KMP    Why don't you /prove/ it, huh? :p
2012-12-03 09:51:59     +KMP    I'll give ya...
2012-12-03 09:52:02     minnichi        i would but....but I value my life!!! >:O
2012-12-03 09:52:04      *      KMP checks watch
2012-12-03 09:52:07     +KMP    24 hours
2012-12-03 09:52:18     +KMP    Lol
2012-12-03 09:52:33     minnichi        Actually, I quoted you on my profile. Anyone can plainly see
2012-12-03 09:52:44     minnichi        Dang, a screenshot would've been even better xD
2012-12-03 09:52:50     +KMP    Ha! Sure. I can just argue context.
2012-12-03 09:52:59     +KMP    Yep!
2012-12-03 09:53:11     minnichi        In what kind of context would "You will all be my puppets soon enough" possibly not be evil? XD
2012-12-03 09:53:14     +KMP    So it seems you /can't/ prove it. How sad
2012-12-03 09:53:44     +KMP    lol what? Firstly, that could be a made up quote.
2012-12-03 09:53:46     +KMP    Secondly
2012-12-03 09:54:06     +KMP    The only thing that comes to mind with that statement is disciplining sockpuppets
2012-12-03 09:54:10     +KMP    With sarcasm
2012-12-03 09:54:31     minnichi        there are only so many things sarcasm can suffice for...
2012-12-03 09:54:33     BolinPabu       wait, KMP has a sockpuppet
2012-12-03 09:54:38     BolinPabu       down wiht you!
2012-12-03 09:54:41     BolinPabu       *with
2012-12-03 09:54:55     minnichi        what?
2012-12-03 09:54:55     --      Mode #wikia-avatar [+o KMP] by ChanServ
2012-12-03 09:55:00     @KMP    What was that?
2012-12-03 09:55:05     BolinPabu       woah
2012-12-03 09:55:11     BolinPabu       KMP really is awesome
2012-12-03 09:55:15     @KMP    I thought so!
2012-12-03 09:55:22     @KMP    I am very awesome!
2012-12-03 09:55:26     minnichi        okay so im not sure what happened lol
2012-12-03 09:55:28     BolinPabu       even ChanServ admits you are awesome
2012-12-03 09:55:30     --      Mode #wikia-avatar [-o KMP] by ChanServ
2012-12-03 09:55:35     +KMP    Indeed!
2012-12-03 09:55:39     BolinPabu       noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2012-12-03 09:55:58      *      minnichi blinks in confused silence
2012-12-03 09:56:07     minnichi        how exactly is KMP awesome again?
2012-12-03 09:56:24     +KMP    :O
2012-12-03 09:56:24     minnichi        you didn't just stick a gun to godsrule's head did you? xD
2012-12-03 09:56:37     +KMP    lol!
2012-12-03 09:56:40     +KMP    Why would I do that?
2012-12-03 09:56:41     BolinPabu       he did
2012-12-03 09:56:56     minnichi        NO RUN! now he'll actually pull the trigger!
2012-12-03 09:57:02     BolinPabu       cause the moment he becomes 'crat he wants to strip me of my rollback
2012-12-03 09:57:10     BolinPabu       he hates me
2012-12-03 09:57:17     minnichi        no really someone please tell me what KMP just did xD
2012-12-03 09:57:38     minnichi        i feel like if i get it i'll be able to decide whether it's awesomeness or gunpoint
2012-12-03 09:57:40     +KMP    Haha... You got it all backwards! See, it's minnichi who's manipulating ya'll!
2012-12-03 09:57:52     +KMP    Talking about "gunpoint"
2012-12-03 09:57:54     minnichi        OH REALLY?
2012-12-03 09:57:55     +KMP    And whatnot
2012-12-03 09:58:08     minnichi        then why has the victim admitted to it?
2012-12-03 09:58:09     +KMP    Well ofc
2012-12-03 09:58:19     +KMP    Victim? Who>
2012-12-03 09:58:27     minnichi        dont tell me he's a goner already!
2012-12-03 09:58:27     +KMP    I don't see anyone bleeding?
2012-12-03 09:58:37     +KMP    Made up fantasies.
2012-12-03 09:58:42      *      minnichi gasps
2012-12-03 09:58:45     +KMP    Go back to your fanon!
2012-12-03 09:59:03     minnichi        nooo! i didn't even get to say goodbye to him!!!
2012-12-03 09:59:20     BolinPabu       good bye

January 8, 2013: On Death, Cannibalism, and Satan

[04:44] <+Lostris> Hey Min... "LOL xD" ;-)
[04:44] <minnichi> o_o
[04:44] <minnichi> So uh
[04:44] <minnichi> where's Annawantimes? lol
[04:45] <+Lostris> He's having the time of his life ^^
[04:45] <minnichi> Where exactly? 8(
[04:45] * Lostris waggles her eyebrows.
[04:45] * minnichi backs away
[04:46] <minnichi> I might've believed your statement about "lol" = "lots of love," had KMP not warned me to run if I ever see a one word message with a smiley!
[04:46] <+Lostris> Yeah, but then you have to ask yourself... KMP said it... what's the value of that?
[04:47] <minnichi> to which you even challenged him for thinking someone could escape you :l
[04:47] <+Lostris> That was secret admin code for "this user is totally awesome, we may never let her leave the wiki as that would be a shame"
[04:48] <minnichi> Oh of course ^^" heheh
[04:48] <minnichi> never leave the wiki....*alive* you mean?!
[04:49] <+Lostris> See, that's just mean, how you're always thinking of ways to incriminate me. Tss, why do you always have to think the worst of people? Shame on you!
[04:49] <minnichi> you admitted to cannibalism first!!! *points*
[04:50] <+Lostris> Oh my spirits, 888 or KMP have to use this someday!!
[04:50] <+Lostris> "Do you like an Australian kiss? It's like a French kiss but down under" xD xD xD
[04:50] <minnichi> LOL what? XD
[04:51] <+Lostris> "You want to do something that rimes with 'truck'?" ... "er... 'duck'?" Hihi, fail xD
[04:51] <minnichi> oh dear lord
[04:51] <+Lostris> As for the cannibalism, that's illegal, you shouldn't speak of such things on an all ages wiki ;-)
[04:52] <minnichi> then maybe you should stop eating people!
[04:52] <+Lostris> I never heard any complaints ;-)
[04:52] <minnichi> oh gawd
[04:52] <minnichi> well *I* kind of wanna live. Just throwin that out there :)
[04:52] <+Lostris> B-)
[04:53] <+Lostris> Well, there are a lot of people who believe in the afterlife :-p
[04:53] <+Lostris>!
[04:53] <+Lostris> ^ that the pick-up line video
[04:53] <+Lostris> You should check out 89
[04:53] <minnichi> xD Well, I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet!
[04:53] <+Lostris> The girl actually kissed him back ^^
[04:54] <+Lostris> How can you know when you haven't tried?
[04:54] <minnichi> referring to the afterlife that is
[04:54] <minnichi> eh well
[04:54] <+Lostris> Come on, where's the adventurous side of you?
[04:54] <minnichi> trying can wait ^^"
[04:54] <minnichi> and come on, i don't want to leave the wiki just yet!
[04:54] <+Lostris> Ironically: "if you keep standing on the side lines, life will pass you by" xD
[04:54] <minnichi> LOL nuh uh don't even go there
[04:55] <+Lostris> D'aww, lots of love to you too, does that mean you're in?
[04:55] <minnichi> i'd rather have life pass me by than toss me into an open fire to be cooked alive and meet a terrible, miserable end as some admin's breakfast
[04:55] <+Lostris> (and yes, I have a very selective way of reading things :-p )
[04:57] <minnichi> omg lol! well you just keep your selective reading habits to yourself then...
[04:57] <minnichi> and meanwhile i'm all for staying alive :)
[04:58] <+Lostris> Eh... first of all, Miss Attitude, it is not an open fire. Do you have any idea how much it costs to have an authentic Italian pizza oven made? Secondly, when tossed in a fire, you're baked, not cook (seriously, you know that place in your house where they keep all the pots and pans etc? Yeah, visit that only under supervision). Third, fire is nice and cosy warm, how's that terrible? And...
[04:58] <+Lostris> ...lasts, ""some admin"? Bitch please, that's at least "some bureaucrat" for you :-p
[04:59] <minnichi> Yeah, I'll be sure to keep that in mind while I'm being burned on a stake!
[04:59] <minnichi> No thanks!
[04:59] <+Lostris> It's not a stake!
[04:59] <minnichi> Oh?
[04:59] <+Lostris> Oven!
[04:59] <+Lostris> Say it with me: oven!
[04:59] <minnichi> OH, what an honor! An OVEN!
[04:59] <minnichi> ...Nah, I think life sounds better still
[04:59] <+Lostris> It really is, you should count yourself lucky
[05:00] <+Lostris> Tss, so prejudiced against new experiences
[05:00] <+Lostris> Shame on you
[05:01] <minnichi> Well I'd rather not have my new experience cooking me alive
[05:01] <+Lostris> Want to know the irony? I'm reading a text about article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the side xD
[05:01] <minnichi> I heard somewhere that being burned alive kind of hurts. Just saying
[05:02] <minnichi> LOL
[05:02] <+Lostris> Seriously, you back again with the "cooking alive"? It's being "baked" at the least. And hey, I know my way around the fire, I would never let you burn. I'll flip you timely, so you will not feel a thing ;-)
[05:03] <minnichi> Mhmm.....
[05:03] * minnichi runs for her life
[05:03] <+Lostris> Trivia time!!
[05:03] <+Lostris> Did you know that I am a pretty good sprinter?
[05:03] <minnichi> Aw shucks
[05:03] <+Lostris> Totally randomly throwing that in there :-p
[05:04] <minnichi> I'm kind of tempted to log this in the hall of fame
[05:04] <minnichi> maybe to let people at least see my miserable last words
[05:04] <minnichi> if they see a goodbye blog from me, they'll know why!
[05:04] <+Lostris> Your words are not miserable. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Confidence, my friend!
[05:05] <+Lostris> :-p
[05:05] <minnichi> XD
[05:05] <minnichi> No!
[05:05] <minnichi> Aww come on pleaseeee? Just let me live this once!
[05:06] <minnichi> Who's going to hold your bags for you next time you argue with KMP huh?
[05:06] * Lostris looks at Taikai
[05:06] <+Lostris> You're not the only DE :-p
[05:06] <minnichi> .......
[05:06] <minnichi> I must warn him
[05:06] <minnichi> Those will be my last words...
[05:06] <+Lostris> Wauw, that's so sad
[05:07] <minnichi> Not sad if it saves a life!
[05:07] <+Lostris> "Here lies Minnichi, her last words were 'those will be my last words...' "
[05:07] <minnichi> WHAT?!
[05:07] <minnichi> xD
[05:07] <minnichi> TAIKAI RUN!!!
[05:07] <+Lostris> To the forest!!
[05:07] <minnichi> NO, where LL doesn't tell you to run!!!
[05:08] <+Lostris> "Whatever you do, do NOT run into the building!"
[05:08] <minnichi> Don't listen to anything LL says!!!
[05:08] <minnichi> dangit I wish KMP were here, even if he completely supports my death
[05:08] <+Lostris> "Minnichi is totally awesome, she may live.... Ah, too bad no one is listening"
[05:08] <minnichi> at least he could distract you or something
[05:09] <minnichi> HEY now, not cool!
[05:09] <+Lostris> KMP distracting? Oh please. Thailog, sure. KMP? Perhaps for 30 seconds :-p
[05:09] <minnichi> 30 seconds is all I need to get away!
[05:09] <+Lostris> Who ever said I was cool? My icon is a /flaming/ tiger. Flames and cool don't got together.
[05:10] <+Lostris> Boy, you really don't pay attention in school, do you? :-p
[05:10] <minnichi> LOL oh of course
[05:10] <+Lostris> ^^
[05:10] * minnichi silently starts sneaking awawy
[05:10] <minnichi> away*
[05:10] <+Lostris> And then they say that you have to be careful around lawyers because they will get you on every word that you say. I totally resent that statement
[05:11] <+Lostris> Huney, "sneaking" doesn't work if you say what you're doing
[05:11] <+Lostris> Haven't you learned anything from Aang and Sokka?
[05:11] <+Lostris> Tss...
[05:11] <minnichi> xD  
[05:12] * minnichi forgets sneaking and jumps into the nearest car
[05:12] <+Lostris> Where did the car come from? Do you have any idea how unsafe it is to have a car inside your house?
[05:12] <+Lostris> What bogus parking is that?
[05:12] <minnichi> twas not in my house! I jumped out the window!
[05:12] <+Lostris> And you're willing to jump into the car when the driver parked /in your house/?
[05:13] <+Lostris> Oh yes, cause that's a smart thing to do -_-
[05:13] <+Lostris> but it's okay
[05:13] <minnichi> a low window! xD
[05:13] <+Lostris> Let it be know that I'll save you. I'll keep an eye on you so you don't hurt yourself. Come here, you can stay at my place :-p
[05:14] <minnichi> shoot, you're just like those old witches in fairy tales that invite children to their houses to *bake* and eat them!!!
[05:15] <minnichi> although i have no idea how you managed to pull it off this whole time, being the "honest" person you are...
[05:15] <+Lostris> Oh, how can you say that? Here I am, friendly inviting you to keep you from self-destruction and they you call me a witch?
[05:16] <+Lostris> That's just rude
[05:16] <+Lostris> And mean
[05:16] <+Lostris> You're a mean person :'-(
[05:16] <minnichi> are the kids really okay when you reply "oh yeah, and i'm going to pop you in my oven, bake you, and make you into my personal meal"
[05:17] <minnichi> assuming you answer them honestly xD
[05:17] <minnichi> and wut? me mean? says the person who still hasn't decided to let me live!
[05:17] <+Lostris> Okay, mental note: Never ever let Minnichi come near little children
[05:17] <+Lostris> She wants to ask them unspeakable things :-p
[05:18] <+Lostris> Hmm, does any of this fall under "twisting one's words"? *angel face*
[05:18] <minnichi> argh! i don't care about words anymore! Just lemme live dangit!
[05:18] <minnichi> Whatever you say, if I end up alive then I'll be happy :)
[05:19] <+Lostris> If you don't care about words, then why should I? What do I care about the words that you use to form your plea for your life? They're just words right? Nobody cares ^^
[05:19] <minnichi> ..........
[05:19] <minnichi> well, you can also see it on my miserable face :'(
[05:21] <+Lostris> D'aww... you don't have a miserable face. You're beautiful. You have such nice skin. Soft as a peach. A delicious . . . sweet . . . juicy peach . . . mmm, peaches
[05:21] <+Lostris> I want to eat a peach now
[05:21] == KMP [7cbdb687@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[05:21] == mode/#wikia-avatar [+v KMP] by ChanServ
[05:21] * Lostris looks at Minnichi.
[05:21] <+Lostris> Hey KMP
[05:22] <+Lostris> Minnichi is being mean :'-(
[05:22] <+KMP> Hello Lostris
[05:22] <+KMP> Not surprised
[05:22] <+Lostris> ^^
[05:22] <+KMP> Such a rude person! Hasn't even replied to the FRS thread for a whole 20 minutes!!
[05:22] <+Lostris> Btw, as her editor on the BSST, you really need to work on her confidence. She keeps bringing herself down.
[05:23] <minnichi> KMP!
[05:23] <minnichi> she's going to kill me!!!!
[05:23] <+Lostris> The poor girl is delusional
[05:23] <minnichi> nonono
[05:23] <+Lostris> Has no sense of reality what so over
[05:23] <+KMP> The excuse "she's going to kill me!!!!" doesn't work on this editor.
[05:23] <minnichi> I'll go on a logging rage right now if I have to @_@
[05:23] <+Lostris> Is twisting everything one says
[05:23] <+Lostris> Seeing a murderthreat in a friendly offer to help
[05:23] <+KMP> lol orly?
[05:23] <minnichi> Yeah apparently
[05:24] <minnichi> it's an opportunity for "new experiences"
[05:24] <+KMP> Well, I can't really refute that...
[05:24] <+Lostris> Lol at the new profile quote xD
[05:24] <minnichi> you try it then KMP!
[05:24] <minnichi> and hahaha yeah I just add to put in that quote :P
[05:24] <+KMP> Well, I meant for you! I for one have handled enough from certain people...
[05:24] <+Lostris> Oh btw, KMP, did you ever try this pick-up line?
[05:24] <+KMP> Oh no
[05:25] <+Lostris> Do it now that you're still in Canada:
[05:25] <+Lostris> "Do you like an Australian kiss? It's like a French kiss but down under"
[05:25] <+KMP> omg... xD
[05:25] <+KMP> Unfortunately, I flew back on the 6th.
[05:25] <+KMP> So, no go!
[05:26] <+KMP> However, I'll be noting that for future use!
[05:26] <minnichi> OH about that thread, yes I like the new format xD
[05:26] <minnichi> not that it matters since I'll die and all
[05:26] <minnichi> with your complete support
[05:26] <+Lostris> KMP, we have to do something about Minnichi. The girl has suicidal tendencies
[05:26] <+Lostris> Constantly talking about death
[05:26] <+Lostris> And ovens
[05:26] <+Lostris> And fires
[05:26] <minnichi> that was all you!
[05:26] <+Lostris> Perhaps she's possessed
[05:26] <+KMP> Death + oven + fire?
[05:27] <minnichi> That's it, into the hall of fame this goes!
[05:27] <+Lostris> Oh my spirits, she's Satan!
[05:27] <minnichi> Wut!?
[05:27] <+Lostris> What? Lol no, lol lol lol lol!!
[05:27] <+Lostris> Love for everyone
[05:27] <+KMP> She is? Could've fooled me...
[05:27] <minnichi> Well no, that doesn't count since you're atheist!
[05:27] <+KMP> But then again, that's the entire point, isn't it?
[05:28] <+KMP> minnichi: she has actual religion classes :p
[05:28] <+KMP> She /knows/ her stuff!
[05:28] <+Lostris> Oh my, is your self-esteem that low? Are you saying that you don't exist for atheists?
[05:28] <minnichi> Omg I'm not Satan!!!
[05:28] <minnichi> xD
[05:28] <+Lostris> Oh honey, you do exist, you just have to believe in yourself :-p
[05:29] <+KMP> Hmm good point. I thought Satan was a male incarnation?
[05:29] <+KMP> Since, men = destruction or somesuch bullshit
[05:29] <+Lostris> Who knows what she's hiding under her Dai Li robes...
[05:29] <+KMP> LOL!
[05:29] <+KMP> Indeed. Your argument is genius.
[05:30] <+Lostris> Ever wondered why she insists on wearing that big Dai Li "covering all possible horns" hat?
[05:30] <minnichi> WHAT?!
[05:30] <+KMP> Yes, I have. Now it all fits...
[05:30] * KMP shakes head
[05:31] <+KMP> How nefarious of you minnichi... Or should I say, Satan?
[05:31] * Lostris watches the result of her work.
[05:31] <+Lostris> *angel face*
[05:31] <+Lostris> Mini Satan xD
[05:32] <minnichi> >:{
[05:32] <minnichi> What's up with this then huh?!
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <minnichi> Yeah, I'll be sure to keep that in mind while I'm being burned on a stake!
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <+Lostris> It's not a stake!
[05:32] <+KMP> :O
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <minnichi> Oh?
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <+Lostris> Oven!
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <+Lostris> Say it with me: oven!
[05:32] <minnichi> [04:59] <minnichi> OH, what an honor! An OVEN!
[05:33] <minnichi> [04:59] <minnichi> ...Nah, I think life sounds better still
[05:33] <minnichi> [04:59] <+Lostris> It really is, you should count yourself lucky
[05:33] <minnichi> [05:00] <+Lostris> Tss, so prejudiced against new experiences
[05:33] <minnichi> [05:00] <+Lostris> Shame on you
[05:33] <minnichi> bottom line: I'm gonna die, and you're accusing me of being Satan?!
[05:34] <+Lostris> I'm just trying to do you a favor. I know how Satan likes fires and hot things, so I thought that I'd make you feel at home
[05:34] <+Lostris> Djeez, you try to help a girl out and all you get is attitude -_-
[05:34] <minnichi> well except for the part about me being your meal
[05:35] <+Lostris> You can't have a bonfire without some snackage.
[05:35] <minnichi> so it doesn't matter who I am! I'm a goner!
[05:35] <+Lostris> No no no, you're a stayer, we've established that before ;-)
[05:35] <+Lostris> You really don't pay attention, do you :-p
[05:36] <minnichi> don't even~! xD I'm dead. D-E-A-D. And no one's going to do anything about it ;_;
[05:36] <+Lostris> Oh goody, Meanboy's back 9.9
[05:36] <minnichi> Oh........ Brilliant.
[05:36] <+KMP> Ah yes
[05:36] <+Lostris> . . . Oh my . . . this calls for an intervention!!
[05:36] <minnichi> he's already at it again?
[05:36] <+Lostris> KMP, you take everything sharp from her house
[05:37] <+Lostris> She's already declared herself to be dead :-/
[05:37] <+Lostris> We have to move fast
[05:37] <+Lostris> Minnichi, don't give up.
[05:37] <+Lostris> You're not alone
[05:37] <minnichi> ~_~
[05:37] <+Lostris> You have friends
[05:37] <+Lostris> We'll safe you from self-harm
[05:37] <+Lostris> ^^
[05:37] <minnichi> Yep, gonna die. At LL's hands
[05:38] <minnichi> while KMP watches indifferently
[05:38] <minnichi> and goes back to reading his newspaper
[05:38] <+KMP> lol what?
[05:38] <+Lostris> you're the one that keeps talking about death, while I'm talking about saving lives.
[05:38] <+Lostris> This is going to be a tough nut to crack
[05:38] <+KMP> Well... Yea, you got me. However, I can't lose another deputy!
[05:38] <+Lostris> She's very deep down in the spiral of self-loathing
[05:38] <minnichi> How exactly do you intend to 'save my life' anyway?
[05:38] <+Lostris> :-/
[05:39] <minnichi> in a bonfire?!
[05:39] <minnichi> (created by you?!)
[05:39] <+KMP> I thought that was your natural habitat though?
[05:39] <+KMP> :/
[05:39] * Lostris snickers.
[05:39] <+Lostris> See, all you get is attitude from her.
[05:39] <minnichi> I'm NOT SATAN OMG D':
[05:40] <+Lostris> KMP, what do you reckon is going on here? Delusion? Denial? Split personality?
[05:40] <minnichi> well that's splendid, not only will i be cooked alive and eaten for breakfast, i get to die with people thinking I'm Satan!
[05:40] <+Lostris> And she said, "OMG", does she think she's god now?  This is more serious than I already thought
[05:40] <minnichi> G stands for Gosh. GOSH!
[05:40] <+KMP> From my medical opinion, I would have said "All of the above". However, to be sure, we must first conduct a differential diagnosis
[05:41] <+Lostris> Satan's name is Gosh?
[05:41] <minnichi> You guys suck!!!
[05:41] <+Lostris> This is all very confusing :-p
[05:41] <+KMP> Which I am, unfortunately, not in position to do.
[05:41] <+Lostris> Oh lol
[05:41] <+Lostris> I don't know what you reacted to KMP, but this is just too wrong
[05:41] <+Lostris> "minnichi	You guys suck!!!" "KMP	Which I am, unfortunately, not in position to do."
[05:42] <+Lostris> xD xD xD
[05:42] <+Lostris> Now that's some IRC hall of fame for you xD
[05:42] <minnichi> You guys are *horrible*!!!! XD
[05:42] <Raichu> NEW POKEMON GAMES
[05:42] <Raichu> lol
[05:42] <minnichi> oh hey there! xD
[05:42] <+KMP> LOL!!!
[05:43] <+Lostris> So, KMP, in what position are you? :-p
[05:43] <minnichi> perhaps I should leave...
[05:43] == Pichu has changed nick to new_pokemon_game
[05:43] <+Lostris> To where? Down under or like to "up there"? ;-)
[05:43] <minnichi> I think I'll stop the hall of fame log at this point...
[05:43] <+KMP> xD

January 8, 2013: "Logs"

[22:45] <+Lostris> Hey Min, "stop the log" is not code for "sayonara, cruel world", is it? :-/
[22:45] <+KMP> She talks about "logs" a lot.
[22:46] <+Lostris> You think she's addicted to... "logs"?
[22:46] <+Lostris> And like "collects" them?
[22:46] <minnichi> What?! Where's this even going?!
[22:46] <+Lostris> And "saves" them?
[22:46] <+Lostris> To be "used" later?
[22:46] <+KMP> Oh, very much so.
[22:47] <+KMP> She seems to "use" them a lot, in retrosepct
[22:47] <+KMP> retrospect*
[22:47] <+KMP> Heck, she even did so here!
[22:47] <+KMP> Which is saying something
[22:48] <+Lostris> I don't know what to think about the fact that everyone can go to her to "find" a "log" about something specific :-/
[22:49] <+Lostris> Poor girl ^^
[22:49] * Lostris offers minnichi as freshly *baked* cookie
[22:49] <+KMP> Well, everyone has their hobbies. Hers is just... Unique in the way she "handles" these "logs"
[22:49] <+Lostris> Lol
[22:49] <+Lostris> That stands for "lots of love", btw xD
[22:50] <minnichi> RIGHT
[22:50] <+Lostris> LEFT
[22:50] <+Lostris> FORWARD
[22:50] <+Lostris> BACK
[22:50] <+Lostris> DIAGONAL
[22:50] <+Lostris> UP
[22:50] <+Lostris> DOWN
[22:50] <+Lostris> Spiral?
[22:51] <+KMP> Spongiform
[22:51] <minnichi> Well, I've added to the hall of fame!
[22:51] <+Lostris> oh boy
[22:51] <minnichi> WITHOUT this horrible "log" thing you're coming up with!
[22:53] <+Lostris> I'm not doing anything with the "logs"
[22:53] <minnichi> ~_~
[22:53] <+Lostris> Except if they're Thais, but that's something else :-p
[22:53] <+KMP> Yep. Neither. The only person I heard talk about "logs" is you, minn
[22:53] <minnichi> after which you two happened to talk about it much, much more!
[22:54] <minnichi> this is even worse than Satan!
[22:54] <+Lostris> Satan with logs? xD
[22:54] <+Lostris> They're on fire B-)
[22:54] <+KMP> Irrefutably so.
[22:55] <+Lostris> Satan does have a way to keep you warm at night: fire balls!
[22:55] <+Lostris> I guess the heated logs are a consequence of that
[22:55] <minnichi> .....
[22:55] * Lostris snickers.
[22:56] * Lostris waggles eyebrows.
[22:56] * minnichi cries in a corner
[22:56] <+KMP> This is far too good to just throw away!
[22:56] <minnichi> i can't even be killed with people thinking i'm myself
[22:57] <+KMP> This transcript must be repurposed. And minnichi won't be "killed". She'll only have a bunch of fiery "logs" put under her, and she'll enjoy it because Satan likes the heat
[22:57] <minnichi> THAT'S IT i'm leaving!
[22:58] <+KMP> Well, of course, assuming that's the way the bonfire will be built.
[22:58] <+KMP> Oh yes, this goes on the Hall of Fame for sure 
[22:58] <+Lostris> Can Satan even die?
[22:58] <minnichi> and before you two totally ruin my name even more ;_;
[22:59] <+Lostris> Which name? Satan? Or your alias "Minnichi"?
[22:59] == minnichi [631b890f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Lostris and KMP are horrible people! (and I need sleep)]

January 13, 2013: The Procession of Fanboys and Fangirls

[6:12pm] Gleek|Ping|HW: Her Gods
[6:12pm] Gleek|Ping|HW: *hey
[6:12pm] SHiE_fanboy: Hi Gods
[6:15pm] SukiFanboy joined the chat room.
[6:15pm] SHiE_fanboy: Hi SFB
[6:15pm] SukiFanboy: Heyo.
[6:15pm] Gleek|Ping|HW: Hey SFB
[6:15pm] • SukiFanboy waves at everyone
[6:16pm] Aryagon: SFB!!!!!
[6:16pm] SukiFanboy: Heyo, Aryagon.
[6:16pm] Aryagon: i'm assuming SHiE_fanboy is Taikai
[6:16pm] Aryagon: SFB guess who I am
[6:16pm] • Gleek|Ping|HW nods
[6:17pm] Aryagon: you have three guesses
[6:17pm] SukiFanboy: Gods?
[6:17pm] SHiE_fanboy: Gods: Yup
[6:17pm] Aryagon: yup
[6:17pm] Gleek|Ping|HW: xD
[6:17pm] Aryagon: ha two pings in a row
[6:17pm] You are now known as PythonFanboy.
[6:19pm] PythonFanboy: ohai OR!
[6:19pm] Gleek|Ping|HW is now known as GleeFangirl.
[6:19pm] GleeFangirl: I wanted to fit in xD
[6:20pm] SukiFanboy: Lol
[6:20pm] SHiE_fanboy: lol
[6:20pm] PythonFanboy: lol
[6:21pm] PythonFanboy: SHiE_fanboy: okay this was epic!
[6:21pm] SHiE_fanboy: Oh yeah. I love that conversation. :)
[6:22pm] PythonFanboy: ha vulmen kinda blocked himself
[6:22pm] SHiE_fanboy: Yup
[6:22pm] PythonFanboy: i waas laughing my head off
[6:22pm] PythonFanboy: *of
[6:22pm] SHiE_fanboy: I remember that.
[6:22pm] PythonFanboy: but silently
[6:22pm] SHiE_fanboy: Good times, good times. XD
[6:23pm] PythonFanboy: okay your quuote box is the best on the wiki
[6:23pm] HOU13NWE17|Half is now known as HOU13NWE17|Q3.
[6:25pm] MehLaL joined the chat room.
[6:25pm] MehLaL: What's up?
[6:26pm] MehLaL: :/
[6:26pm] SHiE_fanboy: Hi Meh
[6:26pm] MehLaL: Hi
[6:26pm] MehLaL: Who is everybody?
[6:27pm] SHiE_fanboy: Gods: Oh me? lol, thanks :)
[6:27pm] PythonFanboy: ohai metal
[6:27pm] PythonFanboy: @WBT yw
[6:27pm] MehLaL is now known as Toph_Fanboy.
[6:27pm] SukiFanboy: Heyo, Metal.
[6:27pm] SHiE_fanboy: I honestly need to update it. I've got some more lol-able quotes :)
[6:27pm] Toph_Fanboy: Hi, Agent_Slash.
[6:28pm] GleeFangirl left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[6:28pm] Coggsworth_Motor left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[6:29pm] HOU13NWE17|Q3 is now known as HOU13NWE24|Q3.
[6:30pm] • Toph_Fanboy hmmms...
[6:30pm] Annawantimes joined the chat room.
[6:30pm] Annawantimes left the chat room. (Changing host)
[6:30pm] Annawantimes joined the chat room.
[6:31pm] Toph_Fanboy: Hey, Annawan.
[6:31pm] Annawantimes: Hey.
[6:31pm] SukiFanboy: Heyo, Annawan.
[6:31pm] PythonFanboy: hey annawan
[6:33pm] Gleek joined the chat room.
[6:33pm] SHiE_fanboy: ANNAWAN!
[6:33pm] SHiE_fanboy: Hi
[6:33pm] PythonFanboy: wb gleek
[6:33pm] SHiE_fanboy is now known as Taikai.
[6:34pm] Gleek: Thx
[6:34pm] Toph_Fanboy: Hi, Gleek.
[6:34pm] Annawantimes: Hi everybody
[6:34pm] Gleek: Hey MA
[6:34pm] Gleek: Hey Anna
[6:35pm] PythonFanboy: taikai: WHY!!!!
[6:35pm] PythonFanboy: don't leave the procession of fanboys
[6:35pm] Gleek is now known as GleeFangirl.
[6:35pm] PythonFanboy: now metal, slash, and I are the only ones left
[6:35pm] SukiFanboy: Join us, Taikai.... join us
[6:35pm] Toph_Fanboy: Traitor!
[6:35pm] PythonFanboy: even KFB has left us
[6:35pm] HOU13NWE24|Q3: I'm not in fanboy-land atm :p
[6:35pm] GleeFangirl: im a fanGIRL
[6:35pm] • Toph_Fanboy honestly has no idea who PythonFanboy is...
[6:36pm] • PythonFanboy is Godsrule
[6:36pm] SukiFanboy: Come play with us, Taikai.
[6:36pm] Toph_Fanboy: Ah, I see.
[6:36pm] GleeFangirl: Im trying to help! xD
[6:36pm] SukiFanboy: Come play with us.
[6:36pm] PythonFanboy: come
[6:36pm] SukiFanboy: Forever
[6:36pm] SukiFanboy: and ever
[6:36pm] SukiFanboy: and ever
[6:36pm] GleeFangirl: But im a girl
[6:36pm] Taikai: Okay that's creepy so fine.
[6:36pm] • PythonFanboy sees SukiFanboy brainwashing Taikai
[6:36pm] Taikai: Only Minn and I know how to do that complicated work :P
[6:36pm] PythonFanboy: GleeFangirl: Same thing just different gender
[6:36pm] PythonFanboy: and SFB
[6:36pm] Taikai is now known as SHiE_fanboy.
[6:37pm] SukiFanboy: Anyone who knows what movie I'm referencing gets a cookie
[6:37pm] • GleeFangirl nods. A gleek is a glee fan so...xD
[6:37pm] Lia joined the chat room.
[6:37pm] Toph_Fanboy: Hello, Lia.
[6:37pm] PythonFanboy: hey lia
[6:37pm] SHiE_fanboy: Hi Lia
[6:37pm] GleeFangirl: Hey lia
[6:37pm] Lia: Hello
[6:38pm] SHiE_fanboy: SFB: It's that one creepy horror movie.
[6:38pm] SHiE_fanboy: Bam
[6:38pm] PythonFanboy: join the procession of fanboys and fangirls
[6:38pm] Annawantimes: Hey there Lia :D
[6:38pm] GleeFangirl: The Shining?
[6:38pm] PythonFanboy: SFB: it is that movie whos name I can't think of atm
[6:38pm] Lia: Hey Annawan :P
[6:38pm] Toph_Fanboy: Join us! Join us!
[6:38pm] GleeFangirl: SFB: the shining?
[6:38pm] Toph_Fanboy: Join us!
[6:38pm] PythonFanboy: join us annawan
[6:38pm] SukiFanboy: GleeFangirl gets a cookie.
[6:39pm] PythonFanboy: join us lia
[6:39pm] Annawantimes: Join what now? :p
[6:39pm] PythonFanboy: the proccession of fanboys and fangirls
[6:39pm] • SukiFanboy tosses GleeFangirl a cookie
[6:39pm] • GleeFangirl noms the cookie
[6:39pm] • PythonFanboy wants a cookie
[6:40pm] SukiFanboy: NO! No cookie for you, peasant.
[6:40pm] GleeFangirl: What? Why?
[6:40pm] PythonFanboy: eh i'm allergic anyways
[6:40pm] SukiFanboy: Okay, fine.
[6:40pm] PythonFanboy: unless it is gluten free and nut free
[6:40pm] PythonFanboy: and hopefully chocolate free
[6:41pm] • PythonFanboy hates chocolate
[6:41pm] • GleeFangirl slaps pfb
[6:41pm] SHiE_fanboy: :O
[6:41pm] • SukiFanboy tossess Gods an oatmeal cookie
[6:41pm] GleeFangirl: I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE.
[6:41pm] Lia left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)
[6:41pm] • PythonFanboy remebers he is allergic to Oatmeal
[6:42pm] • Toph_Fanboy is allergic to reality
[6:42pm] • GleeFangirl forces a chocolatey, nutty, gluteny cookie down Gods throat
[6:42pm] SukiFanboy: Aren't we all, Metal?
[6:42pm] Toph_Fanboy: Yes.
[6:42pm] Toph_Fanboy: But our histamines aren't.
[6:42pm] • PythonFanboy will be in the hospital if it has peanuts
[6:43pm] GleeFangirl: Same w/ my cuz
[6:43pm] PythonFanboy: is anybody good with python here?
[6:44pm] Annawantimes is now known as MinecraftFanboy.
[6:44pm] MinecraftFanboy: hehe
[6:44pm] SHiE_fanboy: LOL
[6:44pm] PythonFanboy: yay!
[6:44pm] SukiFanboy: Annawan: Suit up, 'cuz there are some zombies and creepers coming our way.
[6:45pm] GleeFangirl: xD
[6:45pm] SukiFanboy: Here they come...
[6:45pm] MinecraftFanboy: haha XD
[6:45pm] SukiFanboy: FOR THE HOMELAND
[6:45pm] MinecraftFanboy: I got my diamond sword, no need to worry
[6:45pm] • GleeFangirl slushies them
[6:45pm] • SukiFanboy charges at the zombies and creepers with a pickaxe
[6:45pm] PythonFanboy: I rarely play mincraft and that to only at a friend's place
[6:45pm] • Toph_Fanboy eats everything in sight.
[6:46pm] • PythonFanboy graps some TNT and explodes SFB and MCFB
[6:47pm] PythonFanboy: down with Justin Bieber!!!!!
[6:47pm] SukiFanboy: DOWN WITH BIEBER
[6:47pm] • GleeFangirl 's ears bleed profusely
[6:47pm] GleeFangirl: SOS ...---...
[6:48pm] MinecraftFanboy: I saw some Bieber trading cards at the bookstore o.O
[6:48pm] PythonFanboy: this reminds me of when those chin villgers were like "Down with the avatar!"
[6:48pm] GleeFangirl: o.o
[6:48pm] Toph_Fanboy: hjh
[6:48pm] SHiE_fanboy: NO! NOT GLEEK! DON'T LET HER DIE!
[6:48pm] MinecraftFanboy: wtf, trading cards? Really?
[6:48pm] PythonFanboy: well I saw angry birds grham crackers
[6:48pm] GleeFangirl: xD ewww...
[6:48pm] • Toph_Fanboy swallows a boat and dies
[6:48pm] PythonFanboy: *graham
[6:48pm] MinecraftFanboy: I saw Angry Birds candy there as well XD
[6:48pm] GleeFangirl: and yum
[6:48pm] SHiE_fanboy: Here lies Gleek, who died at the hands of Justin Bieber. May we all pay our due respect.
[6:49pm] • GleeFangirl ressurects TophFB
[6:49pm] • GleeFangirl dies
[6:49pm] • Toph_Fanboy stays dead
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: i hate angry birds
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: the app was fine
[6:49pm] SukiFanboy: =O
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: but fod
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: *food
[6:49pm] SukiFanboy: It's a very addictive game.
[6:49pm] MinecraftFanboy: I don't even have Angry Birds on my phone lol
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: board games
[6:49pm] PythonFanboy: i do! I have all of them
[6:50pm] SHiE_fanboy: Me too
[6:50pm] PythonFanboy: start wars, space, normal, seasons, and rio
[6:50pm] PythonFanboy: *star
[6:50pm] • GleeFangirl revives. the song overed
[6:50pm] SHiE_fanboy: Yay
[6:50pm] PythonFanboy: SHieFB: Android or iPhone?
[6:50pm] PythonFanboy: wahoo!
[6:50pm] SHiE_fanboy: iPod touch
[6:50pm] • PythonFanboy starts partying
[6:50pm] GleeFangirl: Now its maroon 5
[6:50pm] PythonFanboy: ah, i have a droid 2 global
[6:51pm] MinecraftFanboy: I got a new iPhone for Christmas
[6:51pm] Toph_Fanboy left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)
[6:51pm] PythonFanboy: cool
[6:51pm] PythonFanboy: 5, 4S, or 4?
[6:51pm] SukiFanboy: GleeFangirl: Tell me, do you have... moves like jagger?
[6:51pm] MinecraftFanboy: 4s
[6:51pm] SHiE_fanboy: Cool :)
[6:52pm] • GleeFangirl is using her radio
[6:52pm] SHiE_fanboy: Gleek: Are a payphone? XD
[6:52pm] PythonFanboy: cool :)
[6:52pm] • GleeFangirl doesnt have teh song. but she has moves like jagger ;p
[6:53pm] PythonFanboy: *the
[6:53pm] PythonFanboy: i'm so putting this in IRC hall of fame
[6:53pm] • GleeFangirl is at a payphone. (that travels through space and time. anyone get it?_
[6:53pm] SukiFanboy: Is there a rule as to how something gets put in the IRC hall of fame?
[6:54pm] SukiFanboy: GleeFangirl: Yes, it's a Doctor Who reference.
[6:54pm] GleeFangirl: whats the irc hall of fame?
[6:54pm] GleeFangirl: Cookie for you, SFB
[6:54pm] PythonFanboy: nope
[6:54pm] GleeFangirl is now known as SherlockFangirl.

Februaury 23, 2013: Sdrawkcab

[16:06] == AvatarRokusGhost [~AvatarRok@unaffiliated/avatarrokusghost] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:06] == mode/#wikia-avatar [+v AvatarRokusGhost] by ChanServ
[16:07] <+AvatarRokusGhost> Hi everyone
[16:08] <WikiGeek> Ello
[16:08] == EricDraven [180503ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:08] <WikiGeek> Hey
[16:08] <WikiGeek> =)
[16:08] <Shanshu> EricDraven
[16:09] <Nozus> AvatarRokusGhost!
[16:09] <EricDraven> Yo homies
[16:09] <+AvatarRokusGhost> Hi WG, Suzonbackwards
[16:09] <WikiGeek> :p
[16:10] <Chiyo> lol
[16:10] == AvatarRokusGhost has changed nick to TsohgSukorRatava
[16:11] <Chiyo> /nick Oyihc
[16:11] <WikiGeek> HAHA
[16:11] <WikiGeek> OOPS
[16:11] <WikiGeek> try again
[16:11] == minnichi has changed nick to ihcinnim
[16:11] <Nozus> ihcinnim!
[16:11] <Chiyo> WikiGeek, was intentional that it didnt work :P
[16:11] <Chiyo> KeeGikiw
[16:12] == WikiGeek has changed nick to KeegIkiw
[16:12] <Nozus> lol
[16:12] <Nozus> This will be funny
[16:12] <Nozus> if someone random
[16:12] <ihcinnim> somehow Nozus was just meant to be
[16:12] <Nozus> joins
[16:12] <ihcinnim> out of all of us
[16:12] <Chiyo> yea :P
[16:12] <Chiyo> hurr, /nick rruh
[16:13] <Nozus> Chiyo, /nick Oyihc
[16:13] <+TsohgSukorRatava> lol, looks like you've started a trend Nozus XD
[16:13] <Chiyo> in a bit :P
[16:13] == EricDraven has changed nick to MikeHunt
[16:13] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:13] <Shanshu> Rar
[16:13] <Shanshu> MikeHunt: Thats dirty
[16:13] == MikeHunt has changed nick to MikeLitoris
[16:13] <Shanshu> no
[16:14] <KeegIkiw> No
[16:14] == MikeLitoris has changed nick to HarryCockburn
[16:14] <ihcinnim> No.
[16:14] <HarryCockburn> Now you can't argue with that one!
[16:14] <HarryCockburn> If you google the name, it comes up with a list of *real* people with the name "Harry Cockburn"
[16:15] <KeegIkiw> ^*_*^
[16:15] <HarryCockburn> The first one is a professional journalist for the Huffington Post
[16:16] == HarryCockburn has changed nick to EricDraven
[16:16] <EricDraven> And back to normal
[16:16] <Shanshu> yes
[16:16] <hurr> lol
[16:16] <Shanshu> hurr
[16:16] * Shanshu nuzzles hurr
[16:16] <hurr> Shanshu
[16:16] <hurr> o:
[16:16] <Shanshu> Do u want to continue our convo
[16:17] <Shanshu> from lSt time
[16:17] <hurr> if you want,idk
[16:17] <KeegIkiw> RRUH
[16:17] <Nozus> When people join
[16:17] <Nozus> and its all backwards
[16:17] <hurr> SHanshu: he hasn't really talked to me for 6 days now
[16:17] <hurr> :(
[16:17] <Nozus> they're gona be like 0_o
[16:17] <Shanshu> hurr: I sent you a pm
[16:18] * Nozus just realized that Thailog backwards is Goliath
[16:18] <Shanshu> You said that like two days ago
[16:18] <Nozus> me?
[16:18] <Nozus> no, I didn't
[16:18] <Shanshu> And Goliath backwards is Htailog
[16:18] <Nozus> oh
[16:18] <Shanshu> The th is switched
[16:18] <Nozus> Calm down, please!
[16:18] <EricDraven> And Tom Marvolo Riddle is "Voldemort" -- MINDFUCK
[16:19] <+TsohgSukorRatava> so Thailog backwards is actually goliaht
[16:19] <EricDraven> Lol
[16:19] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:19] <Shanshu> What do you mean calm down
[16:19] <Shanshu> I didn't yell or nothin
[16:19] == Chakras|ping [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:19] <Nozus> lol
[16:19] <EricDraven> It's time you learned. The name reversal state is a defense mechanism
[16:19] <Nozus> xD
[16:20] <Nozus> NevardCire
[16:20] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:20] <EricDraven> Designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all your past names
[16:21] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:21] <KeegIkiw> Sweet
[16:21] <EricDraven> The glow is the combination of all your past nicks, focusing their energy through your username
[16:21] == Nozus has changed nick to Cisum|Nozus
[16:21] <KeegIkiw> SWEET
[16:22] <EricDraven> In the name reversal state you are at your most powerful, but you are also at your most vulnerable
[16:22] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:22] <Shanshu> I can't wait for that episode about the first avatar
[16:23] <Cisum|Nozus> me either
[16:23] <EricDraven> If you are banned from the IRC  in the name reversal state, the rearranging cycle will be broken
[16:23] <Cisum|Nozus> lol
[16:23] <EricDraven> ... And the name reversal will cease to exist
[16:23] <KeegIkiw> Loll
[16:23] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:23] <KeegIkiw> And all your nicks
[16:23] == TsohgSukorRatava has changed nick to kfa|TsohgSukorRa
[16:23] <+kfa|TsohgSukorRa> brb
[16:24] <Cisum|Nozus> kfaj
[16:24] <Cisum|Nozus> lol
[16:24] * Cisum|Nozus though KFAJ immefdiately
[16:24] <Shanshu> Wjxhuang is gone :(
[16:24] <Cisum|Nozus> thought*
[16:24] <Cisum|Nozus> He is gone?
[16:24] <Cisum|Nozus> Oh wow
[16:25] <KeegIkiw> WHAT
[16:25] <Cisum|Nozus> He hasn't made an edit in 18 days
[16:25] <Shanshu> Last seen 4 weeks, 5 days ago
[16:25] <KeegIkiw> AWWW
[16:25] <Shanshu> he will probably not be bureaucrat much longer
[16:25] <Cisum|Nozus> it says edited February 5 was his last edit
[16:26] <KeegIkiw> Yeah, his time will soon come to an end...
[16:26] <Cisum|Nozus> NO!
[16:26] <Cisum|Nozus> not KFAJ
[16:26] <KeegIkiw> MUAHAHA!!!!!!
[16:26] <Cisum|Nozus> Shansu: All of us older users are being replaced -_-
[16:27] <KeegIkiw> -_-
[16:27] <Cisum|Nozus> Shansu: Remember when we were gonna write Avatar: Parody?
[16:28] <Cisum|Nozus> Shansu?
[16:28] <KeegIkiw> Huh
[16:28] <EricDraven> Shanshu disappeared for one hundred years, and the state of the fanons fell out of balance
[16:28] <Cisum|Nozus> lol
[16:28] <EricDraven> :D
[16:29] <Cisum|Nozus> It says 888 last logged in three days ago
[16:29] <Cisum|Nozus>
[16:29] <EricDraven> Dude, have we ever done Avatar Madlibs?
[16:29] <EricDraven> That has the potential to be awesome
[16:30] <Cisum|Nozus> lol
[16:30] * Cisum|Nozus is making an Avatar choose your own adventure
[16:30] <KeegIkiw> COOL!
[16:31] <Cisum|Nozus> !LOOC*
[16:31] == EricDraven has changed nick to Ratava
[16:31] <Ratava> Because I'm sure this is *so* original
[16:32] == auror|away [] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:32] <Cisum|Nozus> There is an actual Ratava
[16:32] == Ratava has changed nick to EricDraven
[16:32] <EricDraven> Then I won't risk being an imposter
[16:33] <Shanshu> AVATAR
[16:33] <Cisum|Nozus> RATAVA*
[16:34] <Cisum|Nozus> doul tou gnihgual si em/
[16:34] <KeegIkiw> Shhh
[16:35] == auror|away has changed nick to auror
[16:35] == auror [] has quit [Changing host]
[16:35] == auror [~auror@trivialand/regular/auror] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:35] <Cisum|Nozus> rorua*
[16:35] <KeegIkiw> Yes
[16:35] <Shanshu> I gtg
[16:35] <Shanshu> Bye
[16:35] == Shanshu [~Jabberjay@wikia/Olorin-The-White] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPad -]
[16:35] <Cisum|Nozus> bye courage
[16:36] == EricDraven has changed nick to NamoAmituofoShin
[16:36] <NamoAmituofoShin> Fail
[16:36] <KeegIkiw> Auror: Change your nick to *Rorua*
[16:37] == NamoAmituofoShin has changed nick to EricDraven
[16:37] <Cisum|Nozus> What if we all did it
[16:37] <Cisum|Nozus> on the channel
[16:37] <Cisum|Nozus> and than someone joined
[16:37] <Cisum|Nozus> and than we all talked backwards
[16:37] == auror has changed nick to rorua
[16:37] <KeegIkiw> TEEWS!
[16:38] <KeegIkiw> Great
[16:38] == Gleek_ [4425bc83@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:38] <Chiyo> Gleek_!
[16:39] <KeegIkiw> Olleh
[16:39] <KeegIkiw> Ih
[16:39] <Gleek_> hi
[16:39] <KeegIkiw> KeelG
[16:39] <Cisum|Nozus> ?Pus
[16:39] <Gleek_> ?...
[16:40] <Gleek_> yhw?
[16:40] <KeegIkiw> Ti tog uoy!
[16:40] <Cisum|Nozus> Kdi
[16:41] <KeegIkiw> :p
[16:41] <Gleek_> sdrawkcab gniklat uoy era yhw
[16:41] <Chiyo> suzon started it :P
[16:41] <Cisum|Nozus> !ton era eW
[16:41] <Cisum|Nozus> minnichi started it
[16:41] <Cisum|Nozus> Actually
[16:42] * Cisum|Nozus got the name from ihcinnim
[16:42] <KeegIkiw> Yrots gnol
[16:42] <Gleek_> yako
[16:43] <KeegIkiw> THIS JAS TIO GO TO THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!
[16:43] <Gleek_> !ECIWT NI MI WON HAEY
[16:43] == EragonPhanboy [~Gods@wikia/Godsrule] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:43] <Cisum|Nozus> iH
[16:43] <EragonPhanboy> Hi
[16:44] <KeegIkiw> DO A BACKWARD NICK
[16:44] <Gleek_> pus
[16:44] <EricDraven> !ecirp etamitlu eht yap lliw uoy won ,CRI siht fo ecnalab eht detatsaved evah srehtaferof ruoy dna uoy ,Suzon|Music
[16:44] == Gleek_ has changed nick to Keelg
[16:44] <Cisum|Nozus> brb
[16:44] <KeegIkiw> p:
[16:45] == Chiyo has changed nick to Oyihc
[16:45] == EragonPhanboy has changed nick to yobnahPnogarE
[16:45] == yobnahPnogarE [~Gods@wikia/Godsrule] has left #wikia-avatar []
[16:46] <KeegIkiw> p:
[16:47] <Keelg> Dx
[16:47] == EricDraven [180503ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: If a tree falls in a forest, does Avatar Kyoshi earthbend it back in to place?]
[16:47] == Kitty-Kat [32714799@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:47] <KeegIkiw> TAK
[16:47] <Keelg> rorrim a si cri
[16:47] <KeegIkiw> IH
[16:48] <Kitty-Kat> ko ho?
[16:48] <KeegIkiw> p:
[16:48] == chakras|ping [] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:49] <nyuszika7h> Keelg: shouldn't you be _Keelg? :P
[16:49] <Keelg> ti htiw og tsuj
[16:49] == kfa|TsohgSukorRa [~AvatarRok@unaffiliated/avatarrokusghost] has quit [Quit: kfa|TsohgSukorRa]
[16:49] <Kitty-Kat> !looc sdnuos
[16:49] <Kitty-Kat> ?yhw
[16:49] <Keelg> kdi.
[16:49] <Keelg> ereh tog tsuj i
[16:50] == n\ [nyuszika7h@pdpc/supporter/active/nyuszika7h] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:50] <n\> iah
[16:50] <Kitty-Kat> ?ti htiw pu emac ohw
[16:50] <Oyihc> hai n\ :P
[16:50] * Kitty-Kat tsol si
[16:50] <Keelg> tnac i!
[16:50] <Oyihc> /me doesnt really work with backwards text :P
[16:51] <Kitty-Kat> !!nuf s'ti nuf
[16:51] <KeegIkiw> p:
[16:51] <Keelg> Dx ym ho
[16:51] <KeegIkiw> ADD TO HALL OF FAME
[16:51] <Kitty-Kat> (:
[16:51] <Keelg> TNAC I
[16:52] <Kitty-Kat> EMAF FO LLAH OT DDA
[16:52] <Cisum|Nozus> kcab
[16:52] == Kitty-Kat has changed nick to tak-yttiK
[16:52] <Keelg> Dx Px TANC LLITS I!
[16:53] <KeegIkiw> DEDDA
[16:53] == Mysti [6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:53] == Mysti [6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Changing host]
[16:53] == Mysti [6217a3da@unaffiliated/mysteria] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:53] == Mysti [6217a3da@unaffiliated/mysteria] has quit [Changing host]
[16:53] == Mysti [6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:53] <Oyihc> Mysti!
[16:53] <nyuszika7h> itsyM iah
[16:53] <Mysti> !iH
[16:53] <Mysti> ^_^
[16:53] <Cisum|Nozus> !Itsym
[16:53] <KeegIkiw> P:
[16:53] <tak-yttiK>  SDRAWKCAB!!!
[16:54] <Oyihc> slp uyn
[16:54] <tak-yttiK> !itsyM iH
[16:54] <nyuszika7h> slp oyihC
[16:54] <Keelg> istym
[16:54] <tak-yttiK> istym
[16:54] <nyuszika7h> vreSnahC
[16:54] * tak-yttiK = Kitty-Kat
[16:55] <KeegIkiw> p:
[16:55] <Mysti> ihcinnim: Sorry for cutting out last night, my internet went down and stayed down.
[16:55] <Keelg> itsym, sdrawcab klat
[16:56] <nyuszika7h> P: drah s'ti
[16:56] <Mysti> I'm busy, I don't feel like using backwards for long sentences.
[16:56] <tak-yttiK> enif
[16:56] <KeegIkiw> Waaa
[16:56] <KeegIkiw> Ton yhw
[16:56] <Keelg> !sd ym no mi !tnac i
[16:56] <Mysti> .elbapac yltcefrep hguohtlA
[16:56] <Mysti> Whoops
[16:57] <Mysti> *ma I
[16:57] <Mysti> hgralB
[16:57] <nyuszika7h> lol
[16:57] <Mysti> Whatever, it's faster to just type.
[16:57] <Mysti> And I just came to apologize for my internet dying.
[16:58] <Mysti> Pass it along to everyone else who was on tinychat.
[16:58] <nyuszika7h> ettsni gosemhtni.g
[16:58] <KeegIkiw> K
[16:58] <Mysti> Bye.
[16:58] <nyuszika7h> eyb
[16:58] == Mysti [6217a3da@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: "Darling]
[16:58] <Cisum|Nozus> !Emaf fo llaH 

August 12, 2013: Episode-Titles

21:55 KataraFanboy: ATFF - I shoud note, though Nickandmore is a fansite, they are good at breaking Nick news
21:55 OiyaGoy has left IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:56 ATFF: yeah but their tweet has no source on it
21:56 SrijayKasturi: two ways to find out
21:56 SrijayKasturi: they source it
21:56 ATFF: citing a fan made source isn't adequate enough imo
21:56 SrijayKasturi: or we just wait till sept
21:57 ATFF: SrijayKasturi: they'll probably announce it beforehand
21:57 ATFF: but lets keep the page full of speculation until we have it confirmed by a legitimate source
21:57 SrijayKasturi: yes, we should
21:57 ATFF: it's entirely possible that nickandmore could have heard from a leaker, like the leaker of amon-is-aang
21:57 ATFF: *free
21:57 ATFF: not full lol
21:57 SrijayKasturi is now known as SrijayK|sleep
21:58 KataraFanboy: You heard her, full of speculation
21:58 KataraFanboy goes to add titles of eps 205-214
21:58 ATFF: Xd
21:58 ATFF: *XD
21:58 SrijayK|sleep is now known as SrijayKasturi
21:58 ATFF: episode 6: "Korra and Asami do the do"
21:59 KataraFanboy: 207: "Korra and Asami Kick Dat Mako Ass"
21:59 SrijayKasturi: 208: Korra and Asami kick Amon's ass....again
22:00 SrijayKasturi: 209: Korra and Asami....sorry Mako and Bolin kick their own asses
22:00 SrijayKasturi: xD
22:00 KataraFanboy: 210: The Badass Bolin Show
22:01 SrijayKasturi: 211: bolin kick dat mako's ass
22:01 SrijayKasturi: 212: bolin finally gets a gf
22:01 ATFF: 213: Bolin's badass show flops
22:01 SrijayKasturi: 214: asami dumps mako....again
22:02 SrijayKasturi hopes bryke is looking
22:02 ATFF: Wait Asami can't be dating Mako she and Korra did the do
22:02 KataraFanboy: 301: Mako Reduced to Minor Character
22:02 SrijayKasturi: 302: mako dies
22:02 SrijayKasturi: 303: the fandom rejoyces
22:02 ATFF: 304: shit we forgot to include wan last season after we promised to
22:02 ATFF: 305: heres wan now more korrasami secks
22:02 KataraFanboy: 306: Oh, that Water Tribe Thing
22:03 SrijayKasturi: 307: ohhhh here is some info on the unnamed fire avatar
22:03 KataraFanboy: 308: Cactus Juice Hour
22:03 SrijayKasturi: rofl
22:03 SrijayKasturi: 308: DeSka probs
22:03 SrijayKasturi: s/DeSka probs/#deskaprobs
22:03 SrijayKasturi: s/DeSka probs/#deskaprobs/
22:03 crushinator: SrijayKasturi meant: "s/#deskaprobs/#deskaprobs"
22:04 SrijayKasturi: -.-
22:04 KataraFanboy: 310: Pro-Bending!!!! PRO-BENDING!!!!! -FOAMING-
22:04 SrijayKasturi: 311: KATARA FSCKING WATERBENDS!
22:04 ATFF: 312: sorry we forgot she's old
22:05 ATFF: 401: katara dies sorry fandom
22:05 ATFF: 402: the dangers of waterbending
22:05 KataraFanboy: 402: Fuck You Nick
22:05 SrijayKasturi: 403: aang comes back
22:05 ATFF: 404: please don't try this at home kids
22:05 SrijayKasturi: 405: aang destroys the city
22:05 ATFF: 406: i've been informed our budget was cut
22:05 KataraFanboy: 407: Chibi
22:05 SrijayKasturi: 408: oh crap, we forgot to show zuko
22:05 ATFF: 408: fuck you nick we're creating a web shot
22:05 SrijayKasturi: 409: republic city hustle
22:06 KataraFanboy: 410: Lin's Father is...
22:06 ATFF: episode#we lost count: WELCOME TO THE NEW KORRA WEB SHOW
22:06 SrijayKasturi: 411: sorry, we forgot who lin's dad it
22:06 SrijayKasturi: s/it/is/
22:06 crushinator: SrijayKasturi meant: "411: sorry, we forgot who lin's dad is"
22:06 SrijayKasturi: 412: the end
22:06 SrijayKasturi: 413: or crap, we have one mroe episode

August 17, 2013: That one time ATFF took 40 minutes to tell a crappy joke

[16:28] <ATFF> well since nobody wants to answer me i'll keep on with my story
[16:28] <Trillian> hello atff
[16:28] <ATFF> so anyways so the teacher flips her sh*t out
[16:28] <Trillian> Please restart story
[16:28] <ATFF> ok
[16:29] <jimmt> hey
[16:29] <Trillian> yeah!
[16:29] <ATFF> once upon a time
[16:29] <ATFF> there was this guy
[16:29] <Trillian> :O
[16:29] <ATFF> and he whispers purple passion in his friends ear
[16:29] <ATFF> and she flips the f*ck out
[16:29] <ATFF> and she runs over to the teacher and shes like oh my god he just whispered something to me and its really bad
[16:29] <Trillian> was this friend you
[16:29] <ATFF> and the teacher was like
[16:29] <ATFF> what'd she say
[16:29] <ATFF> and the kid was like
[16:29] <ATFF> purple passio
[16:29] <ATFF> so the the teacher flips her sh*t
[16:29] <Trillian> :O
[16:29] <ATFF> and she goes to the principle
[16:30] <ATFF> and the kid gets sent there
[16:30] <ATFF> and the principles like kiddo u gotta tell me what happened
[16:30] <Trillian> i'm laugh
[16:30] <ATFF> and then the kids like so i whispered something in the friends ear
[16:30] <ATFF> and then the teacher came over
[16:30] <ATFF> and when my friend told her what happened she sent me to u
[16:30] <ATFF> and the principles all like
[16:30] <ATFF> yo whatd u say
[16:30] <ATFF> and the kids like
[16:31] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:31] <ATFF> so now the principle loss his sh*t
[16:31] <ATFF> and then freaks the f*ck out
[16:31] <ATFF> and says b*tch ur expelled
[16:31] <ATFF> so the kids like oh no
[16:31] <Trillian> omfg
[16:31] <ATFF> and he goes home
[16:31] <ATFF> and so his dad is like
[16:31] <ATFF> kiddo
[16:31] <ATFF> why are u here
[16:31] <ATFF> and the kid says
[16:31] <ATFF> i whispered something in my friends ear
[16:32] <ATFF> she screamed
[16:32] <ATFF> then the teacher comm over and no make hte spagetit
[16:32] <ATFF> and she send me to principle
[16:32] <ATFF> and when i tell principle what happen
[16:32] <ATFF> he make me expel
[16:32] <ATFF> and so then the dads like boy whatchu say
[16:32] <ATFF> and the kids like
[16:32] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:32] <ATFF> so his dad flips the crap out and says
[16:33] <ATFF> boy ur kicked outta my home
[16:33] <Trillian> omg
[16:33] <Trillian> holy sh*t
[16:33] <ATFF> and then the boy leaves and he's wondering the streets until he sees a cop
[16:33] <ATFF> and the cops like
[16:33] <ATFF> boy shouldn't u be in school
[16:33] <ATFF> and the boys like
[16:33] <ATFF> its a long story but here me out
[16:33] <ATFF> and the cops liek cool i got time not like im a cop or anything
[16:33] <ATFF> and then so the boy says
[16:33] <ATFF> i told my friend a thing
[16:33] <ATFF> and she told the teacher
[16:33] <ATFF> and when i told the teacher what i said
[16:34] <ATFF> she sent me to the principle
[16:34] <Trillian> i'm crey
[16:34] <ATFF> and when i told the principle what i said he expel me
[16:34] <ATFF> and then when i go hom and tell dad what i say
[16:34] <ATFF> he kick me out
[16:34] <ATFF> so now im here
[16:34] <ATFF> and the cops lik well then the crap did u say
[16:34] <ATFF> and the kids like
[16:34] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:34] <ATFF> so the copslike oh my god oh my god
[16:35] <ATFF> and he sends him to court
[16:35] <ATFF> so flash foreward to the trial
[16:35] <ATFF> and then so the judge is like
[16:35] <ATFF> or rather
[16:35] <ATFF> the lawyer is like
[16:35] <ATFF> boy tell us why u here
[16:35] <ATFF> and then the boy goes
[16:35] <ATFF> well i whisper something to my friend
[16:35] <ATFF> and she scream
[16:35] <ATFF> and then the teacher come over
[16:35] <ATFF> and then when i tell the teacher what i said she send me to the principle
[16:36] <ATFF> and once i was at the principle and i tell him what i say they expel me
[16:36] <ATFF> and so then i went to cop and when i tell cop what i said he say i need to go to court
[16:36] <ATFF> and now im here
[16:36] <ATFF> so then the lawyer says
[16:36] <ATFF> and now son what exactly did you say
[16:36] <ATFF> and the kid says
[16:36] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:36] <ATFF> so then the judge gasps and passes out and the jurry flips out
[16:37] <ATFF> and then they say u know what we gotta do this
[16:37] <ATFF> we gotta send them to the presidet
[16:37] <Trillian> you don't understand how i'm laughing
[16:37] <ATFF> so the judge goes
[16:37] <ATFF> boy ur going to the president
[16:37] <Trillian> i KNEW IT
[16:37] <ATFF> have u heard my story before
[16:37] <Trillian> no
[16:37] <ATFF> ok good then i can make it longer than it should be
[16:37] <ATFF> yay
[16:37] <ATFF> ok so then boy is now at oval office
[16:37] <ATFF> and obama is like
[16:37] <Trillian> i don't even know what purple passion is
[16:37] <ATFF> son, i need you to tell me why you are here
[16:37] <ATFF> passion = why you like something
[16:38] <ATFF> purple = color
[16:38] <ATFF> purple passion has no other meaning
[16:38] <Trillian> u dont say
[16:38] <ATFF> that you know
[16:38] <Trillian> k
[16:38] <ATFF> ok so anyways obama is like what did u do to get u dragged to me
[16:38] == Colorful has changed nick to Powerline
[16:38] == Powerline has changed nick to Powerline|away
[16:38] <ATFF> and then the boy says
[16:39] <ATFF> i told my friend something
[16:39] <ATFF> she screamed
[16:39] <ATFF> and a teacher came over
[16:39] <ATFF> i told the teacher what i said and then she sent m to principle
[16:39] <ATFF> when i told the principle what i said he expelled me
[16:39] <ATFF> when i told my dad what i said he kicked me out
[16:40] <ATFF> when i told a random cop on the street what i said he took me to court
[16:40] <ATFF> when itold court what i said they sent me here
[16:40] <ATFF> and then obamas like
[16:40] <ATFF> boy what the actual f*ck did u say
[16:40] <ATFF> and the kid says
[16:40] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:40] <ATFF> and the joke would usually end a bit after this
[16:40] <ATFF> but f*ck that noise im making it longer
[16:40] <Trillian> fair enough
[16:40] <ATFF> so then obama flips his sh*t and says boy ur kicked out of america
[16:41] <Trillian> i'm still laughing
[16:41] <ATFF> ur no longer in freedom
[16:41] <ATFF> goodbye
[16:41] <ATFF> and boy goes
[16:41] <ATFF> noooooo
[16:41] <ATFF> and he goes to the sea to leave america when he sees a team of pirates
[16:41] <ATFF> and they're like aarrrrrg
[16:41] <ATFF> matey
[16:41] <ATFF> wanna come on board
[16:41] <ATFF> and then they sing
[16:42] <ATFF> and then this
[16:42] <ATFF>
[16:42] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - You are a Pirate Limewire 10 hours
[16:42] <ATFF> yeeeee
[16:42] <ATFF> that happens for five years
[16:42] <ATFF> anyways
[16:42] <ATFF> so then the captains like
[16:42] <ATFF> that was fun
[16:42] <ATFF> boy btw
[16:42] <ATFF> why are you here
[16:42] <Trillian> five years tho
[16:42] <ATFF> and the boy was like well i used to be an american
[16:42] <ATFF> and the pirates like yoooooooo
[16:43] <ATFF> whyd u leave u were so free
[16:43] <ATFF> u had eagles and stuff
[16:43] <ATFF> and the boy says well i got kicked out
[16:43] <ATFF> and the pirate captain goes
[16:43] <ATFF> oh noes
[16:43] <ATFF> how
[16:43] <ATFF> tell me
[16:43] <ATFF> so the boy goes well i whispered omething in my friends ear
[16:43] <ATFF> and she screamed
[16:44] <ATFF> and tehn me teacher come over
[16:44] <ATFF> and teacher be all like boy whatchu say
[16:44] <ATFF> and then i tell her what i said to me friend
[16:44] <ATFF> and then boy goes well she set me to principle
[16:44] <ATFF> and principle expel me when he hear what is ay
[16:45] <ATFF> and when me dad hear what i say he kick me out of my home
[16:45] <Trillian> it's principal btw
[16:45] <ATFF> i no care
[16:45] <ATFF> thank u tho
[16:45] <Trillian> ye
[16:45] <ATFF> and then when random cop on street here what i say
[16:45] <ATFF> he take me to court
[16:46] <ATFF> and then when judge hear what i say he sent me to president
[16:46] <ATFF> and win president hear what i say he kick me out of country
[16:46] <ATFF> and the pirate goes damn son
[16:46] <ATFF> what di u say
[16:46] <ATFF> and the kid says
[16:46] <ATFF> purple passion
[16:46] <ATFF> and the pirate is liek
[16:46] <ATFF> hOLY F*CK
[16:46] <Trillian> oh no
[16:46] <ATFF> so the pirates load him in a canon and shoot him to the united nations capital
[16:47] <ATFF> and the boy lands in the convenient trampoline store they have on the un capital roof
[16:47] <ATFF> and then the un are like
[16:47] <ATFF> why is there a kid hear
[16:47] <ATFF> and then the boy says well see
[16:47] <ATFF> i told my friend a thing
[16:47] <ATFF> and then teacher come over
[16:47] <ATFF> and when i tell teacher what i said
[16:47] <ATFF> tacher send me to principal
[16:47] <ATFF> note i said it that way this time
[16:48] <ATFF> the boy says for no apparent reason
[16:48] <ATFF> and then he continues
[16:48] <ATFF> and so when i told dad at homewhat i say he kick me out
[16:48] <ATFF> when i tell cop he send me to judge
[16:48] <ATFF> wehn i tell judge what i say he send me to president
[16:48] <Trillian> (laughs @ principal thing)
[16:48] <Trillian> wweh
[16:48] <ATFF> when i tell president what i say he kcik me out of america
[16:48] <ATFF> and when i tell pirates what i say
[16:49] <ATFF> and then the un interrupts confused about pirates
[16:49] <ATFF> and the boy just runs over and grabs a laptop pull sup this:
[16:49] <ATFF>
[16:49] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - You are a Pirate Limewire 10 hours
[16:49] <ATFF> and says that's all you need to know
[16:49] <ATFF> so anyways when the pirates shot me out of the canon to tell me what was up they sent me here
[16:49] <Trillian> the un nods and they proceed to jam the f*ck out
[16:49] <ATFF> and the un says
[16:49] <ATFF> hell yeah they do
[16:49] <ATFF> after jamming out for all 10 hours
[16:49] <ATFF> what did you say
[16:50] <ATFF> and the boy says purple passion
[16:50] <ATFF> and the un goes holy crap ur too dangerous for us
[16:50] <ATFF> so they do this to him:
[16:50] <Trillian> whoa now
[16:50] <Trillian> i did not sign up 4 r18+ chat
[16:51] <ATFF>
[16:51] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - PSP�Àó¬óíóÑ JWJM ‡™ÅL
[16:51] <ATFF> and now u get to vote keep going or have that be the end of the joke
[16:52] <Trillian> w h y
[16:52] <Trillian> keep going
[16:52] <ATFF> ok
[16:52] <ATFF> so he miraculously survives because he never comes back down
[16:52] <ATFF> and so hes traveling through space when he crashes down on planet
[16:52] <ATFF> planet has very high technology
[16:53] <ATFF> so after 20 years of captivation they finally let him free and give him collar that lets him speak
[16:53] <ATFF> and so the boy who is now 30-something year old man says
[16:53] <ATFF> or wiat no
[16:53] <Trillian> ye
[16:53] <ATFF> they ask him ok so how did u get to our planet anyways
[16:53] <ATFF> and so the boy says
[16:53] <ATFF> see i whispered something in my friends ear and thena  teacher come over
[16:53] <ATFF> and then he has to explain america's education system
[16:54] <ATFF> after thats over he continues
[16:54] == RandomRanaun [~RR@wikia/Random-Ranaun] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:54] <ATFF> and then so they sent me to the principle and thn when principle hear what i say he expel me
[16:54] <ATFF> and then i go home and my dad kick me out
[16:54] <ATFF> and then the aliens ask what a dad is
[16:54] <ATFF> and the boy then explains what a dad is
[16:54] <ATFF> and they go ok
[16:54] * Powerline|away shoots ATFF and makes nice Pabu ear muffs
[16:55] <ATFF> and then he says
[16:55] <ATFF> so anyways iw as wondering streets when a cop comes over and when i tell me cop what i say he kicks me out
[16:55] <ATFF> and then the aliens go whats a co
[16:55] <ATFF> *cop
[16:55] <ATFF> and he explains americas legal system to them
[16:55] <ATFF> after thats all over he keeps going
[16:55] <ATFF> and then they send me to judge, and then judge sends me to president
[16:56] <ATFF> and then the president kicked me out of the country and i rode on with pirates
[16:56] <ATFF> and then the aliens ask what a pirate is
[16:56] <Trillian> what r pir8
[16:56] <ATFF> Trillian: yeeeee
[16:56] <Trillian> ATFF: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[16:56] <ATFF> and then the kid says this is all u need to know
[16:56] <ATFF> and then the alines jam the f*ck out for 10 hours
[16:56] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - PSP�Àó¬óíóÑ JWJM ‡™ÅL
[16:56] <ATFF> WAIT SH*T
[16:56] <Trillian> n he pulls out a laptop that can connect to wi fi over the entire universe
[16:56] <ATFF> CRY
[16:57] <Trillian> omg
[16:57] <ATFF>
[16:57] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - You are a Pirate Limewire 10 hours
[16:57] <Trillian> kirigiri dad is space pir8
[16:57] <ATFF> ok so they jam the f*ck out to theat for 10 hours
[16:57] <ATFF> and then they say that was so f*cking good they play it 10 times more for good measure
[16:57] == ANickWith16Chars [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:58] <ATFF> and so when thats all done the man keeps going
[16:58] <ATFF> and he says that the pirates sent him to the un
[16:58] <ATFF> and then th alines ask what a un is
[16:58] <ATFF> the boy who is now a man is tired with the aliens sh*t and just tells them to go f*ck themselves
[16:59] <ATFF> anyways
[16:59] <ATFF> so the boy says the un sent him out of earth
[16:59] <ATFF> and that he wound up on planet
[16:59] <ATFF> and so aliens go
[16:59] <ATFF> well then
[16:59] <ATFF> what'd u say
[16:59] <ATFF> and the kid says purple passion
[16:59] <ATFF> and the aliens all scream in realization
[16:59] == ANickWith16Chars [] has joined #wikia-avatar
[16:59] <ATFF> and then they send man to the universe police
[17:00] <ATFF> and the universe police are swag as f*ck
[17:00] <ATFF> in fact they are so damn swaggie the boy awes
[17:00] <ATFF> after the boy is done aweing the universe cops say
[17:00] <ATFF> damn man u musta done hella sh*t to wind up in th universe cops
[17:00] <ATFF> and then the boy says f*ck ye i did
[17:00] <ATFF> and the universe cops are like
[17:00] <ATFF> thats cool my brotha tell me whatchu  did
[17:01] <ATFF> and then so the man says
[17:01] <ATFF> see like 25 years ago i whispered something in my friends ear
[17:01] <ATFF> and she screamed
[17:01] <ATFF> and then a teacher came over
[17:01] <Trillian>  /cries tears/
[17:01] <ATFF> and then when i told the teacher what i said she sent me to the principle
[17:02] <ATFF> but the universe cops are so damn fly they know about earth stuff so he doesn't have to explain it
[17:02] <ATFF> lik he did to the stupid aliens on planet
[17:02] <ATFF> anyways
[17:02] <ATFF> so the boy says that the principle expelled him and sent him home
[17:02] <ATFF> and then when he told his dad what he said the boy got kicked out
[17:03] <ATFF> and then when the boy was wondering the streets
[17:03] <ATFF> he ran into a cop
[17:03] <ATFF> and then the cop sent him to a judge
[17:03] <ATFF> and once the judge heard the world
[17:03] <ATFF> *word
[17:03] <ATFF> note that it is not bird in this situation
[17:03] <ATFF> oh sh*t
[17:03] <ATFF> the boy says
[17:03] <ATFF> i said priniciple again
[17:03] <Trillian> gash
[17:03] <ATFF> and he corrects himself and says principal and then continues
[17:03] <Trillian> the principles of grammar will not stand 4 this
[17:04] <ATFF> ok so when i told teh judge of the word which is not  bird
[17:04] <ATFF> the judge sent me to the president
[17:04] <ATFF> and when i tell obama
[17:04] <ATFF> and be before the boy continues
[17:04] <ATFF> teh alinen cops interrupt
[17:04] <ATFF> and they'r elike
[17:04] <ATFF> WE KNOW HIM
[17:04] <ATFF> and then the boy gasps
[17:05] <ATFF> because if the alien cops are down with obama they are even flyer than he ever rpedicted
[17:05] <ATFF> ok anyways
[17:05] <ATFF> so boy continues
[17:05] <ATFF> so obama kick me out of country
[17:05] <ATFF> and then when iw as out of country i found some pirates
[17:05] <ATFF> and then the alien cops ask which pirates
[17:05] <ATFF> the cool ones or the uncool ones
[17:05] <ATFF> and the boy just pulls up a link and goes
[17:05] <ATFF>
[17:05] <ANickWith16Chars> Title: YouTube - You are a Pirate Limewire 10 hours
[17:05] <ATFF> and then the alien cops are lik
[17:05] <ATFF> YES
[17:06] <Trillian> so the universe cops are me
[17:06] <ATFF> and they proceed to jam out for 10 hours before continuing
[17:06] <ATFF> Trillian: we all wish we were universe alien cops
[17:06] <ATFF> its ok
[17:06] <ATFF> anyways
[17:06] <ATFF> so then the boy says that the pirates sent him to un
[17:06] <ATFF> and then the un kicked him out of earth
[17:06] <ATFF> and then aliens on planet imprisoned him for ten years
[17:07] <ATFF> but at this point the universe cops just are keeping on jamming out
[17:07] <ATFF> so the boy unplugs the computer and continues
[17:07] <ATFF> so the aliens on planet sent him here once they heard what he said
[17:07] <ATFF> and the universe cosp go
[17:07] <ATFF> ok
[17:07] <ATFF> whatd u say
[17:07] <ATFF> and the boy goes
[17:07] <ATFF> purple passion
[17:08] <ATFF> so the universe cops gasp and gather and come to a decision
[17:08] <ATFF> they sayd that since he was fly enough to have know the cool pirates and obama he can live
[17:08] <ATFF> but that they're going to leave him in a pod so he can't say that word to anybody ever again
[17:08] <ATFF> the boy goes o
[17:08] <ATFF> *ok
[17:08] <ATFF> so they put him into a pod
[17:08] <ATFF> and ship him off into outer space
[17:08] <ATFF> so man drives in outer space for a few years
[17:09] <Trillian> right
[17:09] <ATFF> however one day he's at an intersection and the decides hes bored so he blows a red light
[17:09] <ATFF> and gets hit
[17:09] <ATFF> the moral of the story is make sure u look at the f*cking light
[17:09] <ATFF> the end

January 14, 2014: AD did a thing

[20:26] <AgentofChange> Disneytery.
[20:27] <AgentofChange> It's when you're so overloaded with the magic of Disney that you shit yourself to death.

More Comedy Hour with IRC's Favorite Ferret

[20:31] <FireFerret> k so once upon a time
[20:31] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> gather round children it's story time
[20:31] <FireFerret> there was this dude
[20:31] <FireFerret> ok and so this dude was like
[20:32] <FireFerret> yo im a traveler
[20:32] <FireFerret> and im tired as fuck
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> wait
[20:32] <ActuallyAway> This will end well.
[20:32] <FireFerret> so im gonna go find a place 2 sleep
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> is this the story about the
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> snake
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> and the lever
[20:32] <FireFerret> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: n
[20:32] <FireFerret> *no
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> good
[20:32] <FireFerret> but i know that one
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i read that entire thing and it was amazing
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> my sister read like a t hird of it and got bored
[20:32] <FireFerret> ok so he stops and it's a church and they have a stable nearby
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> BETTER NATE THAN LEVER
[20:32] <FireFerret> and hes like yo priest guy
[20:32] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> ok go on
[20:32] <FireFerret> can i sleep in ur stable 4 the night
[20:32] <FireFerret> and priest guy is like
[20:32] <FireFerret> yeah sure u can bro
[20:33] <FireFerret> so guy is like sick man
[20:33] <FireFerret> and he goes 2 sleep in the stable
[20:33] <FireFerret> but at night
[20:33] <FireFerret> he heres this clip clop clip clop sound
[20:33] <FireFerret> and he cant sleep
[20:33] <ActuallyAway> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: Disneytery. Remember that?
[20:33] <FireFerret> and hes like
[20:33] <FireFerret> wtf
[20:33] <FireFerret> so he goes 2 the priest in the morning an dhes like
[20:33] <FireFerret> yo bro
[20:33] <FireFerret> wtf was that sound
[20:33] <FireFerret> and priest is like
[20:33] <FireFerret> u gotta be a monk 2 find out
[20:33] <FireFerret> and guy goes
[20:33] <FireFerret> ok sure man whatever
[20:33] <ActuallyAway> I had forgotten about all the gold in the Hall of Fame.
[20:33] <FireFerret> and he spends like 20 years becming a monk this is his life long purpose
[20:34] <FireFerret> so he comes back
[20:34] <FireFerret> and he' slike
[20:34] <FireFerret> ok so they go into the basement
[20:34] <FireFerret> and they go down these long ass stairs that are curly as fuck
[20:34] <FireFerret> and then they go down this really long hallway
[20:34] <FireFerret> and then another really long hallway
[20:34] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> ActuallyAway: Yes.
[20:34] <FireFerret> and then they see a red door
[20:34] <FireFerret> and the priest is like
[20:34] <FireFerret> yo fuck
[20:35] <FireFerret> i forgot the red key
[20:35] <FireFerret> we gotta go back and get it man
[20:35] <FireFerret> and then the monk guy is like w/e okk
[20:35] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> oh bo
[20:35] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> y
[20:35] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i can't beleive you're writing all of this out but i'm ientertained
[20:35] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> *entertained fuck
[20:35] <FireFerret> so they go back down the really long hallway
[20:35] <FireFerret> and the other one 2
[20:35] <FireFerret> and back up the curly stairs
[20:35] <FireFerret> hEY I DID THAT OTHER JOKE I CAN DO THIS 2
[20:35] <FireFerret> and they grab the red key
[20:36] <FireFerret> ok so they go into the basement
[20:36] <FireFerret> and they go down these long ass stairs that are curly as fuck
[20:36] <FireFerret> and they go across long hallways #1
[20:36] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> and how curly *is* a fuck
[20:36] <FireFerret> and across long halway #2
[20:36] <FireFerret> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: hella fuck ing curly
[20:36] <FireFerret> and then they open the red door
[20:36] <FireFerret> and inside they see a
[20:36] <FireFerret> (suggestion from audience please)
[20:37] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> uh
[20:37] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> a kawoshin
[20:37] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> is clearly the only possible answer here
[20:37] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> just roll with it
[20:38] <ActuallyAway> A pile of bullets.
[20:38] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yes
[20:38] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> that works
[20:38] <FireFerret> ok so they see an eva with 2 gay nerds in it
[20:38] <FireFerret> and they're like
[20:38] <FireFerret> we didn't sign up 4 this anime shit
[20:38] <FireFerret> but then priest says
[20:38] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yes
[20:38] <FireFerret> its ok we need 2 defeat angels 2 move on because logic
[20:38] <FireFerret> so then they fuck up angels and watch gay boys kiss
[20:38] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> "so they see an eva with 2 gay nerds in it" <- the entire plot of the third film you think i'm lying BUT LITERALLY
[20:39] <FireFerret> and then they move past the eva room and into a weaponry
[20:39] <FireFerret> and they load up their guns with a pile of bullets
[20:39] <FireFerret> bc why the fu ck not
[20:39] <ActuallyAway> YES
[20:39] <FireFerret> and then they see a blue door
[20:39] <FireFerret> and then the priest is like
[20:39] <FireFerret> lol oops i forgot the blue key
[20:39] <FireFerret> SO
[20:40] <FireFerret> they go back through and they don't restock ammo bc they're full
[20:40] <Melonus> i kinda wanna create an rpg text adventure game
[20:40] <FireFerret> then they go watch gay eva nerds make the fu ck out in an epic scene in the eva room
[20:40] <FireFerret> and then they go back thru the red door
[20:40] <Melonus> brb going to design this fucker
[20:40] <FireFerret> and they go across long hallway #1 then across long hallway #2
[20:40] <FireFerret> and up the curly fu ckin stairs
[20:40] <ActuallyAway> And they watch the guys from From The New World make out.
[20:41] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> this is amazing
[20:41] <FireFerret> ok so then they go grab the blue key
[20:41] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> right
[20:41] <FireFerret> and then they go back down the curly stairs
[20:42] <FireFerret> and they go across the lng hallway
[20:42] <FireFerret> then across the other long hallway
[20:42] <FireFerret> and they go thru the red door
[20:42] <FireFerret> and they enter
[20:42] <FireFerret> the eva room
[20:42] <FireFerret> they watch gay nerds kis again and they're like
[20:42] <FireFerret> and the guys r like "DONT TELL US HOW 2 LIVE OUR LIVES' and thats what happens
[20:42] <FireFerret> then they pass thru the ammo room and go thru the blue door
[20:42] <FireFerret> inside the blue door is a fu ckin river
[20:42] <FireFerret> just a fucking river in the basement
[20:43] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> wow
[20:43] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i am amaze
[20:43] <FireFerret> so there's a convenient rowboat
[20:43] <FireFerret> and they're like
[20:43] <FireFerret> lets paddle the fuck across this bitch
[20:43] <FireFerret> and they're like lets do it
[20:43] <FireFerret> so they paddle and paddle and paddle 4 like 6 hours and make it across
[20:43] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> amazing
[20:43] <FireFerret> and then there's this forest and they're like whoa so pretty
[20:43] <FireFerret> ad then at the end they see a yellow dor
[20:43] <FireFerret> and priest mc smartass over here is like
[20:43] <FireFerret> OOPS LL 4GOT THE YELLOW KEY XD
[20:44] <FireFerret> so they go BACK THRU THE MYSTICAL FOREST
[20:44] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> well
[20:45] <ActuallyAway> This is going to end satisfyingly.
[20:45] <FireFerret> and then they go back across the river in the row boat 4 a long time
[20:45] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> go on
[20:45] <FireFerret> and then they go thru the blue door
[20:45] <FireFerret> and they cross back thru the ammo room
[20:45] <FireFerret> and into the eva rooma
[20:45] <FireFerret> and try 2 ignore the gay sex going on
[20:45] <FireFerret> and don't fight angels they j ust dont want 2 watch gay sex bc no homo
[20:45] <FireFerret> and theN
[20:46] <FireFerret> they hit the red door
[20:46] <FireFerret> so they go across the really long hallway
[20:46] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i'm laughing so hard
[20:46] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> this is the most incredible thing i've ever seen
[20:46] <FireFerret> and then the other really lon hallway
[20:46] <FireFerret> and then up the curly stairs
[20:46] <FireFerret> and then they find
[20:46] <FireFerret> BAD UM BAD UM
[20:46] <FireFerret> THE YELLOW KEY
[20:46] <FireFerret> SO
[20:46] <FireFerret> they go back down the curly stairs
[20:47] <FireFerret> and across the really long hallways
[20:47] <FireFerret> and thEN
[20:47] <FireFerret> they go thru the red door
[20:47] <FireFerret> and then they witness
[20:47] <FireFerret> shinji proposing 2 kaworu
[20:47] <FireFerret> and they start crying because its s b eautiful
[20:47] == SparkySparkyBoom [~nyx114@unaffiliated/nyx114] has joined #wikia-avatar
[20:47] <FireFerret> this 4 real no homo tho
[20:47] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> same
[20:47] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> no homotp
[20:48] <FireFerret> and then they go thru the ammo room
[20:48] <FireFerret> and the monk is like
[20:48] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> we need ANOTEHR pile of bullets
[20:48] <FireFerret> we're fu ckin monks why do we have an ammo rom
[20:48] <FireFerret> ad then the priest is like
[20:48] <SparkySparkyBoom> lesbian sex?
[20:48] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yes
[20:48] <FireFerret> you'll see my son
[20:48] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> lesbian sex is why
[20:48] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> lesbian sex is always the answer
[20:48] <FireFerret> and then they go into the blue door
[20:48] <Metal|Here> ^ Except to the question as to what two gay men should do together.
[20:48] <FireFerret> and go across the river in the shitty rowboat
[20:49] <FireFerret> and then they go thru the mystical forest
[20:49] <SparkySparkyBoom> Metal|Here, lesbian sex applies in that situation as well
[20:49] <FireFerret> and then
[20:49] <FireFerret> THEY PEN THE YELLOW DOOR
[20:49] <FireFerret> nd what do they find
[20:49] <FireFerret> a fucking zom bie rom
[20:49] <Metal|Here> Sparky: I'm not even going to ask how.
[20:49] <FireFerret> there's just
[20:49] <FireFerret> zombies
[20:49] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> oh boy
[20:49] <FireFerret> so then they're like
[20:49] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> OHHHH
[20:49] <Melonus> SparkySparkyBoom: what's good nyuggah
[20:50] <FireFerret> and then so they go fuckin crazy
[20:50] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> dis a block buster film right here
[20:50] <FireFerret> they shoot their way past all the aombies
[20:50] <ActuallyAway> Was this just added to explain the pile of bullets?
[20:50] <FireFerret> and then after they make it thru the zombie rom
[20:50] <FireFerret> ActuallyAway: yes
[20:50] <SparkySparkyBoom> Melonus, WASS REALLLY GOOD
[20:50] <FireFerret> they pant and hi-5
[20:50] <SparkySparkyBoom> hehe
[20:50] <FireFerret> like a boss
[20:50] <ActuallyAway> I can see through your plotting!
[20:50] <Melonus> :P
[20:50] <Melonus> brb
[20:50] == Melonus [~MelonLord@unaffiliated/melonlord] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:51] <FireFerret> and then they see a
[20:51] <FireFerret> what's in this room suggestion
[20:51] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> your favourite animal crossing villagers, xxx porn parody
[20:51] <FireFerret> fUCK
[20:51] <FireFerret> ok
[20:51] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yes, exactly
[20:51] <FireFerret> so they see furry porn
[20:51] <FireFerret> and then its like
[20:51] <FireFerret> a kangaroo fucking a duck
[20:51] <FireFerret> and they're like
[20:51] <FireFerret> yo what the fuck
[20:52] <FireFerret> and then the guy is like
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i'm so upset
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> look at their logo
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> fuck you guys i love naughty dogs
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> *dog
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> damn
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> wait
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> it's not a furry porn site
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i just realised that the juxtaposition
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> might lead someone to believe tha ti'm linking to an actual furry porn site
[20:52] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i am not
[20:52] <FireFerret> so then they walk past the fucking furries
[20:52] <FireFerret> and they see a green door
[20:52] <FireFerret> and u wanna know what the priest says
[20:53] <ActuallyAway> I'm not trusting it.
[20:53] <ActuallyAway> Not after Lemon Party.
[20:53] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> ActuallyAway: Have you never heard of Naughty Dog, the videogame company?
[20:53] <iMelon> FireFerret: do u still have that google docs link?
[20:53] <ActuallyAway> FireFerret: He says thank goodness I have the green key.
[20:53] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us?
[20:53] <ActuallyAway> No, I'm aware of the video game developer.
[20:53] <ActuallyAway> I'm fucking with you.
[20:53] <FireFerret> NAH
[20:53] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> Minus the preposition, if you will.
[20:53] <FireFerret> so they run past the fucking furries
[20:53] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> HOW MANY COLOURS ARE THERE
[20:53] * ActuallyAway shakes fist at FireFerret.
[20:54] * ActuallyAway chuckles.
[20:54] <FireFerret> and then they have run out of ammo so they just fuckin wack the zombies with their guns
[20:54] <FireFerret> which works because they're white cishet dudes and they're the protagonist
[20:54] <FireFerret> *protagonists
[20:54] <FireFerret> and then they keep going
[20:54] <FireFerret> and they go thru the yellow door
[20:54] <FireFerret> and they pant
[20:54] <FireFerret> and enjoy the beautiful motherfuc kin forest
[20:54] <FireFerret> and they hit the river
[20:55] <FireFerret> and they're at the pit of exhaustion
[20:55] <FireFerret> but they row across that motherfucker
[20:55] <FireFerret> and they go thru the blue door
[20:55] <FireFerret> and they stock up in the ammo room
[20:55] <FireFerret> AND THEN
[20:55] <FireFerret> they keep going
[20:55] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> oh boy
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they watch as shinji and kaworu introduce them to their first son
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they smile and cry and say
[20:56] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> oh my god
[20:56] <FireFerret> "he has ur eyes shinji jun"
[20:56] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> shinji jun
[20:56] <FireFerret> and "kaworus hair"
[20:56] <FireFerret> *kun
[20:56] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> surfs up shinji kun
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they move past the eva units
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they go thru the red door
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they run thru both hallways
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they make it up the curly as shit stairs
[20:56] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yeah eva "units" sure
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they grab the green keys
[20:56] <FireFerret> and they do a dance
[20:57] <FireFerret> and they're starving
[20:57] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> and all the other keys this time
[20:57] <FireFerret> so they eat fucking mcdonalds
[20:57] <SparkySparkyBoom> ActuallyAway, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
[20:57] <iMelon> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: SparkySparkyBoom
[20:57] <iMelon> Vote plz
[20:57] <FireFerret> poll: do they take all of the other keys or forget one more
[20:57] <ActuallyAway> Well, that seems random.
[20:57] <SparkySparkyBoom> holy shit iMelon i was just thinking of that
[20:57] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> he's an Adult
[20:57] <SparkySparkyBoom> iMelon, the godfather
[20:58] <iMelon> SparkySparkyBoom: nomination is closed :/
[20:58] == ActuallyAway has changed nick to KenCosgrove
[20:58] <FireFerret> polls guys
[20:58] <FireFerret> pick
[20:58] <iMelon> U can nominate for it next week tho
[20:58] <SparkySparkyBoom> aww you whore
[20:58] <SparkySparkyBoom> ok
[20:58] <FireFerret> if u want the story 2 keep going pick forgets 1 key or this is the last key
[20:58] <KenCosgrove> I'm Ken. Cosgrove. Accounts!
[20:58] <KenCosgrove> LAST KEY
[20:58] <SparkySparkyBoom> is faceoff a hockey movie?
[20:58] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> LAST KEY
[20:59] <iMelon> SparkySparkyBoom: no an action movie
[20:59] <iMelon> 1997
[20:59] <SparkySparkyBoom> k
[21:00] <KenCosgrove> Now I need to explain the premise of Face/Off to you.
[21:00] <KenCosgrove> You see.
[21:00] <KenCosgrove> John Travolta is a federal agent.
[21:00] <KenCosgrove> He is attempting to interrogate imprisoned terrorist Nicolas Cage.
[21:01] <SparkySparkyBoom> with this antigay stuff ive been hearing about firefox
[21:01] <SparkySparkyBoom> ive decided to start using it again
[21:01] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> I can't take cage seriously anymore though
[21:01] <KenCosgrove> He eventually decides to. .
[21:01] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> SparkySparkyBoom: go shove a chainsaw up ur ass :)
[21:01] <KenCosgrove> Wait for it.
[21:01] <SparkySparkyBoom> KaworuIs[Not]Gay, is that your fetish?
[21:01] <KenCosgrove> Surgically TAKE NICOLAS CAGE'S FACE OFF
[21:01] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> people I don't like dying? yes
[21:01] <SparkySparkyBoom> i aint gon judge
[21:01] <KenCosgrove> IMPERSONATE CAGE
[21:01] <FireFerret> ok then it has been decided
[21:02] <FireFerret> that this is the last key
[21:02] <KenCosgrove> FACE/OFF.
[21:02] <FireFerret> SO THEY GO DOWN THE STAIRS
[21:02] <FireFerret> AND THEN
[21:02] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> bueno
[21:02] <FireFerret>
[21:02] <FireFerret> this song playing the whole fuc king time bc it's a long fucking song
[21:02] <FireFerret> so they GO THRU
[21:03] <KenCosgrove> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: Well, this isn't exactly one of his serious movies.
[21:03] <FireFerret> AND THEY KEEP GOING
[21:03] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> don't lose ur way baby kawoshin
[21:03] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> iconic
[21:03] <FireFerret> THEY SEE THE RIVER
[21:03] <FireFerret> AND THEY ROW
[21:03] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> row row row your fuckin boat
[21:03] <FireFerret> THEY OPEN THE YELLOW DOOR
[21:04] <SparkySparkyBoom> iMelon, youve seen this before right?
[21:04] <SparkySparkyBoom>
[21:04] <FireFerret> and they shut the door,t he zombie menace finally gone.
[21:04] <FireFerret> and they run past the motherfu cking furry animal crossing porn
[21:04] <FireFerret> wondering
[21:04] <FireFerret> 'what the fuck'
[21:04] <FireFerret> and they finally
[21:04] <FireFerret> FINALLY
[21:04] <FireFerret> FUCKI NG
[21:04] <FireFerret> FINALLY
[21:04] <FireFerret> SEE THE GREEND OOR
[21:04] <FireFerret> and they have the key
[21:04] <FireFerret> and the priest says ok this is it
[21:04] <FireFerret> the last door
[21:04] <FireFerret> do you want to know what is behind here
[21:05] <FireFerret> the noise you heard
[21:05] == KataraFanboy [~PSUKFB92@unaffiliated/katarafanboy] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0.1/20140212131424]]
[21:05] <FireFerret> all those years ag
[21:05] <FireFerret> when you stayed in my stable
[21:05] <FireFerret> so? do you really want to know what it was
[21:05] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> im at the edge of my seat
[21:05] <FireFerret> and the guy smirks
[21:05] <FireFerret> and he says yes
[21:05] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> "tch"
[21:05] <FireFerret> so the priest opens the green door
[21:05] <FireFerret> and they open it
[21:05] <FireFerret> and they discover
[21:05] == DenmarkandShirle [407e59f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-avatar
[21:05] <FireFerret> the source of the sound
[21:05] <FireFerret> from all of those long ass years ago
[21:05] <FireFerret> and then
[21:06] <FireFerret> so
[21:06] <FireFerret> do you want to know what made the clip clop sound??
[21:06] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> bronies?
[21:06] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> bronies clopping to ponies
[21:06] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> im betting on the bronies
[21:06] <FireFerret> are you sure you want to know what it was
[21:06] <FireFerret> think about this thoroughly
[21:06] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> >bronies
[21:06] <iMelon> SparkySparkyBoom: is that snoopdog?
[21:07] <DenmarkandShirle> *brownies
[21:07] <SparkySparkyBoom> iMelon, snoop lion
[21:07] <FireFerret> you completely sure
[21:07] <SparkySparkyBoom> off his last album
[21:07] <SparkySparkyBoom> ever.
[21:07] <FireFerret> you ready to beg t hear the answer
[21:07] <SparkySparkyBoom> goddamn
[21:07] <SparkySparkyBoom> it's a shame
[21:07] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> im begging
[21:07] <FireFerret> you sure
[21:07] <FireFerret> you really really want to know
[21:07] <FireFerret> like really really
[21:07] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> why the fuck do all the 4kids dub parodies use bullies
[21:07] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> yes
[21:08] <iMelon> Damn this is what happens when some1 like snoopdog loses popularity so his PR people turn him into some marijuana king like bob Marley
[21:08] <FireFerret> you have to be a monk to find out
[21:08] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> i play a monk in d&d so go on
[21:08] <SparkySparkyBoom> wb DenmarkandShirle
[21:08] <KenCosgrove> He converted to a different religion, dick.
[21:08] <KenCosgrove> Also he changed back anyway.
[21:09] <SparkySparkyBoom> iMelon, i think he just went and got baked
[21:09] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> is marijuana a religion now?
[21:09] <FireFerret> KaworuIs[Not]Gay: no u have 2 be a monk irl
[21:09] <SparkySparkyBoom> KaworuIs[Not]Gay, rastafarianism
[21:09] <FireFerret> and thats it
[21:09] <FireFerret> thats the joke
[21:09] <FireFerret> th eend
[21:09] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> u know
[21:09] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> at least "better nate than lever" ended with a pun
[21:09] <KaworuIs[Not]Gay> Listen here you fucking goddamn Ferret.